“New York City Plans Campaign to Woo Gay Weddings”

“Colorado Dems Hope to Follow New York’s Gay Marriage Success”

“Obama Says NY Gay Marriage a ‘Good Thing’”

“Must N.Y. businesses say ‘I do’ to gay clients?”

Q&A: What the religious exemptions in N.Y.’s ‘gay marriage’ law do and don’t cover

    Baptist Press: The issue of religious liberty has been at the forefront of conservative concerns about “gay marriage.” After it was legalized in Massachusetts in 2004, Catholic Charities chose to get out of adoptions instead of being forced to place children in same-sex homes. While the language might prevent that from happening in New York, Alliance Defense Fund attorney Austin R. Nimocks says, it would not protect a husband-and-wife photography team from state action if they declined to take pictures at a same-sex “wedding.” It also would do nothing to prevent the teaching of “gay marriage” in New York schools. Alliance Defense Fund is a legal organization that fights for religious liberty. Following is a partial transcript of an interview with Nimocks . . .

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NY Catholic Bishops Now Expect Efforts ‘to Enact Gov’t Sanctions Against Churches’

Catholic Culture : Latest Headlines : New York bishops lament passage of same-sex marriage

NY Republicans sell out on marriage vote

Lessons West Virginia Should Learn in a New York Minute About Marriage

Clinton hails redefinition of marriage in NY

NY Post: “A day after historic vote, triumphant Gov. Andrew Cuomo hailed at New York’s gay pride parade”

“NY Gay Pride Parade Fortifies Opponents’ Resolve”

“New York Gay Marriage Vote Alters Political Battle Lines”

“Arizona groups react to N.Y. gay-marriage vote”

AP: “N.Y. legalizes gay marriage”

Terry Mattingly: New York’s dangerous churches: in schools

    Terry Mattingly at the Daily Review Atlas (6/23): “When worship services are performed in a place, the nature of the site changes,” wrote Judge Pierre N. Leval. “The site is no longer simply in a room in school being used temporarily for some activity. … The place has, at least for a time, become the church.” The implication is that a “mysterious transformation” literally takes place during these worship services, noted Jordan Lorence of the Alliance Defense Fund, a lawyer who has been involved in equal-access cases in New York City and elsewhere for a quarter of a century. “There isn’t some kind of architectural alchemy at work here that suddenly turns a school facility into a dangerous place,” he said. “Allowing unions to rent space in schools doesn’t turn them into union halls. Allowing Alcoholics Anonymous to use a school doesn’t turn it into the Betty Ford Clinic.”

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Alan E. Sears: Culture of death silences pro-lifers in N.Y

New York ‘gay marriage’ bill faces decision time

N.Y. marriage showdown likely on Wednesday

Alan E. Sears: Culture of death silences opposition in New York

NY State Senate Not Expected To Vote On Marriage Definition Today

A Hit for Churches Renting Public School Space?

Catholic Archbishop Dolan Calls NY Bill to redefine marriage an ‘ominous threat’

NY bill to redefine marriage snags on religion questions

Judge Hears Fight for Abortion Clinic Notices

NYC clerk readies gender-neutral marriage forms

NY politicians slow down on marriage redefinition: Their careers, the family, and religious freedom at stake

Battle to block NYC pregnancy centers gag law hits federal court

Fight Over Worship at Schools Puts Bronx Church in Spotlight

Former NY Giants Receiver David Tyree: “Gay Marriage Will Lead To Anarchy”

NY Senate Republicans undecided whether to vote on same-sex “marriage”; see video

Bill to redefine marriage gets its first big test in NY

Federal Judge William H. Pauley Hears Historic New York City First Amendment Case

“11th Hour Rally Against Marriage Equality”

NYC Law Attacking Pregnancy Centers Faces Court Hearing

NY effort to redefine marriage gains support in GOP Senate

NY GOP senator: Religion freedom exceptions key to marriage vote; measure to redefine is two votes short

Suits Challenge Religious Leaders In Two New York Hasidic Enclaves

Catholic Archbishop of NY: The True Meaning of Marriage

Marriage Equality Foes Respond in New York

“Poll: Taxes, ethics trump gay marriage, rent in Albany”

    NYPOST.com: The Siena College survey released this morning shows 37 percent rank passage of Cuomo’s agreed-upon two percent cap on local property tax hikes as lawmakers’ top concern, compared to 14 percent each for same-sex marriage and a renewal of current rent regulations. Some 22 percent believe approval of the ethics overhaul announced earlier this month by Cuomo and legislative leaders should be their chief issue.

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Top Cuomo aide: ‘The votes are there’ to redefine marriage – vote expected before end of the week

Brian Raum: “Cuomo, Bloomberg: Social re-engineering is our highest priority”

    ADF attorney Brian Raum at The Daily Caller: New York is faced with a monumental decision, the full consequences of which we cannot begin to predict. One thing is sure, however: if the politicians succeed with their “highest priority,” it will guarantee, by design, that more children will be raised without either a mother or a father. That may be a side of history that Gov. Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg want to be on, but I and most other Americans do not.

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Jordan Lorence: Church is like a rodeo? A court ruling says it is

Grassley Critiques Qualifications of Four Judicial Nominees

Labor unions join fight to redefine marriage in NY

    : Ross Levi, the executive director of the Empire State Pride Agenda, appeared with representatives of the Capital District Area Labor Federation, Civil Service Employees Association, Public Employees Federation, New York State United Teachers, Service Employees International Union, Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local #2 and Capital District Chapter of the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement to announce last week their support for a same-sex marriage law this session.

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NY AG plans to sue Feds over fracking

NY-26 shifts Democratic playbook as party hardens line on Medicare reform

Court: Schools off limits to churches

NY: School Superintendent rakes in more than half million per year

New Yorkers and Their Bishops Speak Up on Marriage: Rallies oppose governor’s effort to legalize same-sex ‘marriage.’

Traditional marriage supporter hit on head with beer bottle, banner ripped to shreds | LifeSiteNews.com

Lawmakers Propose Teen ‘Sexting’ Law

Court Ruling on Schools Could Force City Churches to Find New Homes -

Debate over church, school space

NY: Policy revision benefits Christian club – One News Now

Unions press for marriage redefinition in NY

Appeals Court Bans Church From Renting School Building – Charisma

Federal Court Rules New York City Can Ban Schools From Churches – FoxNews.com

N.Y. Schools Can Ban Church Worship Services, Court Rule – Christian Post

Schools Must Allow Religious ‘Expression’ But Can Ban ‘Worship’ – National Law Journal

Christian Club Reinstated at NY Public School

8 senators hold fate of N.Y. ‘gay marriage’ bill

Solid victory in NY’s Half Hollow Hills: ADF wins recognition for Christian student club

NY: Bill would strip Planned Parenthood of funding

“What’s Really Behind’s Bloomberg’s Gay Marriage Pitch?”

    WNYC.org: The debate about how much economic benefit legalizing same-sex marriages in New York will have might be in doubt, but Bloomberg’s libertarian message will do more than add dollars and cents to the argument. By providing intellectual cover for those Republican senators he’s been targeting, Bloomberg’s conservative argument for gay marriage might keep the fence-sitters from feeling like they’ll have to fall on their swords.

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NY officials want schools to teach girls how to abandon babies

One News Now: NY college charging for free speech

NY: Defamation Claim Against Pastor Dismissed Under Ecclesiastical Abstention Doctrine

NY: “Conservative Party Is Obstacle to Gay Marriage”

ADF tackles SUNY policies stifling free speech at Albany campus