Another Planned Parenthood facility shuts down

Legislation saves lives, abortion numbers continue to drop

Aetna fined for paying for abortions for women who didn’t qualify for them

Missouri House passes, Senate fails to pass Women’s Protection Act requiring annual inspection of abortion facilities

Attorney warns: Illiberal campuses and assault against Christianity linked

Satanic Temple member files suit challenging Missouri’s abortion restrictions under state’s RFRA

Missouri churches ‘startled and alarmed’ over ‘discrimination ordinance’

Missouri voters narrowly repeal ordinance despite opponent’s scare tactics

Ordinance falls in Springfield, Missouri, after push by Christian conservatives

ADF: Scare tactics shouldn’t muzzle Mo. pastors on controversial issues

Federal appeals court nixes law protecting houses of worship

ADF comment on 8th Circuit, Alabama Supreme Court marriage decisions

ADF joins battle in Missouri to define marriage as ‘one man and one woman’

ADF to 8th Circuit: Allow Mo. to affirm marriage as one man, one woman

Russell Moore responds to amicus brief in 8th Circuit Court of Appeals case on same-sex marriage

Missouri’s only abortion clinic failed inspections twice

ADF continues ‘equal access’ fight in Missouri

ADF to court: Mo. can’t arbitrarily choose which Christian pre-school qualifies for scrap tire program

Missouri middle school student prohibited from reading Bible during free time

Parents say teacher violated son’s rights by not allowing him to read Bible in class

GOP Missouri legislative leaders ask to appeal same-sex marriage ruling

Missouri lawmakers try to appeal same-sex marriage case

Missouri man denied same-sex divorce appeals

Two KC area companies won’t have to comply with birth control mandate

Two more businesses win against HHS mandate

Judge overturns Missouri marriage amendment

Missouri House Speaker calls on Attorney General to defend marriage laws

Missouri lawmakers may defend marriage amendment

St. Louis challenge to marriage law in court

Abortion clinics want to do more abortions: “We can accommodate the extra volume”

8th Circuit invokes Hobby Lobby to reverse in for-profit challenge to contraceptive mandate

Missouri enacts 72-hour abortion waiting period

Missouri lawmakers override Governor’s veto on ’72-hour’ abortion law

Abortion foes pray for success at Missouri Capitol

Missouri lawmaker, wife, ask court for contraception insurance exclusion

8th Circuit hears oral arguments in individuals’ religious challenge to contraceptive coverage mandate

Mo. poised for 3-day wait for abortion

Missouri lawmaker challenges birth control mandate

Firing of same-sex couple at Catholic school draws outcry

Navy ‘caves’ to atheists, yanks Bibles from hotels

Missouri National Guard under atheist attack

Military says “No” to Bible camp, “Yes” to “gay pride”

ACLU sides with MO over denying daycare application

St. Louis Planned Parenthood skips 911, calls slower ambulance service in emergency

To hide botched abortion injuring woman, Planned Parenthood refuses to call 911

Manhattan Declaration leader encourages LCMS Lutherans

St. Louis challenges Missouri marriage laws

Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri announces it will close its Hays facility

Missouri lawmakers pass 3-day waiting period on abortion; unknown if Gov. will sign into law

State Senate OKs abortion bill, early voting resolution

Planned Parenthood drops Kansas funding challenge

Missouri court denies TRO to prevent same-sex couples’ joint tax filings

Missouri House gives early OK to student religious liberty bill

Conservative group claims harm from Missouri same-sex couples filing joint tax returns

Legislator files proposed amendment to allow same-sex “marriage” in Missouri

Proposed law would ensure parental rights in Missouri

“Gay student says Missouri Baptist school denied readmission”

Hobby Lobby lawyer starts Missouri advocacy group

Court rejects vagueness attack on Missouri funeral picketing law

Casey Mattox: Missouri down to just one abortion business after Planned Parenthood closes | LifeNews

Missouri bill would require three-day waiting period before abortion

MO: Boone County to accept out-of-state same-sex “marriage” licenses

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ACLU to sue Missouri over marriage amendment

Lutheran church takes case over denied DNR grant to federal appeals court | Columbia Daily Tribune

Christian pre-school excluded from Mo. scrap tire program files appeal

Missouri House committee approves extended mandatory abortion waiting period

Missouri bill seeks 4 inspections of abortion clinics

Missouri House Speaker plans “health care conscience” bill

Mo. school holds prayer sessions despite complaint

Mo. Lawmakers to Consider Extending Abortion Wait Period

Missouri Court is Asked to Dismiss Charges Assaulting First Amendment Rights