Montana Gov. Schweitzer Vetoes Bill Stopping Abortion Funding

MT: Helena health fair bars Planned Parenthood’s participation

“Trans Rights Group: Montana Bill Banning LGBT Work Protections Unconstitutional” “The Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund (TLDEF) is urging Montana lawmakers to vote down a bill that would not only repeal a Missoula LGBT-inclusive employment protections law but would forbid Montana cities from enacting similar ordinances in the future.”

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Mont. GOP to tell AG to join health care suit

Montana GOP cuts nearly all family-planning funds from state budget

Senate Committee Hears Bill To Overturn Missoula Sexual Orientation Ordinance

Montana: Hansen supports proposal to elect Supreme Court justices from districts

    Havre Daily News: Senate Bill 268, sponsored by Sen. Joe Balyeat, R-Bozeman, would place a referendum on the 2012 ballot. The proposal splits the state into seven districts, similar to the way representation by district is set up for the Public Service Commission. A judge must reside in the district for the seat up for election, with each justice selected from the separate districts. 

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Montana Supreme Court Stays Order Requiring Surgery Over Woman’s Religious Objections

Montana Senate votes to repeal sodomy law

MT House Committee approves bill to nullify sexual orientation discrimination ordinances

MT: Bill would add parental control to sex education

“GOP targets Missoula gay rights ordinance”

Parents sue Helena school district over sex indoctrination

Mont. lawmakers punt on physician-assisted suicide

Personhood bills introduced, gain traction across U.S.

NY Times attacks Montana Congressman for accusing federal judge of activism

MT: Republicans put more social issues on the Legislature’s plate

MT: Kids angry that Congressman called their dad – “judicial activist”

    Independent Record: “We are writing to express our disappointment and voice our concerns over the comments that Congressman Rehberg recently made at a joint session of the Montana Legislature. Although Congressman Rehberg didn’t identify by name U.S. District Judge Don Molloy — our dad — it was clear to whom he referred.”

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MT: Planned Parenthood Attacks the Parental Rights Amendment

Montana: Abortion bill divides crowd

MT: Same-sex issue heard in Helena court

Montana House OKs bill for justice for pregnant women, unborn

Montana: Pro-life rally draws crowd

MT: Legislature to take up assisted suicide bills

MT: Bill would create “Choose Life” license plates

Bill mired in abortion debate moves forward at MT legislature

MT: Man pleads innocent to child-porn charges

MT: “Attorney: GOP health care proposal a legal risk”

Montana: Sponsor says unborn child bill not about abortion

Vermont, Montana lead battles over assisted suicide in 2011

Montana: Abortion bills to heat up 2011 Legislature

Same-sex couples seek pretrial judgment in suit against state of Montana

Montana: ACLU to pursue suit for same-sex couples

Commission Dismisses Complaint Against Montana Tea Party Group

MT: GOP lawmakers to introduce pro-life bills

Montana High Court OK’s valedictorian’s religious references

Valedictorian had right to mention “God” and “Christ” in address: Montana Supreme Court

Montana Supreme Court: Ban on religious speech at graduation is unconstitutional

MT: Sex-ed controversy triggers Helena parents symposium

“Missoula Transgender Day of Recognition seeks acceptance, safety”

Montana rejects ACLU’s “gay” demands

NYT: “In Efforts to End Bullying, Some See Agenda”

MT: Helena school board OK’s revised sex education plan

Judge throws out Montana’s ban on corporate campaign spending

Montana Is Seeking to Uphold Campaign-Funding Curbs Jeopardized by a Supreme Court Ruling

    Jess Bravin writes at the Wall Street Journal: “After the Supreme Court freed corporations and unions to pay for advertisements supporting or attacking candidates for federal office, many states concluded that their own restrictions on such electioneering were doomed as well . . . Not Montana. Sued by three corporations seeking to influence the Nov. 2 legislative election, Attorney General Steve Bullock is arguing that Montana’s Corrupt Practices Act of 1912 remains constitutional . . . ”

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Pro-family organization no longer barred from Mont. employee giving program

MT: Revised Helena “sex ed” plan faces scrutiny

Montana removes ban on religious-based groups in charity programs

MT: Bozeman unanimously backs same-sex couples’ lawsuit

Medical marijuana foments culture war in Montana

    In These Times: “Tom Daubert, a caregiver and director of Patients and Families United, the medical marijuana advocacy group that spearheaded the 2004 I-148 campaign, says most of the opposition in the state has come from ‘conservative, so-called right-wing church groups’ . . . Daubert’s assertion that a certain conservative Christian element is behind efforts to repeal the law is also correct . . . David Lewis (not to be confused with Montana State Senator David Lewis (R-Helena)) is the treasurer and spokesman for Safe Communities Safe Kids . . . While Safe Communities Safe Kids does not bill itself as a faith-based group, the sole entity that signed on to support their ballot initiative was the Montana Family Foundation, a right-wing Christian group with ties to Focus on the Family and the Alliance Defense Fund.”

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MT: Confession to pastor not privileged after warning that authorities would be told

MT: GOP lawmaker wants to remove repeal sodomy law

MT: Bozeman expected to adopt resolution supporting “gay rights” suit

Law Review: The Montana Supreme Court Legalizes Assisted Suicide

MT: “Big Sky Tea Party members resign in wake of anti-gay Facebook comments”

MT: Big Sky Tea Party members call president’s ouster over apparent “anti-gay” remarks unfair, hasty

MT tea party removes leader after “anti-gay” post

Montana seeks extension in ACLU lawsuit seeking marriage redefinition

ACLU questions school district gathering at church

In Montana, a fight over separation of church and fairgrounds

“ACLU, gay couples sue Montana for discrimination”

    Edge Boston: “[S]even same-sex families, together with the Montana branch of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), have brought suit against the state, seeking the establishment of state-recognized domestic partnerships. … Last year, Montana’s supreme court upheld the parental rights of Michelle Kulstad, the former long-term life partner of Barbara Maniaci, the biological mother of the children that the two women were rearing until their relationship ended. … The court’s lone dissenter, Justice Jim Rice, echoed the arguments made by the Alliance Defense Fund’s attorney, writing in a dissent that, ‘Now, even parents who are fit and capable . . . are potentially subject to the claims of third parties for rights to their children.’”

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ACLU sues for domestic partnerships in Montana

MT: Helena School Board “sex ed” decision pushed back

Personhood in Montana delayed, not defeated

Montana: Most voter initiatives likely won’t qualify

Montana sex education proposal draws outrage at school board meeting

Excerpts from proposed Helena, Montana sex indoctrination curriculum

MT: Helena schools’ draft sex-ed document causing controversy

MSU: No apologies for pastor’s graduation speech

Sticking to tradition – ACLU or not

ACLU attempts to bluff Montana State University over prayers – ADF steps in!

ADF, Montana Family Foundation letter to MSU-Northern counters ACLU graduation prayer threat

MT: Signatures gathered for Personhood Initiative