Social-Conservative Leaders Frustrated with Christie

“Gay Marriage to Go Ahead in New Jersey; State’s Delay Request Turned Down” | Christian Post

N.J. Gov. Christie abandons marriage suit

NJ Senator Doherty on marriage: Christie acquiesced to judicial activism, no vote by the people or legislature

“Cory Booker to conduct same-sex marriages in New Jersey”

New Jersey Supreme Court court to allow same-sex “marriages”

Christie’s Supreme Court nominee approved by N.J. Senate judiciary committee

    NJ Star Ledger: In a rare break in the ongoing war between Gov. Chris Christie and Senate Democrats over court appointments, the upper house’s judiciary committee today approved the Republican governor’s latest nominee to the state Supreme Court. Superior Court Judge Faustino Fernandez-Vina faced dozens of sharp-edged questions from Democrats during a two-and-a-half hour hearing in Trenton, but was also praised for his serene demeanor.

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State judges, legislators weigh marriage

Booker wins New Jersey Senate race

Neglecting a Child in the Name of Children | Ken Connelly at Christian Post

Same-Sex Marriage Makes Liberal Judges Irrational | Matthew J. Frank at Public Discourse

“Gov. Christie should step aside on gay marriage” | NJ Ledger Star Editorial

N.J. same-sex marriage debate is background noise for judge with Bayonne roots

Judge Orders New Jersey to Redefine Marriage — in 2 Weeks

NJ Supreme Court to hear marriage case

NJ: 1 judge can’t force the state to redefine marriage

NJ judge refuses to postpone same-sex “marriage” ruling, Gov. seeks emergency appeal

New Jersey voters approve of judge’s decision to redefine marriage, poll finds

Christie debates marriage with Edison diner patron during campaign event “Listen: Lots of different people have different views on this,” Christie responded. “I think marriage should be between a man and a woman. “My view is: If you want to change it, put it on the ballot,” he continued. “Let everybody decide. It shouldn’t be decided by courts, it shouldn’t be decided by politicians in Trenton. It should be decided by everybody. If the majority of the people of New Jersey want same-sex marriage, I’ll enforce the law.”

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NJ’s Casinos To Launch Internet Gambling Nov. 26

Mosque Wins Preliminary Injunction Barring Enforcement of Zoning Change

NJ Assemblyman who originally opposed marriage redefinition will vote to override veto

Conservative Coalition Presses For Marriage Referendum in N.J.

NJ Asks For Stay Of Judge’s Ruling Redefining Marriage

“Gay Marriage Battle Lines Shift as States Grapple With Legality” | Bloomberg Businessweek

Gov. appeals marriage ruling to NJ Supreme Court

New Jersey lawmakers call on state Supreme court to uphold lower court’s ruling redefining marriage

“Poll: Should N.J. legalize gay marriage? And how?”

“N.J. legislators inching toward override of Christie’s gay marriage veto” Advocates have been working to convince state lawmakers — including a number of Republicans — that they should cross Gov. Chris Christie and override his veto of a bill (S1) that would legalize same-sex marriage. The state currently allows civil unions, and Christie maintains same-sex marriage should be decided by a voter referendum.

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NJ ‘Joking Judge’ Resigns After Losing Ruling

NJ: Religious Statues Decapitated Outside Church in Gloucester County

NJ’s High Court Rules Against ‘Joking Judge’

Woman says she was fired by Rutgers because she is lesbian

“Gay marriage advocates lobby to override Christie’s veto”

New Jersey, Vermont Preparing for Major Battles on Assisted Suicide

Christie says Supreme Court justice Helen Hoens would not get a fair hearing

NJ GOP hopefuls targeted by deep-pocketed campaign to redefine marriage

Change therapy bans eerily simliar to Islamic conversion bans

Seventh Day Adventist Required To Work On Saturdays May Proceed On Breach of Contract Claim

Princeton, NJ Must Not Let Atheists Derail 9-11 Memorial Cross | ACLJ

New Jersey allows “Atheist” vanity plate after public outcry over ban

Jail Becomes Home for Husband Stuck With Lifetime Alimony

    Bloomberg: Schochet, who said he worked as a portfolio manager at Citadel Investment Group Inc. and Fortress Investment Group LLC (FIG) and once earned $1 million a year, has been jailed for missing court-ordered payments at least eight times in the past two years as he coped with the end of his 17-year marriage.

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Gov. Chris Christie Torpedoes Future Presidential Bid And Harms Children To Boot | Liberty Counsel

‘Gay’ lawmaker to Christians: ‘We’ll take your children’

    Matt Barber at World Net Daily: Things get more sinister yet. On Wednesday, New Jersey Assemblyman Tim Eustace, who sponsored the bill and is openly homosexual, bombastically compared change therapy to “beating a child” and suggested that the government take children seeking change away from their parents. He told Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, “What this does is prevent things that are harmful to people. If a parent were beating their child on a regular basis we would step in and remove that child from the house. If you pay somebody to beat your child or abuse your child, what’s the difference?”

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Christie’s newest Supreme Court nominee will get a hearing, Sweeney says

Gov. Christie Harms New Jersey Children By Signing Change Therapy Ban. Liberty Counsel Will File Suit.

NJ court: Marriage ruling unlikely before September

NJ judge pressed to redefine marriage

Christie announces he will not renominate N.J. Supreme Court Justice Helen Hoens

Judge Blocks NJ State Law On Online Sex Ads

“Chris Christie’s Legal Position on Gay Marriage Is Pure Nonsense” | Nathaniel Frank at Slate

    Nathaniel Frank at Slate: Christie’s brief defends civil unions in three ways. First, it argues that the state can rationally restrict the label “marriage” to heterosexual unions because it is “preserving” the definition of the word. Second, it contends that it’s actually the feds who are now blocking gay equality by withholding benefits to civil union partners. And third, it claims that the state courts should move very cautiously when contemplating a major change in social institutions—all fine and well except that, as the state itself admits, calling a gay union a marriage isn’t much of a change anymore.

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NJ filing says not so fast on effort to redefine marriage

“NJ To File Defense Of Civil Unions Vs Gay Marriage”

Cross Raises Worries Over NJ Town’s 9/11 Memorial

N.J. Gov. Christie walks a fine line on marriage | USA Today

Web groups sue to block NJ law on underage sex ads

“Ten states to tackle gay marriage next” | NBC

Christie: SCOTUS DOMA ruling is bad and an example of judicial supremacy

NJ Asks Third Circuit to Make Sports Betting Legal; Ted Olson vs. Paul Clement as Counsel

“After Demise of DOMA, Lambda Legal Plans Swift Action in New Jersey”

NJ Poll: 57 percent of Catholics surveyed support same-sex marriage

NJ Ed Commissioner Denies Children Innovative Educational Options

NJ attorney general named to fill US Senate seat

Christie Expected To Name Lautenberg Successor

Families sacrifice to pay for religious schools

Republicans Fuming Over Chris Christie’s Senate Decision

Armey on Christie’s Decision: ‘Debilitating Stupidity’

Christie in hot seat on Lautenberg replacement

Christie calls Justice Albin a ‘grandstander,’ chastises state Supreme Court

ACLU seeks records tied to $11 million in state grants to religious schools

Grave robbing? NJ’s cemetery grab leaves church without a prayer

Some New Jersey Legislators Question State Construction Funding Award To Jewish Rabbinical School