NJ: Woodbridge to study sex shop zoning

N.J. Assembly panel advances pilot school choice bill

Three More Videos Show Planned Parenthood Helping Sex Traffickers

New Jersey Gov. Christie Vetoes Planned Parenthood Funding Bill

State Health Department to Probe Abortion Center in Video

Second Video Shows Planned Parenthood-Sex Trafficking Coverup

NJ: Point Beach residents keep praying at meetings despite court order

N.J. Gov. Christie speaks out on sanctity of life on Roe anniversary

Bill would let “sexting” NJ teens avoid charges

Christian homeschooling family broken apart by NJ agency

Gov. Christie nominates 9/11 attorney Sohail Mohammed for Superior Court judgeship

NJ Senate to vote on creation of state’s first school voucher program

Planned Parenthood to implement abortion mandate by 2013

Planned Parenthood may double the number of NJ abortion clinics while expanding nationwide

NJ: 35 year old Hammonton man indicted for child pornography on his cell phone

NJ: Ex-military camp leader pleads guilty to child porn

Codey calls on NJ Supreme Court to discipline Justice Rivera-Soto

N.J. Supreme Court Justice Rivera-Soto tempers stance on abstention

NJ: Officials not fazed by prayer ruling

NJ: Gov. Christie signs “anti-bullying bill of rights”

NJ governor signs bill allowing 2 smaller casinos

Christie’s budget battle over education funding reemerges

NJ: $115K in casino fines for cheating, underage cases

    Associated Press: “New Jersey casino regulators are set to hand out $115,000 in fines Wednesday to Atlantic City casinos who failed to immediately catch a cheating dealer and customer, had a malfunctioning alarm system that let a robber walk away with $8,000 after holding up a cashier, allowed someone other than the winner to fill out tax forms for five slots jackpots, and allowed underage patrons to gamble and drink.”

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Point Pleasant Beach councilman prays with audience

MD: Lawmakers, regulators look at options to tighten oversight of abortion providers

Broken system? NJ Supreme Court to review “constitutionality” of education budget cuts

WSJ: Jersey’s judge grudge

Standoff between Christie, Sen. Sweeney heightens politicization of NJ Supreme Court

    NJ.com: “The court is in the midst of an unprecedented crisis, dragged into a high-stakes controversy because of a standoff between Gov. Chris Christie and Senate President Stephen Sweeney that has lasted for seven months with no end in sight . . . ‘The Senate has sat around and created this crisis,’ Christie said Thursday. ‘We wouldn’t be having this crisis if they would just have their hearings and do their jobs.’”

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NJ: Judge orders Point Pleasant Beach council to dispense with prayers

New Jersey can choose life plates

NJ judge blocks town’s pre-council meeting prayers

Christie won’t get involved in Justice Rivera-Soto’s protest

NJ Supreme Court rejects Rockaway Twp. appeal of Christ Church exemption

Video: Pro-life license plates set to debut in NJ

New Jersey Supreme Court controversy

    New York Times: “When Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey chose not to renominate Justice John Wallace Jr. to the State Supreme Court in May, it was a case of political overreach. The situation is now a national disgrace, thanks to the governor, the State Senate president, Stephen Sweeney, and Justice Roberto Rivera-Soto.”

    Paul Munshine writing in the Star Ledger: “Chris Christie’s got a tough choice here:
    Is he going to sit back and watch the Democrats self-immolate trying to impeach the sole Latin-American member of the state Supreme Court? Or is he going to let them off the hook by making a recess appointment?”


    Seeking a path to restore order in the NJ Supreme Court

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Seeking a path to restore order in the NJ Supreme Court

    at Seton Hall University, writing in the Star-Ledger: “Justice Rivera-Soto has not only objected to Chief Justice Rabner’s temporary assignment of Judge Edwin Stern to the court, but decided to abstain from voting in cases heard by an unconstitutionally constituted court. In response, Justice Barry Albin has accused Justice Rivera-Soto of putting himself above the law, claiming that the rule of law requires adherence to decisions made by a majority of the court. Senators have called for Justice Rivera-Soto to resign or be impeached.”

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Poll: Should the New Jersey MVC have continued to fight against “Choose Life” license plates?

NJ: Chanukah battle for freedom of religion continues

Prayer dispute divides NJ shore town

N.J. now offers “Choose Life” plates

Choose Life plates now available in NJ

Constitutional Crisis in the Garden State

Woman silenced at NJ Senate hearing shares coerced abortion story

NJ: Judge Throws Out Doctors’ Attack On Obamacare

    NJ Law Journal (Subscription only): “A federal judge in Newark on Wednesday dismissed a constitutional challenge to the Obama administration’s health care reforms, finding claims by a doctors’ organization and a representative patient were speculative therefore that they lacked standing. The suit, New Jersey Physicians Inc. v. Obama, 10-cv-1489, was filed on March 24 . . . ”

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Robert Knight: Putting a gun to the public’s head in gov’t budgeting

    Robert Knight writing at Townhall: “So what did the city fathers of Camden do when faced with a $25.5 million budget deficit? On Thursday, they voted to lay off 200 police and firefighters along with 200 other city workers . . . It’s the typical liberal gambit: having loaded the public rolls with unionized government employees doing all sorts of non-essential things, the politicians go for the jugular to get the public’s attention.”

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Pro-lifers celebrate NJ approval of license plate

NJ choose life plates finally allowed after six years

NJ ‘Choose Life’ plates on road to revival

NJ: Millburn residents fight construction of synagogue in residential neighborhood

NJ legislature OKs bill to restore Planned Parenthood funding; veto expected

NJ lawmakers approve bullying law

“Fervor around Seton Hall gay marriage course has died down”

NJ “family-planning” funds back up for vote today

NJ lawmakers introduce federal “anti-bullying” bill

New Jersey Supreme Court rejects bid to recall Senator Robert Menendez

NJ: Assembly Committee to take up anti-bullying bill

Justice Department settles religious discrimination lawsuit against Essex County, NJ over headscarves

NJ woman given $25K in suit over Muslim garb

Convicted felon abortionists keep embattled NJ abortion empire running

New Jersey defunds Planned Parenthood

NJ legislature to hold hearing on bills funding Planned Parenthood

NJ: Point Beach council will no longer recite the Lord’s Prayer at public meetings

NJ weighs new bullying laws after Rutgers suicide

Philosophers debate abortion at Princeton conference as baby in audience cries

    Terrence McKeegan, J.D. writing at LifeNews: “‘An infant has no moral status because he is not self-aware,’ said Peter Singer, a professor of bioethics. Singer argued this point at an historic [conference] he co-organized at Princeton University last weekend, seeking new dialogue on the heated issue of abortion . . . The headline panel featured two heavyweight Australian philosophers – Singer, a bioethics professor at Princeton, and John Finnis, a professor emeritus of philosophy at the University of Oxford. The two debated the ‘Moral Status of the Fetus.’”

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New Jersey environmental officials challenge Jewish ritual burial of holy objects

The Trouble with Public Sector Unions

NJ: Abortionist grossly negligent for transporting patients to MD

Center for American Progress: “State Antigay Adoption Policies Need to Go”

Abortion clinics close in 2 states

NJ Jewish newspaper says it overreacted in rescinding first same-sex “wedding” announcement

NJ senator calls for anti-bully law after suicide

NJ: Millburn library changes room policy after ADF challenge

NJ: Same-sex announcement causes stir in Teaneck-based Jewish weekly newspaper

NJ: Point Pleasant Beach agrees to replace prayer with moment of silence at start of council meetings