“Gay-Marriage Votes Test if Views Have Shifted”

Ballot Votes to Watch

Alliance Defending Freedom Given Chance To Be Widow’s Might In Minnesota | Alan E. Sears

Separation of Church and Home | Matt Sharp at Townhall

MN: Realtor group opposes marriage amendment

$16M: MN marriage amendment opponents outraise proponents by 2:1

‘Polyamory’: the next civil rights movement?

“Children parented by same-sex couples do just fine” | Minneapolis Star Tribune

    Daniel Christensen, Kathleen Albrecht, Bruce Minor And Bill Clapp at the Minneapolis Star Tribune: Four major mental-health professional associations — the Minnesota Psychological Association; the Minnesota chapter of the National Association of Social Workers; the Minnesota Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, and the Minnesota Psychiatric Society — oppose amending our state Constitution to exclude same-sex couples from legal marriage . . . Far from “redefining marriage,” the research shows that same-sex couples who seek to wed one another are hoping to participate fully in the same traditional definitions of marriage their other family members embrace, and for the same reasons.

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“Four states deciding gay-marriage issues, in different ways” | MinnPost

“NYC’s Bloomberg: $500K to gay marriage campaigns”

Minnesota Apartment Allegedly Barred Widow From Praying in Public | Christian Post

The Path of Lease Resistance | FRC Washington Update

    Family Research Council Washington Update: If I told you the story of a faithful citizen who punished for praying in an upstairs room, you’d probably think I was reading from the Book of Daniel. Try Fox News. That’s where Todd Starnes shares a shocking report of religious hostility–not in an oppressive foreign country, but in quiet Spring Lake Park, Minnesota . . . Have you ever heard of anything so ridiculous? Fortunately for Ruth, our friends at Alliance Defending Freedom have. Attorneys for ADF set to work almost immediately, debunking the myth that residents have to forfeit their religious rights to live in a HUD development. In a letter it fired off to Osbourne Apartments, ADF explains that “[The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development] does not prohibit discussion about religion in the facilities to which it provides funding… simply because the government provides a benefit with public funds does not mean that all ‘mention of religion or prayers’ must be whitewashed from the use of the benefit.”

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Senior Housing Complex Bans Prayer | The Church Report

Marriage Campaign Resources to Share from Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington

Minnesota: Uptown VOTE YES Billboard Vandalized

Evicting a widow’s prayers | Alliance Defending Freedom

Minn. Supreme Court to hear suicides case appeal

NY Mayor Bloomberg PAC to defend $10-15 million promoting marriage redefinition

Factbox: Ballot initiatives on same-sex marriage in four states

Many Christians do not see same-sex marriage as an issue of ‘fairness’ | Steven Douglas at MinnPost

Newest Minn. Supreme Court justice set to take oath in historic addition to state’s high court

“Canadian Archbishop warns U.S. of dire consequences of gay ‘marriage’”

MN: Canadian panelists say same-sex marriage there has had costs

MN: Marriage amendment supporters speak out

Video: Ravens’ Matt Birk, a Harvard Grad, makes powerful statement for marriage

Voter-Approved Marriage

SCOTUS won’t hear challenge to MN restrictions on judicial endorsments

MN marriage supporters raise $2M this election cycle

“Historic wins within reach for same-sex marriage in November’s state ballots”

Marriage amendment has nothing to do with ‘separation of church and state’ | Jordan Lorence at MinnPost

Catholic Archbishop, Evangelical pastors urge support for marriage at MN Capitol

MN Marriage Amendment Will Pass, Says New Survey – Polls Chart

MN: Planned Parenthood working to defeat marriage, voter ID amendments

Marriage, Voter ID Amendments Appear Poised to Pass in MN

National groups opposed to MN marriage amendment recruit volunteers

“Minnesota Board Exempts Catholic Organization Employee’s Pro-Gay Marriage Contribution From Disclosure”

MN: “Catholic priest donated $1000 to gay ‘marriage,’ diocese mum”

Solid Appeals Court Ruling For Christian After-School Program

Alan E. Sears: Court Rulings Secure Greater Religious Freedom For All Americans

Anonymity Granted to Catholic Donor Opposed to Marriage Amendment, But Amendment Supporters Object

MN: Denial of Unemployment Benefits To Seventh Day Adventist Held Unconstitutional

Pawlenty’s Judges

Court Blasts Negative Same-Sex Ballot Title: State ordered to use wording chosen by legislature

    Bob Unruh at WorldNetDaily: “Minnesotans deserve to have free and fair elections, and they deserve to know precisely what they are voting for,” said Jordan Lorence, senior counsel for the Alliance Defending Freedom, which argued the case on behalf of the Legislature’s title. “Because the Legislature wrote a ballot title for the marriage amendment, no official in the executive branch has any authority to replace or modify that title – especially not with one that incorrectly describes the amendment’s effect,” he said. “Voters have the right to know that the amendment is designed to protect the ‘recognition of marriage solely between one man and one woman,’ as the Legislature accurately specified. The court has done the right thing in restoring that language to the ballot,” Lorence said.

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MN Supreme Court: Ballot photo ID requirement will go to the voters

Minn. Coach’s Child Porn Case Tests Investigators

Waves From Shock Prayer Still Rocking Boats: Minister’s recognition of Jesus comes up at town-hall meeting

MN: Disciplinary Office Seeks Suspension of Lawyer For Anti-Catholic Statements In Court Filings

MN: Pro-Life Candidate Gets Death Threats for Airing Graphic Abortion and Islam Ads

MN: Marriage amendment on Winona city council agenda Monday

MN: Mankato City Council Votes to Oppose Marriage Amendment

When 1,099 Felons Vote In A Race Won By 312 Ballots

MN: “Gay marriage is ‘morally rotten’”

“National Boy Scout policy against openly gay members flouted by local councils”

“A Coming Wave of Gay Marriage Electoral Victories?” | The Atlantic

MN Court: Same-sex partner has right to inheritance

Talk by Minnesota Secretary of State at Catholic Church postponed, not cancelled

Minneapolis church scrubs appearance by state official in marriage-referendum dispute

Will Minn. marriage amendment ballot title remain deceptive?

Fargo Forum blasted for rejecting same-sex “marriage” ads

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MN: Lawyer group backs marriage amendment

Minnesota marriage amendment foes winning money race

“Strategist is central figure against gay marriage”

Thomson Reuters Lines Up Against Minnesota Marriage Amendment

MN abortion rates down, overwhelming percentage are for convenience

Backers sue over Minnesota marriage amendment title

MN: Legal issues surround constitutional amendment on marriage

MN: Secretary of State’s new ballot language starts new marriage fight

MN: Marriage amendment divides Hibbing, a socially conservative DFL stronghold

Pioneer Press: “Marriage amendment stance not hurting General Mills’ sales”

Faced with marriage protests General Mills repeats “inclusivity” mantra