Local View: New laws needed for religious freedom

District court invalidates Nebraska’s marriage law

Federal judge blocks Nebraska’s marriage law

Judge strikes down voter-approved marriage law

Nebraska clerks, couples prepare for ruling on same-sex marriage

ACLU challenges Nebraska same-sex marriage law

Parents calling for change in LPS policy

New lawsuit challenges Nebraska’s marriage law

Critics of LPS form group to advocate for parent rights

School district issues handouts urging teachers to stop calling kids ‘boys and girls’

HHS hands out $500k to Planned Parenthood to boost Obamacare enrollment

Planned Parenthood forced to face fraud lawsuit in Iowa

Planned Parenthood loses legal round against ex-manager

Appeals court reinstates fraud case against Planned Parenthood in Iowa

Late-term abortionist’s botched abortions could cost him his license

Court hears arguments in same-sex divorce case

Why is there no support for pregnant college students who reject abortion?

On religious liberty, Ben Sasse has all the right people scared

North Dakota appealing judge’s ruling on 6-week abortion ban

Botched abortion puts woman in ICU for 8 days, clinic tells 911 there’s an “issue with the procedure”

Neb. committee advances job discrimination bill

Same-sex couple “married” in Iowa asks Nebraska court to allow divorce

Neb. abortion clinic signage bill sparks debate

Nebraska: Sarpy County extends benefits for same-sex couples

Nebraska senator introduces bill to eliminate property tax exemption for religious orgs

Neb. bill would require signs at abortion clinics

Nebraska AG says he will defend fetal-pain law despite court ruling

Nebraska Judicial Commission won’t investigate judge who told 16 year old abortion would “kill the child inside you”

NE: Douglas County to extend benefits to employees’ same-sex spouses

    Omaha.com: Douglas County will extend benefits to the same-sex spouses of employees who were married legally in other states. The County Board voted Tuesday to change the definition of an eligible spouse from “legally married spouse” to “the person to whom the employee is legally married, regardless of whether that person is of the same gender or opposite gender of the employee.”

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Abortion Groups Target Judge for Saying Abortion Kills a Baby

Nebraska Lawmakers Revive Marriage Debate

NE: Accommodating Muslim Workers’ Prayer Times Created Undue Hardship In Beef Plant

Nebraska High Court: 16 Year Old Too Immature To Consent To Abortion, Despite Fear of Religious Foster Parents’ Reaction

“Gay couples to sue Neb. to become foster parents”

Lawmakers to revive marriage debate in Neb.

Oak Park Scene of Abortion Clash Outside of Family Practice

Christian College Expels Lesbian Student, Asks for Tuition

Neb. AG wants to revoke license of abortion nurse

NE: School board removes prayer from meetings

NE: Lawmakers debate LGBT discrimination bill | KHASTV (includes video)

Nebraska: Chambers tests sexual orientation discrimination vote

Nebraska Gop Senator Announces Opposition To Hagel

HSLDA Defends Homeschooling Family in Nebraska Supreme Court

NE: Bill would prohibit workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation

Anti-abortion group wants ultrasound images on state website

NE: “Grand Island expands bias protection to gays”

Challenging unions’ First Amendment violations: Knox case sets precedent for state bar association

    Washington Times: Last month, Scott Lautenbaugh, an Omaha attorney and Nebraska state senator, filed a lawsuit against the Nebraska State Bar Association in federal district court in Omaha. Days later, Mr. Lautenbaugh sought a preliminary injunction and to certify his case as a class action. Mr. Lautenbaugh is an outspoken opponent of the bar’s use of member dues for political and ideological purposes. In fact, he filed a petition with the Nebraska Supreme Court asking that it “de-integrate the bar,” that is, make membership in the bar voluntary.

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New Lincoln Catholic bishop: Church will defy health mandate on birth control coverage

NE: Lawmaker Sues State Bar Over Lobbying

Kerrey Lagging By 16 Points in Nebraska Senate Race

SCOTUS Won’t Hear Challenge In Neb. Abortion Case

Omaha residents rally petition to repeal sexual orientation discrimination ordinance

ACLU reports teachers’ complaints about new Neb. Pledge rule

Nebraska lesbian who claimed hate-crime attack charged in hoax

NE: Judge Dismisses Major Lawsuit Against Obama HHS Mandate

NE: Public School Graduation Keeps Prayer Despite ACLU Objection

Nebraska battle complicates GOP effort to retake Senate

Neb. refuses order to surrender execution drug to FDA

Lincoln City, NE: Council will consider “gender identity” discrimination ordinance

Omaha: “Council Approves Gay Discrimination Ordinance”

Bob Kerrey is officially running for Senate in Nebraska

Non-Catholic Christian groups, state governments sue over Obama birth control mandate | Daily Caller

Carney: GOP cancelled Keystone, not Obama

NE: “Gay rights advocates fight for anti-discrimination measure”

NE bill would prohibit local “sexual orientation” discrimination measures

Nebraska: Correctional Officer Who Could Not Carry Bible Loses Title VII Case

NE: “School, ACLU agree: No ‘reason for season’ sign”

Right to Life Will Oppose “Pro-Life” Democrat Ben Nelson for his support of Obamacare

8th Circuit to revisit funeral protests

NE: Homeschool Families Face Criminal Charges

ACLU Demands Halt to Prayer at Private Nebraska Graduation Ceremony

NE: Lakeview to continue ACLU discussion