Southern District Judge Robert Patterson dies at age 91

Bill de Blasio – An unlikely ally of religion in New York City

How highest N.Y. Court provides a template on prejudice and marriage

Should religious organizations be allowed to worship in schools? NYC mayor reconsiders city’s policy

Supreme Court refuses to hear case involving worship in NYC public schools

U.S. Supreme Court won’t hear appeal of ruling barring NYC churches from meeting in schools

NYC churches praying for help after losing court fights

Everyone but churches can use NYC schools – will the mayor do anything about it?

NYC churches hope mayor keeps promise, rescinds worship service ban

Mayor De Blasio, don’t make these churches homeless!

New York City ban on worship services in schools left intact by Supreme Court

New York City to change rules to allow churches to rent schools

NYC churches set for Easter, future unclear

Supreme Court lets ban on churches in NYC schools stand

Supreme Court won’t force NYC to allow after-hours worship in public schools

Supreme Court allows NY schools’ worship ban to stand; churches look to mayor

Justices reject N.Y. church’s bid to use public school space

A case for opening schools to worship

Mayor de Blasio emerges as an unexpected champion of religion

NYC’s plan for prayer break in pre-K classes raises concerns

Experts debate same-sex marriage

After speaking honestly about his religious views, baseball player instructed to only talk sports

New York City adds two Muslim holidays to public school calendar

Excluding “religious worship services” when government opens up property for public access

Religious freedom, again: Why the Supreme Court should take up the Bronx Household of Faith case

Lawsuit seeks to legalize doctor-assisted suicide for terminally ill patients in New York

Church responds to NYC’s ban on worship services in public schools

Churches wait for SCOTUS to attend to use of school facilities

NYC continues fight to keep churches from meeting in public schools

Mayor de Blasio refuses to drop church worship ban in NYC public schools – but this congregation isn’t backing down

Battle still rages for churches that want to meet in NYC schools

ADF to Supreme Court: NYC’s arguments to throw out churches fall short

No worship services in public schools, New York mayor tells Supreme Court

Incest: The next frontier in ‘reproductive freedom’

Report: New York woman to marry her biological father

Forced down the same-sex wedding aisle

Your right to take a tiger selfie

    Bloomberg View: Is New York state’s ban on “tiger selfies” the goofiest law of the year? It might be absurd for the state to pass a law banning the taking of photographs with jungle cats, but there’s nothing in the U.S. Constitution that bans absurd laws. The practical question — at least if you’re a New York stud who wants a tiger selfie for your Tinder photo — is whether the law is constitutional. If it is, you might have to travel to New Jersey (gasp) for your close encounter of the feline kind.

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U.S. court upholds NY state vaccination requirement for students

A New York state of dysphoria

    National Review: The regimen of surgical mutilation that until the day before yesterday went by the name “sex-change operation” — the catechists now instruct us to call it “gender-confirmation surgery” — has undergone a remarkable evolution: from banned to fringe to tolerated to celebrated to federally subsidized under Medicare to obligatory in Andrew Cuomo’s New York, with the governor announcing that insurance companies operating under his thumb will be obliged to pay for procedures relating to what the American Psychiatric Association calls “gender dysphoria.”

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78% of abortions in New York City were done on black, Hispanic babies

New York student gets OK to start Christian club ‘Dare to Believe’ on campus after she was told it would be illegal

New York court to rehear law targeting pregnancy care centers

New York couple sues to recover fines imposed for not holding a same-sex wedding in their home

New York couple appeals $13k fine imposed for refusing to host same-sex wedding on their farm

Couple fined for refusing to host same-sex wedding on their farm

U.S. top court leaves intact New York City pregnancy center rule

Decision ups overhead for NYC pro-life pregnancy centers

ADF to continue fight for freedom of NYC pregnancy care centers

New York’s highest court unanimously rules in favor of incest ‘marriage’ between uncle and niece

NY State blesses ‘incest’ marriage between uncle, niece

New York high school lifts ban on students’ Christian club amid threat of legal action

New York farm alleges bias

New York court to weigh legal rights of chimps

Four reasons government shouldn’t force these farmers to violate their faith

Same-sex couple win discrimination case by discriminating against Christian family

After being fined for refusing to host same-sex weddings and making a stunning business decision, Christian farm owners are fighting back

ADF allied attorney files petition for NY farmer couple fined $13k for refusing to host same-sex wedding

Couple fights $13k fine for refusing to host same-sex wedding at home

Christian farmers fined $13K for refusing same-sex wedding ready for court battle

NY farmers to court: honor our religious freedom

Fined $13,000 by state, farmers are fighting back against ‘discrimination’ ruling

NYC school worship ban headed for high court?

Is the right to worship in NYC public schools headed to the Supreme Court?