NJ ‘Choose Life’ license plates case renewed in courtroom

ADF reminds colleges & universities of their free speech obligations

ADF to five universities: ‘Speech codes’ give officials too much latitude to define ‘offensive’ conduct

N.J. Supreme Court rules conversation between pastor, man accused of sexual abuse is protected

Same-sex marriage fight in N.J.? Not again!

Shock Jocks’ Homosexual Inferences Not Defamatory, Judge Rules

    NJ Law Journal (Law.com): “U.S. District Judge Joel Pisano predicted the state Supreme Court, which insisted on equal protection for same-sex couples in 2006, would be unlikely to ‘legitimize discrimination against gays and lesbians’ by treating a homosexual reference as a slur. The ruling, in Murphy v. Millenium Radio Group, 08-cv-1743, is a loss for freelance photographer Peter Murphy, who complained that Craig Carton and Ray Rossi, hosts of the “Jersey Guys” show on WKXW 101.5 FM, ‘derogatorily inferred’ he was a homosexual during a 45-minute segment.”

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“NJ Rep. Michael Carroll says gay unions of no societal consequence”

NJ activists seek new marriage definition

N.J. lawmakers oppose same-sex “marriage”

Three NJ lawmakers want in on same-sex “marriage” suit

    On Top Magazine (“gay advocacy website”): “Three Republican lawmakers filed a motion to intervene Monday to defend against a New Jersey lawsuit to win gay marriage. Senators Gerald Cardinale and Anthony R. Bucco, along with Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll, are being represented by the Christian-based group Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) . . . ‘There’s more to marriage than just any two people in a committed relationship,’ ADF Senior Legal Counsel [Austin R. Nimocks] said in a statement. ‘At this time in history, we should be strengthening marriage, not tearing it down. Instead, activists are seeking to redefine marriage for all New Jersey citizens by resurrecting an already-resolved, three-year-old lawsuit with the goal of forcing legislators to redefine marriage against their will.’”

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Conservatives wonder how N.J. Attorney General Paula Dow sided against the Christians

3 Republican legislators challenge same-sex “marriage” effort at N.J. Supreme Court

N.J. Supreme Court upholds privacy of personal e-mails accessed at work

ADF, NJ legislators oppose marriage redefinition at NJ Supreme Court

NJ 2011 budget won’t include abortion funds

Six same-sex couples ask N.J.’s top court for permission to “wed”

NJ court: Tea party bid to oust senator must wait

NJ: Lambda Legal to file same-sex “marriage” petition with Supreme Court Thursday

    NJ.com, The Auditor: “The Auditor is told Lambda Legal on Thursday will file a petition with the Supreme Court to establish the right to gay marriage. ‘We’ve lived the agony of defeat,’ said Steve Goldstein, head of Garden State Equality. ‘Now it’s time for the thrill of victory.’ The defeat came in January when the Senate rejected a bill to establish same-sex marriage. Gay rights advocates contend the state’s civil union law falls short of the court’s 2006 order for lawmakers to provide equal rights for gays seeking to marry.”

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NJ Polls: “Attitudes about gay marriage mixed and largely fixed”

NJ awards $250K of taxpayer money to “Status is Everything” Campaign

Lautenberg diagnosed with cancer

NJ: An Advisory Recall of U.S. Senators?

U.S. Senate confirms Judge Joseph Greenaway Jr. to the 3rd Circuit

NJ: On same-sex “marriage,” the people have spoken

    Len Deo, founder and president of the New Jersey Family Policy Council, writing in the Times of Trenton: “Advocates for same-sex marriage — having failed to convince the people’s elected representatives and having dismissed out of hand the right of the people to decide the issue at the ballot box — now say they will take their cause back to the courts. Why? Because, they say, the people are not to be trusted. Indeed, some of the senators who held the minority view on same-sex marriage, in rejecting calls for a ballot referendum, actually said the issue absolutely cannot be left to ‘the people.’”

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NJ: Preacher’s toe touches school lawn, he gets arrested

NYT: “Children Speak for Same-Sex Marriage”

    NY Times: “While opponents of same-sex marriage worry that schools will teach that gay and straight relationships are equal, many supporters focus on a different, but still child-centered, issue: What about the children now being raised in families headed by gay men and lesbians? How does the lack of marriage benefits for their parents affect them? . . . ‘The real question is whether same-sex relationships benefit children to the same extent that living with a married mother and father does, and we believe they do not,’ said Peter S. Sprigg, senior fellow for policy studies at the Family Research Council, the conservative Christian organization. ‘Children do best when raised by their own biological mother and father who are committed to one another in a lifelong marriage.’”

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Man arrested after sharing Gospel is exonerated

Case dismissed: Man arrested for touching grass after sharing Gospel exonerated

NJ: “Pen palimony”

    The NJ Law Journal (subscription only): “The lame-duck session of the Legislature has passed S. 2091 , which amends the statute of frauds to require that an agreement by one party to a ‘non-marital personal relationship’ to provide support or other consideration to the other party during or after the relationship is enforceable only if made in writing after both parties are advised by counsel.” Apparently, it is on its way to the governor.

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N.J. Gov.-elect Christie targets teachers’ union with Schundler appointment

NJ Senate President: “Mistake not to vote on gay marriage”

NJ bill relaxes some casino contractor regulations

Lambda Legal plans court action following NJ marriage vote

Sponsor of NJ same-sex “marriage” bill: “We established a basis to file a lawsuit”

NJ Senate overwhelmingly rejected marriage redefinition

New Jersey Senate rejects same-sex “marriage” bill

    “The 20-14 vote, with three abstentions, defeating the measure followed an hour and a half of public debate inside the packed Senate chamber, and loud, often-contentious rallies on the Statehouse steps, with hundreds of supporters and opponents of the measure making their voices heard.”

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NJ: State teacher’s union opposes DOE plan for federal money

“The Republican Who Might Bring Gay Marriage to Jersey”

    Huffington Post: “Currently, there are five Democratic Senators voting no. That means at least three Republicans are needed to pass. Right now, there is only one — which is still one more than the New York State Senate had. . . . Bill Baroni . . . one of the brightest Republican stars on the state horizon . . . Each of these five Republicans is a potential ‘yes’ vote. They are: Christopher ‘Kip’ Bateman of Somerset County, Sean Kean and Jennifer Beck of Monmouth County, Andrew Ciesla of Ocean County and Tom Kean Jr. of Union County.”

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“N.J. Senate schedules vote on gay-marriage bill”

NJ Senate Schedules Marriage for Thursday Vote

NJ: Odds against same-sex “marriage” grow with setback in Trenton

“NJ gay marriage advocates plan Trenton rally to urge lawmakers’ vote”

“Clock’s running out for action on NJ gay marriage”

New Jersey judge calls surrogate legal mother of twins

NJ: “‘Eternal optimist’ Weinberg leads gay marriage push in state Senate”

Corzine signs executive order to “help” N.J.’s non-public school children

NJ: Five Republican Senators pledge their support for civil union reform, not marriage

    PolitickerNJ: “Five Republican senators today said that it’s unlikely that a bill redefining marriage can pass the Senate and asked their Democratic colleagues to join them in a bipartisan effort to strengthen New Jersey’s civil union law. The five said that while they can’t support the Freedom of Religion and Equality in Civil Marriage Act (S-1967), they will work to ensure that New Jersey civil union law is enforced and provides all rights and benefits that legislators intended.”

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U.S. Senator places hold on bill over Brazilian custody battle

NJ same-sex “marriage” battle is likely over

    NorthJersey.com: “Its chances in the full chamber were so dim that two days later the chief sponsors of the bill withdrew it, before a scheduled vote could take place. There are 40 senators. To pass, a bill needs 21 affirmative votes. A head count last week showed 13 senators publicly supporting same-sex marriage, including just one Republican, with 18 senators definitely opposed. The remaining nine said they were either undecided or unwilling to state their positions.”

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NJ: Asbury Park set to OK “gay marriage” resolution

NJ: “Same-sex marriage proponent’s fervor backfires, some say”

Gay “Marriage” Vote Killed in NJ Senate

N.J. Senate to delay marriage vote

NJ vote on “gay marriage” could shape battles ahead

NJ: Despite Committee Nod, Dim Prospects Seen for Same-Sex “Marriage” Law

NJ: Bill to redefine marriage passes committee, moves to full Senate

Debate Over Marriage Shifts to Trenton

NJ marriage vote next week could be close in Dem controlled Senate

N.J. Senate will vote on marriage redefinition next week

A surprisingly dark day for homosexual demands in New Jersey

NJ Dems demand marriage vote

Rabbis, heterosexuals join NJ marriage debate

New Jersey: Christian prisoner may preach again

Christine Todd Whitman: It’s not the state’s role to define marriage

“Gay marriage losing support in New Jersey: poll”

“Gay marriage momentum stalls in liberal NY, NJ”

NJ GOP support for marriage redefinition?

Alexandria parents object to Islam studies

NJ: “Lame-duck Legislature stalling on gay marriage”

NJ Dem leader: Economy trumps “gay marriage”

Archbishop John J. Myers: Legislators must protect traditional marriage

    The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Newark, NJ writes in the Star-Ledger: “Despite concerted and well-financed efforts to establish same-sex marriage in numerous states in recent years, most Americans know better. They won’t support it. In every state where same-sex marriage has been put to a vote of the people, the people have said ‘No.’ In fact, only a minority of Americans wants to redefine marriage, according to a CBS News/NY Times Poll conducted this past summer and reported on by both organizations. And support is falling, down almost 10 percent this year.”

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Free speech censored in student’s pro-life stance

“N.J. residents support gay marriage by narrow margin, poll says”