Suicide advocacy group faces conviction amidst rash of state bills to legalize assisting suicide

Right-to-die group convicted of assisting Minnesota suicide

Minnesota House committee approves bills to ban taxpayer funded abortion, license abortion facilities

Court says religious non-profits need not identify their insurers to HHS

No contraception mandate for Christian ministry

‘This will not end well’: School board allows males to play on girls’ teams

Gender-bending proposal a threat to Minnesota high school sports, say critics

Proposed Minnesota policy would allow student athletes to choose teams based on ‘gender identity’

FIRE, ADF file ‘amici’ brief in Eighth Circuit for student expelled for Facebook posts

Groups ask school districts to reconsider restroom policies

Proposed policies violate children’s privacy, invite lawsuits in Minn., Wis., RI

Church asks music director to resign after he married same-sex partner; Congregation laments

Judge convicts ex-nurse of assisting suicide

Planned Parenthood tells teen to let her boyfriend beat her with a horse whip

Dangers of assisted suicide highlighted as Minnesota judge hears closing arguments

Misuse of Minn. tax dollars for elective abortions allowed to continue

Lawsuit asks Minnesota to abide by ’95 court decision

Taxpayers ask Minn. Supreme Court to reinstate abortion funding challenge

U-turn over Bible ban at US high school

Tis the season for censoring school speeches

ADF letter prompts Minn. school to allow Bible verse in graduation speech

On campuses, the continuing struggle against ignorance – and arrogance

Minnesota court forces taxpayers to keep funding abortions

Taxpayers considering appeal after dismissal of challenge to Minn. abortion scheme

Professor calls for destruction of student-run newspaper, University turns a blind eye

Professor incites destruction of student newspaper while university shrugs

Minnesota House sends “anti-bullying” bill to governor’s desk

Minnesota Senate approves “anti-bullying” bill

8th Circuit sends suit against Hebrew National back to state court

Minnesota jail to allow religious head coverings

Encouraging suicide isn’t a crime, Minnesota court says

Minn. appeals court rejects ban on children attending mother’s church

More states likely to ban sexual-orientation change therapy

Minnesota: Supporting redefinition of marriage brings in campaign cash

MN: Nativity Scene Figures Stolen From St. Joseph Church

MN: Rep. Karen Clark plans to introduce bill banning ex-gay therapy

Minnesota High Court Upholds Clergy Sexual Conduct Statute Against Establishment Clause Challenges

MN: Pastor loses bus driving job for praying with students

Attorneys for Apple Valley man argue fetus’ death was an abortion

“Minnesota’s gay marriage allies are at odds”

15-Year-Old Rastafarian Has Religious Freedom Right to Possess Drug Paraphernelia

“MN: Political action committees continue same-sex marriage fight, groups on both sides working to re-elect or unseat legislators”

    Twin Cities Daily Planet: Newly formed political action committees and campaigns are gearing up to help re-elect — or unseat — state representatives who voted to legalize same-sex marriage in May. Minnesotans United for All Families and Minnesota for Marriage, the key players in the state’s same-sex marriage debate, are both kicking off fundraising efforts this fall to either support or oust up to 75 state representatives who voted “yes” on the same-sex marriage legislation last session.

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Minn. African-Americans make case against unauthorized abortion spending on appeal

8th Cir: Minneapolis Park Board was too restrictive to man distributing Bibles at Twin Cities Pride Festival

“IRS’ gay-marriage decision has many implications in shifting legal landscape”

    Beth Hawkins at MinnPost: Minnesota businesses — and in particular those that employ people throughout the country — are scrambling to figure out how to comply with the Internal Revenue Service’s decision to begin recognizing all legal same-sex marriages starting Sept. 16, regardless of where a couple lives. “The [Obama] administration is sending the message that from a federal law perspective, marriage equality now exists,” said Sarah Riskin, a labor and employment attorney at Nilan Johnson Lewis. “Which is really kind of huge.”

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MN: “Inmates, sex offenders may test same-sex marriage law”

“1 in 3 Minn. marriage licenses went to same-sex couples since Aug. 1″ | MPR

MN Supreme Court dismisses charges for criminal tranmission of a sexual disease

8th Circuit upholds Florence, MN zoning ordinance regulating sexually oriented businesses

“Gay couples get hitched in Minnesota, Rhode Island” | Buffalo News (AP)

Same-sex marriages now recognized in Rhode Island, Minnesota | Catholic Online

“Gay Marriage In Minnesota And Rhode Island Legalized, Weddings Start At Midnight” | Huffington Post (AP)

“Gay couples begin marrying in Minn. and RI, as more than quarter of US states now allow it” | Newser

Minnesota: Lessons on free speech in school | Nicholas Zinos at Pioneer Presss

Religious Freedom Lawyers Say RI, Minn. Officials Don’t Have to Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

“Support for gay marriage is behind vandalism of church, say Minn. police”

First Amendment protects RI, Minn. officials from violating their faith | Alliance Defending Freedom

For some Minnesota Methodists, a same-sex marriage conundrum on Aug. 1

Free Speech for Pro-Life Students | Patheos

Respect Students’ Free Speech Rights | Rory Gray at Christian Post

City of St. Paul stops fighting statue of Jesus atop bluff | (includes video)

Sixth Grader Wins Right to Share Pro-Life Literature With Classmates Following Federal Lawsuit |

School Officials Retreat On Censorship Plan | WND

Minnesota School Stops Discriminating Against Pro-Lifers After Lawsuit | Life News

Nova Classical Academy settles federal lawsuit over 6th grader’s abortion fliers | Pioneer Press

MN: Support for marriage redefinition costs Republican Sen. Branden Petersen

What Is a Mother to Do? Questions for Same-Sex Marriage Advocates | Deborah Savage at Public Discourse

MN: Counties tally SSM license requests, clerks ponder “bride,” “groom” dilemma

Battle to Stop Minnesota From Tax-Funding 50,000 Abortions Continues

Alarming number of elective abortions on Minn. taxpayer’s dime | Alliance Defending Freedom