Gordon college wins – and loses?

The revolution devours all

Gordon College accuses activists of discriminating against its Christian students

School district violates Christian college students’ rights, civil rights official says

Gordon College reaffirms ban on students, faculty engaging in extramarital sex, homosexuality

Gordon College reaffirms sexuality policy, launches taskforce

Gordon College states its case

Dad refuses to give up newborn son with Down syndrome

The persecution of Gordon College

Boston bombing jury excludes some Catholics

Massachusetts: The best state for children?

Appeals court overturns judge’s order for state to fund murderer’s sex change operation

Ruling overturned on sex-change surgery for Mass. inmate

Judge hearing lawsuit over Pledge of Allegiance’s “Under God”

State’s billboard regulations violate First Amendment

Christian college, under pressure over homosexuality, feeling push from students, faculty

Christian college forms board to review policy prohibiting homosexual behavior

Gordon College says compassion, yes; compromise, no

Mass. strip club dances around town zoning restrictions

In defense of Gordon College

Gordon College studies same-sex behavior ban amid accreditation questions

Gordon College will lose accreditation over behavioral standards

Accreditation board gives Gordon College a year to review policy on homosexuality

Planned Parenthood abortion doc sexually molested patients for 20 years

Incoming Roman Catholic Springfield bishop on same-sex marriage: ‘God made us male and female’

Misapplying McCullen v. Coakley

Governor signs new abortion buffer zone law following Supreme Court ruling

Testing boundaries of abortion clinic buffer zones

Massachusetts lawmakers OK new abortion clinic buffer law

Unfreeing Massachusetts sidewalks

Gordon College and pluralism in higher education

Massachusetts Governor signs radical bill prohibiting pro-life free speech

Abortion foes say access bill not needed

Massachusetts Gov with ties to Planned Parenthood trying to shut down pro-life free speech

High court decision gives pro-life advocates breathing room

Bill designed to strengthen abortion clinic safety

    Chron: The bill would also prohibit any physical act or threat of force from being used to intimidate anyone trying to enter or leave a clinic. It would also prohibit anyone from knowingly impeding an individual or vehicle’s access to a facility. The bill is a response to the high court’s decision last month to toss out a state law that established 35-foot protest-free “buffer zones” around the entrances of abortion clinics. Massachusetts Citizens for Life President Anne Fox cautioned lawmakers from overreaching as they craft a response to the court’s unanimous ruling on the buffer zone law. The group opposes abortion.

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Ministry eyes challenge to abortion ‘buffer zones’ in Pittsburgh

What happens when society rejects a faith-based moral standard?

Group urges caution on abortion clinic bill

Same-sex marriage creates uncertainties decade after Massachusetts implementation

    Greg Scott, a spokesman for the Alliance Defending Freedom, which is litigating in several states to support traditional marriage, said the group hopes the U.S. Supreme Court will continue its view that marriage should be defined by the states, as it expressed in its 2013 ruling, U.S. vs. Windsor, which struck down the prohibition against same-sex marriage in federal law.

    “We hope the Supreme Court stays consistent,” Scott said. “Marriage is worth fighting for and there are a lot of people that do believe that. Perhaps a wrong decision at the Supreme Court will inspire millions of Americans to rebuild a culture of strong marriages and understand again what marriage is about.”

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‘Under God’ will remain in pledge, Mass. Supreme Court Justice rules

Planned Parenthood abortion doctor surrenders license after sexually molesting patients

Norwood, MA voters approve measure to rename winter vacation as “Christmas vacation”

Same-sex couple married in Mass. will argue for a divorce in Florida

Attorney sues for Puerto Rican recognition of Mass. same-sex “marriage”

Mass. Senate passes updates to anti-bullying law

Mass. AG backs same-sex couple in property dispute with Worcester Diocese

“Boston LGBT group unlikely to march on St Patrick’s Day after talks collapse”

MA: Northborough K-8 School Committee leery of nixing religious holidays

“Boston St. Pat’s parade rescinds invite to gay group”

Boston parochial school pulls out of St. Pat’s parade to avoid “condoning homosexual lifestyle”

More states likely to ban sexual-orientation change therapy

Mass. to appeal decision that murder convict Michelle Kosilek is entitled to sex change surgery

“MA man files discrimination complaint, claims job offer rescinded over same-sex spouse”

Supreme Court abortion case could impact NC

MA: Northboro, Southboro school boards debate change on religious holidays

Decision on Mass. case could end protest buffers in Pittsburgh | TribLive

Supreme Court abortion case weighs free speech, clinic safety | National Journal

Federal appeals court upholds Mass. inmate’s right to taxpayer-funded sex change surgery

“Women have a right to choose and protesters have a right to protest”

McCullen v. Coakley buffer zone commentary roundup

Supreme Court to decide if pro-life people have free speech at abortion clinics | LifeNews

Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments In Abortion Clinic Buffer Zone Case

Supreme Court case sets precedent for Burlington’s buffer zone ordinance | Burlington Free Press

US Supreme Court to hear arguments Wednesday in ‘Cradle of Liberty’ buffer zone case

Argument preview: “Buffer zones” and free speech

The next frontier in fertility treatment

NYT: Where free speech collides with abortion rights

“Federal recognition of Utah same-sex marriages shows need for State Marriage Defense Act”

Oral Arguments in McCullen v. Coakley on Wednesday, January 15