U.S. online ban of militant Muslim preacher ends

Muslim-American man wins nearly $1.2 million in job discrimination case

MI: Federal judge tosses Thomas More Law Center free speech suit against Muslim group

Christian Group Wins Challenge To Dearborn’s Special Event Permit Ordinance

AFLC Asks MI Federal Court to Lift Ban on “Leaving Islam” Bus Ad

Court Dismisses Suit Alleging Dearborn Teachers Were Discriminated Against Because They Were Not Muslim

Sixth Circuit Asked to Overturn Federal Court Decision that Condoned “Benghazi-like” Attack on Christians

CAIR Demands School Accommodate Muslim Prayers, Attacks Off-Site Voluntary Bible Lesson

Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan wants to rebuild Detroit; he’ll meet City Council, speak at church

Christian Evangelists Escorted From 2012 Arab International Festival Lose Civil Rights Suit

Michigan Federal Judge Allows Muslim Violence to Suppress Christian Speech; Immediate Appeal Filed

City of Dearborn Apologizes for Arresting Christians at 2010 Arab Festival; Settlement Reached in Lawsuit

AFLC Ask Court to Halt restrictions on Christians’ Speech at Dearborn Arab Festival

Court: American Arab Chamber of Commerce Can Be Named in Suit by Christian Missionaries

Sixth Circuit: Michigan Can Ban Anti-Islam Ads from Buses

MI: Limits of free speech tested as anti-Islam pastor is coming back to Dearborn

Wayne County Apparently Guided By Sharia Law

Christian Group Fighting to Keep Muslims from Building Mosque In Vacant Michigan School

New Evidence of Corruption Involving Sale of Michigan Public School Property to the Islamic Cultural Association

Video: Muslim mob assaults Christians in Dearborn, MI

Christians Use Arab Festival as Platform in Michigan

CAIR Asks FBI to Probe Fire at Building Associated with Mich. Mosque

MI Appeals Court: Muslim Summer Camp Entitled To Tax Exemption

Anti-Islam gathering in Dearborn protested, defended

Dearborn’s New Tactic to Stop Pastor Terry Jones Fails; Federal Judge Orders City to Allow Speech in Front of Mosque On Saturday

Thomas More Law Center Files Lawsuit: City of Dearborn Employs New Tactic to Silence Christian Pastor

Court Awards Attorneys Fees In Christian’s Challenge To Dearborn Anti-Leafleting Ordinance

Male Nurse Says Order Not To Treat Muslim Female Patients Was Sex Discrimination

MI: Nurse Says He Was Fired Over Treating Muslim Women

MI: “Gay, Muslim groups relieved by changes to bullying bill”

MI: “Christian call to prayer riles Muslims: Mosques get warned to up security ahead of Ford Field event”

MI: Islamic school may sue over zoning change denial

10th Circuit Hears Arguments On Anti-Shariah Amendment As Muslim Group Endorses Michigan’s Bill

Arab Christians moving from Muslim communities

Video: Dearborn Muslims Mob Pastor Terry Jones: The First “No Go Zone” on American Soil?

Attorney from Christian law firm decries Jones’ treatment in court

Quran-Burning Pastor Continues to Beat the Free-Speech Drum

Judge rules TiZA school must face ACLU’s suit

ACLU: Pastor Terry Jones has right to protest at Dearborn mosque

MI: Prosecutors fear riot at Good Friday mosque protest

MI: City Where Arabs Predominate Limits Christian Preaching

Bus System Barred (at Least Temporarily) from Excluding “Leaving Islam?” Ad

Thomas More Law Center Appeals Conviction of Young Christian Missionary Arrested at Dearborn Arab Festival

Thomas More Law Center: AIG ruling means sharia has gained foothold in US

Michigan judge spikes religious challenge to AIG rescue

MI: Lansing man who burned Quran not charged after turning himself in

CAIR: Family, Community Leaders to Respond to DOJ Report on Mich. Imam’s Killing

Majority-Muslim Mich. school settles religion suit by Christian coach

No state charges in FBI’s fatal shooting of Michigan imam

Acquitted Christian missionaries plan to sue Dearborn over arrests at Arab festival

Dearborn, MI: 4 missionaries acquitted of inciting crowd

MI: Ann Arbor officials reaffirm city’s commitment to religious tolerance in wake of anti-Muslim events

Suit charges Dearborn High School principal with discrimination against non-Muslims

MI: Judge Declines to Dismiss Charges Against Christian Street Preachers for proselytizing Muslims

    Christian Post: “A district court judge in Michigan declined to dismiss a case against four street preachers who were arrested back in June after engaging in conversations with attendees of a large Arab festival . . . ‘The behavior of these individuals drew and incited a large crowd to a point where they were in violation of city of Dearborn misdemeanor ordinances of breach of peace and failure to obey the lawful order of a police officer,’ city officials said in a press release. ‘This issue has nothing to do with First Amendment Rights; it has to do with public safety and the individual choices made by the arrested parties,’ they added in a statement posted on the city’s website.”

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Holy month, hot days mean football nights in Mich.

Muslim candidate leads rally in Dearborn for Christian evangelists arrested at Arab Fest

Dearborn Declares War on the Four Christian Missionaries; They Respond—A Must See Video

State rep blasts arrests of Christian missionaries at Arab fest

Legal battle brews over ban on “anti-Islam” bus ads

MI: 4 missionaries arrested at Dearborn Arab festival

Rights restored to Michigan pastor

MI: Court Upholds Limit On Leafleting By Christian Group At Arab Festival

MI: Canton police change policy on religious head coverings

MI: Muslim Woman Loses Suit Against Judge Who Banned Hijab In Courtroom

Court Refuses Interlocutory Appeal In Establishment Clause Challenge To AIG Bailout

Christian evangelists target Dearborn’s large Islamic population

Michigan: Suit Will Charge Judge With Improperly Requiring Removal of Hijab

Michigan: Christian wrestling coach sues school, Muslim principal

Christians cannot pass out leaflets at “Arab festival”

Christian Group Sues For Free Access To Arab Festival In Michigan