Assisted Suicide Not Legal in Montana Despite Media’s Claims | LifeNews

Montana strips benefits from disabled preschooler | Alliance Defending Freedom

Republican Tim Fox wins race for Montana Attorney General

Montana Approves Measure for Parental Notification on Abortion

Ballot Votes to Watch

Pro-Lifers: Pay Attention to These Key Ballot Measures

Supreme Court asked to rule in Mont. campaign case

Federal Court Halts Montana Law Restricting Clergy Speech to Voters

Federal Court Strikes Down Many Montana Contribution Limits, Says Explanation Coming Later

MT: Supreme Court candidates won’t accept endorsements from parties

9th Cir. tosses ban on partisan endorsements in Montana judicial elections

Social Security Finally Agrees: Accreditation Not a Requirement for Montana Homeschools

AZ bar reciprocity rules challenged in Federal Court But attorneys from non-reciprocity states have to take the full-blown, two-day Bar examination. That requires not only extensive preparation — particularly for those who have been out of school for some time — but also waiting to find out if there was a passing score. The lawyers who are suing are from California and Montana, both non-reciprocity states. Also suing is the National Association for the Advancement of Multijurisdictional Practice, based in California.

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Jay Sekulow: Court Must Reject Atheist Suit Targeting Jesus Statue in Montana

MT: Meeting held on Whitefish Jesus statue

MT: Atty believes Jesus statue will stay on Big Mtn

Ranch becomes focus for Russian adoption outrage

SCOTUS summarily reverses MT ruling restricting corporate election contributions

Judge says Montana parents can sue over lack of genetic testing

Montana Republicans drop call to criminalize homosexual acts in platform

Is Assisted Suicide Legal?

Four State Democratic Parties Add Marriage Redefinition To Their 2012 Platform

Preparations Begin For Jesus Statue Court Date

Knights of Columbus Joins Legal Defense of 10th Mountain Division War Memorial

Judge nixes Montana filing deadline for independent candidates

State Campaign Limits Quashed in Montana, North Carolina

Federal Judge Strikes Down Montana Campaign Regulations

Will SCOTUS Stamp Out Montana’s Constitutional Mischief? – Corporate Campaign Expenditures

Rural Montana religious colonies fight labor law

Montana: ACLU Heads To Supreme Court For Same Sex Couples

Same-sex couples will make their case to Montana Supreme Court

U.S. Supreme Court Asked to Review Montana Rejection of Citizens United

9th Circuit to begin review of Cebull incident

Group calls for Cebull’s resignation

Federal judge says he sent racist Obama email

MT: Parents sue after child born with cystic fibrosis

Challenge to Montana Ban on Ministers’ and Other Group Leaders’ Election-Related Advocacy in Private

US Supreme Court blocks enforcement of Montana campaign spending law

Montana and the Supreme Court

Montana Corporations Ask United States Supreme Court to Reverse Montana State Court Ruling Upholding Ban on Corporate Independent Expenditures Despite Citizens United

ADF: Mountaintop experience: Jesus statue can stay

MT: FFRF to sue over Catholic Shrine on federal land

Forest Service says it won’t evict Jesus statue in Montana

MT Judge: Federal law trumps state’s medical pot law

Montana Corporations Ask Court To Put Its Decision Upholding a Ban on Corporate Independent Expenditures On Hold While U.S. Supreme Court Decides Their Case

SCOTUS expected to weigh Montana campaign finance appeal

In Montana, Jesus Statue Is Focus of Legal Battle

“Abortion foes to try again to pass personhood amendment in Colorado” | The Denver Post

No, physician-assisted suicide is not legal in Montana: Its a recipe for abuse and more | The Montana Lawyer

    State Senator Jim Shockley and Margaret Dor at the Montana Lawyer at p. 8 (Nov. 2011): Attorneys Greg Jackson and Matt Bowman provide this analysis: If the idea of suicide itself is suggested to the patient first by the doctor or even by the family, instead of being on the patient’s sole initiative, the situation exceeds “aid in dying” as conceived by the Court. If a particular suicide decision process is anything but “private, civil, and compassionate,” . . . , the Court’s decision wouldn’t guarantee a consent defense. If the patient is less than “conscious,” is unable to “vocalize” his decision, or gets help because he is unable to “self-administer,” or the drug fails and someone helps complete the killing, Baxter would not apply. No doctor can prevent these human contingencies from occurring in a given case . . . in order to make sure that he can later use the consent defense if he is charged with murder. (Analysis of Implications of the Baxter Case on Potential Criminal Liability, Spring 2010, at

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ACLU files appeal and argues trial judge shouldn’t have dismissed Montana same-sex suit

MT: Land swap proposed for Big Mountain Jesus statue

In 5 Hours Jesus Statue Support Eclipses Atheist Group’s Membership

Canadians called on to save ski hill Jesus

MT: Rep. Rehberg to Forest Service: Let Memorial of Jesus Stay Where It Is

MT: Forest Service to seek public comment on Jesus statue

MT: Flathead Group Fights To Keep Religious Statue On Public Land

Alan E. Sears: “In Montana, University Officials Fear Religious Activities Mean The ‘Big Sky’ Is Falling”

ADF: Christian activity no longer avoided like plague by University of Montana work-study program

Barbara Coombs Lee: “How Montana Is Revolutionizing the Movement For End-of-Life Choice”

Coalition Files Lawsuit Challenging Montana’s Campaign Finance Law

Christian campus group prevails

Montana Senate Hearing Addresses Rash of Fort Peck Youth Suicides

ADF: Mont. law school agrees to adopt reforms to settle lawsuit with Christian student group

ACLU will appeal MT same-sex partnership case

A Gun Activist Takes Aim at U.S. Regulatory Power Mr. Marbut isn’t basing his pro-gun effort on the Second Amendment, the one that talks about a right to bear arms, but on the 10th, which discusses the limits of federal power. “This is really about states’ rights and federal power rather than gun control,” Mr. Marbut says. There is “an emerging awareness by the people of America that the federal government has gone too far,” he maintains, “and it’s dependent on a really weird interpretation.” He is talking about the 1942 Supreme Court case of Wickard v. Filburn, which looms for him the way the Dred Scott decision denying rights to blacks did to antebellum abolitionists.

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Judge blocks parts of Mont. medical marijuana law

    AP: A judge on Thursday blocked Montana from prohibiting commercial medical marijuana operations, saying that ban on profits from pot sales will restrict access to patients and deny people the right to seek health care.

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Prominent Montana Law Professor Denied “Emeritus” Status: He is a “Reagan Conservative”

MT: Planned Parenthood Sues State Over Contraception Rights For Girls

Montana Governor Schweitzer Vetoes Parental Notification Bill

Mont. lawmakers pass medical marijuana overhaul

Montana judge rules against same-sex couples

A glance at Republican legislative hotspots