Lesbian couple in Henderson upset that hospital requires power of attorney

    Las Vegas Review Journal: When Leon, 26, checked into Spring Valley Hospital on July 20 with complications in her pregnancy, she assumed that her partner Simonelli, 41, could make any necessary medical decisions if she suffered unforeseen problems. But that’s not what happened, they said. An admissions officer told them the hospital policy required gay partners to secure power of attorney before making any medical decisions for each other.

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How Did Harry Reid Get Rich? His career in public service has ended up being remarkably lucrative.

    National Review: Try this thought experiment. Imagine that someone grows up in poverty, works his way through law school by holding the night shift as a Capitol Hill policeman, and spends all but two years of his career as a public servant. Now imagine that this person’s current salary — and he’s at the top of his game — is $193,400. You probably wouldn’t expect him to have millions in stocks, bonds, and real estate.

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Federal court to hear challenge to Nevada marriage

Domestic partners push for marriage in Nevada

NV: Email blast to teachers infuriates union, sparking threat of lawsuit

Labor union limits focus to 8 battleground states

“Gay candidates win primaries in Nevada, Maine”

Ron Paul nabs Nevada delegates from Romney

“High Price of Foreclosure: Your Marriage”

Nevada Joins Millions Answering the Call to Prayer May 3

Federal lawsuit challenges Nevada marriage definition, state domestic partnership law cited

NV: Pro-Life group pulls initiative petition, will back ‘personhood’ initiative

Nevada Senate: Heller (R) 47%, Berkley (D) 40% | Rasmussen

Ron Paul Supporters Object To Religious Limits For Participating In Late Nevada Caucus

Challenge To Nevada’s Limit On Who Can Perform Marriages Moves Ahead

Judge prohibits gathering of signatures on NV Personhood Amendment

NV: Carson Judge Rules Personhood Initiative Petition Can Go Forward

Backers of abortion ban in Nevada still pushing forward

Iowa officially picks Jan. 3 for caucuses

ACLU and Planned Parenthood File Lawsuit to challenge Nevada Personhood ballot initiatives

ACLU Challenges Nevada Religion Requirement to Conduct Marriages

GOP coasts to victory in Nevada race

‘Sister Wives’ Family To Challenge Utah’s Anti-Bigamy Law In Federal Court

    NPR (includes audio): The latest episode in Sister Wives is playing out in the courtroom, not on cable. On Wednesday, the Brown family — the husband, four wives, and 16 children who star in the reality TV show — plans to file a lawsuit in federal court in Utah. The family members say the state’s anti-bigamy law is unconstitutional and that Supreme Court precedent backs them up.

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High Court Upholds Nevada Ethics Law

Nev. judge: Parties get a say in special election

Nevada Supreme Court hosting Law Day Live program

Dean Heller to replace Nevada Senator John Ensign

NV Senate OKs two of three “transgender” bills

Nevada’s Ensign to resign amid Senate ethics probe

Supreme Court confronts whether Nev. conflict-of-interest law violates free speech

NV: Assembly passes transgender discrimination bill

A glance at Republican legislative hotspots

Nevada: Anti-discrimination bills for transgender people advance

Suit Challenges Nevada Law Limiting Marriage Officiants To Clergy Or Government Officials

NV considers Internet poker bill, but casinos balk

Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev) to retire in 2012

Nevada family fights for survival in down times

Reid takes on Old West, says time to ban brothels

Court won’t stop Nevada from banning brothel ads

Union workers rally across Nevada

Nevada Supreme Court dismisses Personhood Amendment appeal as moot

ADF defending constitutional Christmas celebration

ACLU says no Merry Christmas for Nevada school?

“Merry Christmas” banned at Nevada high school

Local governments threatened over Christmas expression

ADF sends letters to fend off attacks on Christmas expression in Nev., Ind.

Agreement with ACLU limits Christmas at Nevada high school

Washington Examiner: Harry Reid should not be above the law

Appoint judges in Nevada? No thanks

    Sylvia R. Lazos, Justice Myron Leavitt professor at UNLV’s William S. Boyd School of Law, and Chris W. Bonneau, professor of political science at the University of Pittsburgh, writing in the Las Vegas Review-Journal: “Nevadans are voting on whether to amend their constitution to provide for the appointment of Supreme Court justices and District Court judges. Here are the reasons why Nevadans should vote no on Question 1 . . . the system that is being proposed — initial appointment by the governor based on a recommendation from a commission — will result in a less open system run by elites who are closely connected to those in power.”

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Justice O’Connor, Nevadans for Qualified Judges spar over robocalls

    Politico: “O’Connor did not indicate what she did to authorize the group to do with her recording. The group did not identify who gave it permission to use O’Connor’s voice or what convinced them that it was OK to do so in automated phone calls. The group, which is backing a ballot measure to do away with judicial elections in Arizona, has blamed a programming glitch for the late-night calls and said no more robocalls are planned . . . Whelan, a longtime critic of O’Connor, has not been dissuaded [from his opinion that O'Connor's involvement runs afoul of ethics rules].”

  • Posted: 10/28/2010
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Nevadans to Reid: Stop! Thief!

The ethics of Justice O’Connor’s robo-calls

    The Blog of LegalTimes: “But [Jeffrey Shaman, a judicial ethics expert and professor at DePaul University College of Law], along with another top judicial ethics expert, New York University’s Stephen Gillers, don’t see anything ethically wrong with what O’Connor has done in the first place in relation to the Nevada initiative. ‘She has a special expertise about these matters, and I don’t see anything wrong with her speaking out about a matter of public concern like this,’ said Shaman, who asserts that O’Connor’s advocacy falls in the category of speech about the administration of justice that the canons permit.”

  • Posted: 10/27/2010
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Justice O’Connor’s one A.M. robocalls in support of ballot initiative

NV: Voters Suspicious Of Fraud At Ballot Box

Center for American Progress: “State Antigay Adoption Policies Need to Go”

Angle: Muslim law taking hold in parts of US

Nev. Supreme Court: Ashjian’s name stays on ballot

Poll: Nevadans favor balanced federal budget, let states repeal federal laws

    Las Vegas Review-Journal: “A majority of Nevadans say they believe it is time to revive a proposed constitutional amendment requiring a balanced federal budget, according to a new poll. And in a measure of how residents feel about Uncle Sam these days, a majority either support or would not rule out letting states repeal federal laws if two-thirds of the legislatures agree.”

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Abortion an issue among women in Senate races

Former Justice O’Connor wants “to keep cash out of” Nevada courtrooms in push for ballot question

    The Reno Gazette-Journal: “Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor continued her push Wednesday to change the way Nevada selects its district judges and Supreme Court justices. O’Connor, the first woman appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court, is backing Ballot Question 1, which would end Nevada’s system of electing judges and replace it with a system where judges would first be appointed by the governor after a review by a judicial committee.”

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Nevada Religious Freedom and Unity Day opened with Hindu invocation

Nevada unemployment rises to all-time high 14.4 percent

    Las Vegas Review-Journal: “The construction sector, restaurants and professional firms all added jobs in the month, but declines in Census jobs and other public-sector cuts offset that hiring to push statewide unemployment to an all-time high of 14.4 percent, the state Department of Employment, Training & Rehabilitation said this morning. That’s up from 14.3 percent in July and 12.5 percent in August 2009.”

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Some states suing feds also claim health subsidies

“Nevada’s “gay marriage” ban in constitutional limbo”

Nevada Senate: Reid (D) 47%, Angle (R) 47%

Senator Reid opposes NY Muslim center site

Angle: Democrats want to “make government our God”

PA gambling tax income outpaces Nevada

Nevada Sen. Ensign opposing Kagan for high court

Pro-life women’s group endorses in Alabama, Arkansas, Minnesota, Nevada

NV: Sharron Angle’s take on separation of church and state

    Las Vegas Sun: “Republican U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle describes her motivation for seeking elected office as a religious calling. … [A]lthough many Americans view the separation of church and state as one of the keys to the nation’s success as a multicultural society, Angle believes that religion has an expansive role to play in government. And, she has repeatedly said anyone who opposes that based on the claim of separation of church and state misunderstands the Constitution’s ban on ‘establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.’”

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Reid raises $19.2 million for re-election

Hindu mantras opened Boulder City Council in Nevada

Muslim group says FBI still on Nevada prayer case

NV: Lyon County school board to reconsider sex ed curriculum