NH court orders partial release of abortion facility documents, appeal filed for remainder

Obama admin faces questions over ‘secret’ grant it made to Planned Parenthood

NH pro-life group asks Supreme Court to stop HHS stonewalling protecting Planned Parenthood

Pro-life group appeals request ruling

New Hampshire legislators welcome expensive legal battle if they don’t repeal ‘buffer zone’ law

No judgment at Planet Fitness? (audio)

Planet Fitness ‘non-judgmental’ about woman exposed to man in women’s locker room

N.H. House Committee considers bill to repeal buffer zone law

Proposed New Hampshire bill would strip taxpayer funding from abortion providers

Right to Life sues over NH clinic records

NH Supreme Court unanimously rejects challenge to school choice program

Court freezes New Hampshire law censoring speech

Judge issues stay in suit against New Hampshire’s new buffer zone law

Judge delays abortion clinic buffer zone argument

Judge stops radical New Hampshire law prohibiting pro-life free speech

Court order freezes NH censorship zone law

State argues abortion clinic buffer zone is legal

New Hampshire argues abortion clinic buffer zone is legal

High court decision gives pro-life advocates breathing room

Suit challenges state abortion clinic buffer zone

Waiting for Mariam: City hopes to greet Christian sentenced to death for her faith

Activists sue to block New Hampshire abortion ‘buffer zone’ law

Suit challenges N.H. abortion clinic buffer zone

Christian legal group sues to halt N.H.’s buffer zone law

Lawsuit filed against NH “buffer zone”

ADF files suit against NH anti-speech zone similar to one US Supreme Court struck down

New Hampshire buffer zone law under spotlight

N.H. Senate approves abortion clinic buffer

Planned Parenthood of Northern New England allowed to continue to flout state law

NH House votes on abortion buffer zones

NH House votes to study gay discrimination measure

N.H. Senate voting on fetal homicide legislation

N.H. education tax credit challenge draws national interest | AP

NH Supreme Court to hear education tax case

New Hampshire nears repeal of death penalty

NH House rejects “Death with Dignity Act”

“Life begins at conception” bill debated in NH State House

NH Senate passes bill keeping protesters 25 feet from abortion clinic entrances

NH Supreme Court hears New Hampshire Right to Life’s abortion drug distribution appeal

New Hampshire House passes marijuana legalization

Attacks on school choice program rebutted at NH Supreme Court | Alliance Defending Freedom

Lawsuit: Obamacare navigator location gives out late abortion pills | Daily Caller

Planned Parenthood Caught Allowing Illegal Distribution of Abortion Drug | LifeNews

Lawsuit over New Hampshire Board of Pharmacy allowing illegal distribution of abortion pill | Live Action News

NH showing favoritism to increase abortions | One News Now

NH illegally allowing non-pharmacists to distribute abortion pills | Alliance Defending Freedom

School will allow mother to pray on campus | One News Now

Christian Mother Regains Right to Pray for NH School’s Safety After Legal Group’s Intervention | Christian Post

Atheists fail to beat 1-woman prayer vigil | WND

Mother Banned From Giving Sermons On Public School Steps, Returns To Do It Silently

Free to Pray | World Magazine

Praying mom back at Concord High School | NH Union Leader

    NH Union Leader: On the other side, the Alliance Defending Freedom will continue to stand by Urena, who has been represented by the Scottsdale, Ariz., group since it learned of Urena’s ban. “This is definitely progress and is really what we’ve sought all along — to allow Liza to continue to pray for the students and the school,” said Matt Sharp, legal counsel for the Scottsdale, Ariz.-based alliance. “The fact that she’s able to be there and pray is the most important thing. We really applaud the district for this step.” . . . Sharp said whether it’s out loud or silent, Urena feels she is getting her message out without disrupting anything or attempting to influence students in their own religious beliefs. “All she wanted to do was to be able to continue to do that,” Sharp said. “If somebody doesn’t like Liza praying, they can just keep walking right into the school.”

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NH High School Affirms Parent’s Freedom to Pray

Mother Barred From Praying on Steps of New Hampshire School Now Praying Silently on Campus

Praying mother back at N.H. school, praying silently | Boston Globe (AP)

N.H. school affirms parent’s freedom to pray | Alliance Defending Freedom

Praying mom back at NH school, praying silently

Mother now praying silently on Concord High campus | Concord Monitor

Planned Parenthood Distributed Abortion-Inducing Drugs Past FDA Approved Timeline, Says ADF | Christian Post

Pharmacy Board investigating Planned Parenthood in New Hampshire | One News Now

Planned Parenthood Distributed Abortion-Inducing Drugs Past FDA Approved Timeline, Says ADF | Christian Post

Doctors charge New England Planned Parenthood with violating FDA protocols | Alliance Defending Freedom

My Turn: Here’s our thinking on prayer at the high school | Christine Wrath at Concord Monitor

NH: Statements To Pastor Not Covered By Religious Privilege

Planned Parenthood Getting Obamacare Funds Broke Law to Sell Abortion Drugs

Praying mom now has legal representation | One News Now

Planned Parenthood in 3 states to get $655,000 in ObamaCare taxpayer funds

Mom’s School Prayers Stir Legal Fight in N.H. | Concord Monitor

    Concord Monitor: The Alliance Defending Freedom will provide legal services to Lizarda Urena of Concord to challenge the Concord School District’s decision to disallow her from praying on school property . . . Matthew Sharp, general counsel for the Alliance Defending Freedom, said yesterday the group has not filed a lawsuit and is still determining how to move forward. The group provides all legal services pro bono.
    “We think the facts in this one really matter,” Sharp said. “She was (praying) passively. I think she was providing a great example there of just a mother that is passionate about wanting what’s best for her kids.” Sharp argues that Urena’s speech is protected under the First Amendment and that the Freedom from Religion Foundation’s assertion that her praying violates the separation of church and state is “blatantly false.” “It’s the private speech of a parent, not the endorsed speech of the school,” he said.

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New Hampshire district tells mom she can no longer pray on school’s steps | Fox News (AP)

School prayer pits mom against NH school district | Dayton Daily News (AP)

Arizona group to help NH mom fight to pray near school | KTAR