NJ: Preacher’s toe touches school lawn, he gets arrested

NYT: “Children Speak for Same-Sex Marriage”

Man arrested after sharing Gospel is exonerated

Case dismissed: Man arrested for touching grass after sharing Gospel exonerated

NJ: “Pen palimony”

    The NJ Law Journal (subscription only): “The lame-duck session of the Legislature has passed S. 2091 , which amends the statute of frauds to require that an agreement by one party to a ‘non-marital personal relationship’ to provide support or other consideration to the other party during or after the relationship is enforceable only if made in writing after both parties are advised by counsel.” Apparently, it is on its way to the governor.

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N.J. Gov.-elect Christie targets teachers’ union with Schundler appointment

NJ Senate President: “Mistake not to vote on gay marriage”

NJ bill relaxes some casino contractor regulations

Lambda Legal plans court action following NJ marriage vote

Sponsor of NJ same-sex “marriage” bill: “We established a basis to file a lawsuit”

NJ Senate overwhelmingly rejected marriage redefinition

New Jersey Senate rejects same-sex “marriage” bill

NJ: State teacher’s union opposes DOE plan for federal money

“The Republican Who Might Bring Gay Marriage to Jersey”

“N.J. Senate schedules vote on gay-marriage bill”

NJ Senate Schedules Marriage for Thursday Vote

NJ: Odds against same-sex “marriage” grow with setback in Trenton

“NJ gay marriage advocates plan Trenton rally to urge lawmakers’ vote”

“Clock’s running out for action on NJ gay marriage”

New Jersey judge calls surrogate legal mother of twins

NJ: “‘Eternal optimist’ Weinberg leads gay marriage push in state Senate”

Corzine signs executive order to “help” N.J.’s non-public school children

NJ: Five Republican Senators pledge their support for civil union reform, not marriage

U.S. Senator places hold on bill over Brazilian custody battle

NJ same-sex “marriage” battle is likely over

NJ: Asbury Park set to OK “gay marriage” resolution

NJ: “Same-sex marriage proponent’s fervor backfires, some say”

Gay “Marriage” Vote Killed in NJ Senate

N.J. Senate to delay marriage vote

NJ vote on “gay marriage” could shape battles ahead

NJ: Despite Committee Nod, Dim Prospects Seen for Same-Sex “Marriage” Law

NJ: Bill to redefine marriage passes committee, moves to full Senate

Debate Over Marriage Shifts to Trenton

NJ marriage vote next week could be close in Dem controlled Senate

N.J. Senate will vote on marriage redefinition next week

A surprisingly dark day for homosexual demands in New Jersey

NJ Dems demand marriage vote

Rabbis, heterosexuals join NJ marriage debate

New Jersey: Christian prisoner may preach again

Christine Todd Whitman: It’s not the state’s role to define marriage

“Gay marriage losing support in New Jersey: poll”

“Gay marriage momentum stalls in liberal NY, NJ”

NJ GOP support for marriage redefinition?

Alexandria parents object to Islam studies

NJ: “Lame-duck Legislature stalling on gay marriage”

NJ Dem leader: Economy trumps “gay marriage”

Archbishop John J. Myers: Legislators must protect traditional marriage

    The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Newark, NJ writes in the Star-Ledger: “Despite concerted and well-financed efforts to establish same-sex marriage in numerous states in recent years, most Americans know better. They won’t support it. In every state where same-sex marriage has been put to a vote of the people, the people have said ‘No.’ In fact, only a minority of Americans wants to redefine marriage, according to a CBS News/NY Times Poll conducted this past summer and reported on by both organizations. And support is falling, down almost 10 percent this year.”

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Free speech censored in student’s pro-life stance

“N.J. residents support gay marriage by narrow margin, poll says”

“It’s killing a baby, plain and simple”

N.J. Democrats differ on whether “gay marriage” should be voted on during lame duck session

Bridgeton student sues school district for forbidding her to take part in abortion protest

NJ teen barred from abortion protest sues school

Bridgeton student sues school district over abortion protest

NJ teen barred from abortion protest sues school

NJ teen sues school claiming censorship

New Jersey student stopped from joining national pro-life event against abortion

NJ school board insists on aborting student pro-life event

“The time is now for the New Jersey Legislature to act on gay marriage”

New Jersey bill to redefine marriage lacks votes to leave Senate Judiciary Committee

“Time running out for gay marriage?: Bloggers on N.J.’s lame duck legislation”

NJ: “Lame ducks can walk same-sex couples down the aisle”

“Battle about same-sex marriage in N.J. takes on urgency”

NJ: “Gay rights group launches ad campaign for same-sex ‘marriage’”

NJ: “Foundation Puts Kibosh on Religious Parking Discount”

Christie Gives GOP Stunning Win In N.J.

Chris Christie’s Next Case: Who Stole My Election?

    WSJ: “Moreover, if serious allegations of fraud emerge, you can also expect less-than-vigorous investigation by the Obama Justice Department — which showed just how seriously it takes such allegations when it walked away from an open-and-shut voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party in Philadelphia earlier this year. Plenty of reasons exist for suspecting absentee fraud may play a significant role in tomorrow’s Garden State contests.”

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Princeton: “LGBT students praise gender-neutral housing program”

Judge suspends ban on exit polling near NJ polls

New Jersey governor’s race a virtual tie: poll

Pro-life poster display vandalized at Princeton

Abortion foes push for license plates

NJ: Sex shop settlement steep for Cherry Hill

    Courier Post: “The township will pay $612,500 to a businessman who wanted to open an adult video store in the Barclay section. And under a recently announced settlement, the would-be sex shop owner, Jim Restaino of Union County, has agreed to execute a deed that would bar any ‘sexually oriented business’ from the site at Route 70 and Kenwood Drive, adjacent to a residential area.”

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