Personhood Nevada Denied Right to Circulate Petition; Prepares for 2012

NV: Lack of signatures will keep personhood amdt off ballot

Pro-Life Women Win Big in Tuesday Primary Elections in California, Nevada

GOP picks NV tea party candidate in Reid battle

Nevada Right to Life PAC Joins Pro-Life Groups for Senate Candidate Sue Lowden

Former Sex Club Operator Sues Clark County in Federal Court “David Cooper is an admitted swinger. For three months, he ran Sextasy until the county shut him down. In June 2008, a letter from the county informed Cooper his license applications were denied. He appealed to the Clark County Commission, but lost. Now, Cooper is suing Clark County and seven commissioners. He says other well-known sex clubs haven’t been bothered by the county . . . Cooper believes his lawsuit will expose dirty dealings. ‘People are getting paid off,’ he said. ‘We know they’re breaking the law, and we’re going to prove it in federal court.’”

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Nevada Joins 18 Other States in Lawsuit against Health Care Reform Law

Conservatives in Nevada want Sen. Ensign to quit

Anti-abortion activists seek new definition of ‘personhood,’ state by state

Nevada court appears skeptical of “personhood” measure appeal

NV: Gov. Gibbons says he will use free private lawyers to sue government over health care reform “‘This health care nationalization plan is illegal because it is unconstitutional,’ Gibbons said. ‘The arrogance of this administration to force all Nevadans to purchase something (health insurance from private companies) or face IRS penalties is outrageous and wrong.’”

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NV: Lawsuit challenges county’s ordinance on sex clubs

Nevada Personhood Amendment on Abortion Heads to State Supreme Court for Hearing

UNLV academics study Nevada’s brothel industry

    Las Vegas Sun: “In their new book, The State of Sex: Tourism, Sex, and Sin in the New American Heartland, UNLV academics Barbara Brents, Crystal Jackson and Kathryn Hausbeck examine Nevada’s brothel industry through the lens of history, economy and sociology, drawing their conclusions from a decade of research. It’s a high-toned academic discussion of legal prostitution — a book about sex that doesn’t use the subject to sell itself. Brents, a UNLV sociology professor, sat down with the ‘Las Vegas Weekly’ to talk about the state of sex . . . ”

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NV: Governor threatens to side-step attorney general to sue feds

NV: ACLU files brief to keep abortion initiative off ballot

Gibbons tells Nevada attorney general to sue over federal health care reform

“Spurned by NV, transgender woman to wed in CA”

9th Circuit: Nevada has right to ban brothel advertising

Nevada high court to expedite anti-abortion initiative’s appeal

Hindu prayer opened Nevada’s capital Carson City

Nevada Personhood Backers Appeal Judge’s Ruling Abortion Amdt Too Broad

City Council in Nevada opened with Sanskrit mantras

State Republicans tell national GOP: Keep out

Nevada judge throws out “personhood” initiative

NV: Court Hearing to Decide Personhood Initiative Fate Held Today in Carson City

Nevada: Group seeks change in state law to allow pot use

Male prostitution is Nevada’s newest legal profession

Nevada: Parraguirre to become chief justice

Nev. brothel aims to offer 1st male prostitutes

    AP: “The owner of a brothel more than two hours’ drive from Las Vegas said she hopes to hire Nevada’s first legal male prostitutes within a month, now that state health officials have approved a method to test men for infectious diseases.”

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Nevada: Hearing next month could change abortion laws

Sen. Landrieu to host New Orleans fundraiser for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

“It’s killing a baby, plain and simple”

“Personhood amendment would ban pill RU-486″

Some pro-life groups oppose NV Personhood Initiative

ACLU seeks to stop Nevadans from voting on Personhood Initiative

Planned Parenthood and ACLU Obstruct People’s Rights with Lawsuit against Personhood Nevada

Nevada: Parents attempt to stop two “gay-themed” plays at school

Nevada Launches Personhood Initiative

Nevada abortion statute targeted

Domestic partnership certificates issued in Nevada

Las Vegas: Party’s over for out-of-control nightclubs, regulator says

    Las Vegas Sun: “There were documented cases of underage drinking, drug use and people having sex in public. Although some view the misbehavior as an average night of fun and the personification of ‘what happens here, stays here,’ gaming regulators didn’t see things that way . . . Sayre said Control Board members aren’t imposing their moral standards on the industry. They are enforcing laws that already are on the books, whether they are liquor laws, public decency statutes or underage drinking.”

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Steven Aden on the Jody Hice Show: Personhood Amendments

Abortion opponents try for no-exception ban

Nevada domestic partner registration opens

Las Vegas: Kickbacks from adult clubs to cab drivers spur legal battle

Wall street banker files to run against Reid

Nevada high court allows ‘Hoe’ license plate

Las Vegas Strip Club Bust Results in 13 Arrests

Nevada Toughens Child Prostitution Laws

Las Vegas rally targets child prostitution

‘Everything but marriage’ bills advancing

Nevada legislature overrides veto to approve domestic partnerships

Nevada Gov. vetoes domestic partner legislation

Nev. domestic partner bill passes legislature; gov. warns veto

Civil unions opposed by half of Nevadans in poll

NV: Senate panel passes child porn bill

Nevada: Child porn bill debated

Controversy Continues Over UNLV’s Proposed Policy On Bias Incidents

Chancellor wants UNLV bias policy rewritten

Nevada Senate passes domestic partner bill

NV domestic partnership legislation advances

Nevada Governor says he would veto domestic partner bill

Nevada senate vote targets “sexual orientation bias”

Nevada: Neighbor wants Reno topless bar closed

Muslim Girl Gets $400G From Nevada School District in Head Scarf Bully Case

Dallas man takes Nevada county to court over brothel license

Nevada Gambling Regulators Uncomfortable with Sex

NV Board Reinstates Domestic Partner Benefits

NV board to review domestic partner benefits vote

    AP:  The American Civil Liberties Union is protesting a local governmental agency’s vote to rescind health care insurance benefits to domestic partners of employees. Lee Rowland, northern coordinator for the ACLU’s Nevada chapter, said her organization will consider its options …

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Group protests Nev. city’s funds to church that Mark Twain helped build, citing 1st Amendment

Ranking says Pa. most pro-life state

Las Vegas worries its image hurts business travel

    In the past two weeks, at least four major companies canceled meetings worth hundreds of thousands of dollars — not because of costs but because of appearances. Even President Barack Obama questioned the propriety of flying off to Las Vegas if taxpayers were helping foot the bill.

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Employees win in two religious accomodation cases