Clerks ‘protected’ from ‘gay’ marriage license demands

    World Net Daily: ADF Senior Counsel Brian Raum said no one “should have to choose between their religious beliefs and their job.” “The law – and New York’s highest court – affirms this fundamental principle of freedom,” he said . “It’s outrageous that officials are threatening criminal prosecution for clerks who exercise their lawful right to delegate the issuing of same-sex ‘marriage’ licenses, especially when the law requires the accommodation of their religious beliefs. We encourage all clerks to affirm their rights under New York State law.”

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ADF Encourages NY Town Marriage Clerks to Request Religious ‘Accommodation’

“Opponents say fight against gay weddings in NY has only just begun; legal challenges expected”

Fund Established for Marriage Equality Opponents in New York

“Second NY Clerk Quits over Gay Marriage Law”

N.Y. clerks opposed to gay ‘marriage’ have lawful options, legal group says

“N.Y. clerks opposed to gay ‘marriage’ have lawful options, legal group says”

Criminal Prosecution for Clerks Who Won’t ‘Marry’ Homosexuals?

NY County Clerks Have Allies

Christian Clerks Face NYC Same-Sex Marriage License Dilemma

NYT: “Same-Sex Marriage Faces Military Limits”

Second NY town clerk quits over marriage redefinition

“NYC to hold lottery for 1st day of gay weddings”

“In a first, Senate confirms judge who is openly gay”

Can New York Municipal Clerks Require Accommodation of Objection To Licensing Same-Sex Marriages?

Despite N.Y.’s redefinition of marriage, clerks still have right of conscience

Traditional marriage advocates will defend clerks

Alliance Defense Fund Defends New York Clerks

“Religious freedoms group offers aid to clerks on gay marriage”

“New York pro-family groups plan demonstrations to demand referendum on gay ‘marriage’”

Something to celebrate: A free-speech, pro-life victory in New York City

Alan E. Sears: “Marriage” Fabricators Never Promised Anyone a Rose Garden

Judge blocks NYC law threatening crisis pregnancy centers

Protecting protectors

Committee Backs Judicial Nominees, Including Two for SDNY

Pregnancy Center Leader Delighted by Ruling Against NYC Law

“Bloomberg gives maximum to NY Republicans who voted for gay marriage”

“N.Y. Republican Senators Rewarded for Marriage Vote”

“Episcopal Church in New York Prepares for Same-Sex Marriage Law”

NYC Women’s Clinics Don’t Have to Post Abortion Notices

Judge Halts New York City Law Attacking Pregnancy Centers ADF Legal Counsel Matt Bowman commented on the law and the lawsuit in remarks to “Pro-life pregnancy centers, which freely offer real help and hope to women and their preborn children, shouldn’t be punished by political allies of those who make their money aborting babies,” he said. “This order keeps the city from enforcing a law that is specifically designed to deter pregnant women from receiving the help they need to make fully informed choices about their pregnancy while this lawsuit goes forward. The order also means that the court is likely to find the ordinance unconstitutional.” Bowman noted the court was also critical of the New York Civil Liberties Union’s defense of the city ordinance: “Given the New York Civil Liberties Union’s (“NYCLU”) usual concern for First Amendment rights, its amicus brief supporting Defendant’s expansive view of the commercial speech doctrine is puzzling.”

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Judge Blocks NYC Pregnancy Center Disclosure Law

NY clerks threatened with criminal prosecution if they refuse to issue same sex marriage licenses

“New York senator: ‘my priest embraced me’ after voting for gay ‘marriage’”

District judge halts New York City pro-life pregnancy center gag law

“New York clerk resigns over gay ‘marriage’: Gov. Cuomo responds, ‘The law is the law’”

“New York Gay Marriage Law to Boost Same-Sex Adoptions?”

NY: Challenger Lacks Standing In Suit To Stop Ground Zero Mosque

New York gears up for same-sex weddings

Atheists Threaten Lawsuit Over 9/11 “Seven In Heaven” Street Sign

“New York town clerk quits over gay marriage licenses”

ABC: “Same-Sex Weddings: Who’s the Bride and Who’s the Groom in This New Relationship?”

NYT: “Marriage Options: A Simple Hyphen Will Do”

    Elizabeth F. Emens at The summer of 2011 is a watershed moment for marriage equality in New York. To prepare for same-sex marriage, bureaucrats across the state are busily revising marriage license application forms to make the forms sex-neutral. Say goodbye to separate lines labeled “bride” and “groom.” In the interest of gender equality, and in compliance with the law, the new forms should include prominent statements of the marital naming options.

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“New York City Clerk Extends Office Hours for Gay Marriage Surge”

George Weigel: ‘Gay Marriage,’ Libertarians, and Civil Rights: A vast expansion of state power

“Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Comes Out for ‘Gay’ Marriage”

“When Same-Sex Marriages End in Divorce”: Americans are a roving sort

Churches Can Use City Schools for Worship During Appeal

“Will Pennsylvania follow New York’s lead on gay marriage?”

“New York City Plans Campaign to Woo Gay Weddings”

“Colorado Dems Hope to Follow New York’s Gay Marriage Success”

“Obama Says NY Gay Marriage a ‘Good Thing’”

“Must N.Y. businesses say ‘I do’ to gay clients?”

Q&A: What the religious exemptions in N.Y.’s ‘gay marriage’ law do and don’t cover

    Baptist Press: The issue of religious liberty has been at the forefront of conservative concerns about “gay marriage.” After it was legalized in Massachusetts in 2004, Catholic Charities chose to get out of adoptions instead of being forced to place children in same-sex homes. While the language might prevent that from happening in New York, Alliance Defense Fund attorney Austin R. Nimocks says, it would not protect a husband-and-wife photography team from state action if they declined to take pictures at a same-sex “wedding.” It also would do nothing to prevent the teaching of “gay marriage” in New York schools. Alliance Defense Fund is a legal organization that fights for religious liberty. Following is a partial transcript of an interview with Nimocks . . .

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NY Catholic Bishops Now Expect Efforts ‘to Enact Gov’t Sanctions Against Churches’

Catholic Culture : Latest Headlines : New York bishops lament passage of same-sex marriage

NY Republicans sell out on marriage vote

Lessons West Virginia Should Learn in a New York Minute About Marriage

Clinton hails redefinition of marriage in NY

NY Post: “A day after historic vote, triumphant Gov. Andrew Cuomo hailed at New York’s gay pride parade”

“NY Gay Pride Parade Fortifies Opponents’ Resolve”

“New York Gay Marriage Vote Alters Political Battle Lines”

“Arizona groups react to N.Y. gay-marriage vote”

AP: “N.Y. legalizes gay marriage”

Terry Mattingly: New York’s dangerous churches: in schools

    Terry Mattingly at the Daily Review Atlas (6/23): “When worship services are performed in a place, the nature of the site changes,” wrote Judge Pierre N. Leval. “The site is no longer simply in a room in school being used temporarily for some activity. … The place has, at least for a time, become the church.” The implication is that a “mysterious transformation” literally takes place during these worship services, noted Jordan Lorence of the Alliance Defense Fund, a lawyer who has been involved in equal-access cases in New York City and elsewhere for a quarter of a century. “There isn’t some kind of architectural alchemy at work here that suddenly turns a school facility into a dangerous place,” he said. “Allowing unions to rent space in schools doesn’t turn them into union halls. Allowing Alcoholics Anonymous to use a school doesn’t turn it into the Betty Ford Clinic.”

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Alan E. Sears: Culture of death silences pro-lifers in N.Y

New York ‘gay marriage’ bill faces decision time

N.Y. marriage showdown likely on Wednesday

Alan E. Sears: Culture of death silences opposition in New York

NY State Senate Not Expected To Vote On Marriage Definition Today

A Hit for Churches Renting Public School Space?

Catholic Archbishop Dolan Calls NY Bill to redefine marriage an ‘ominous threat’

NY bill to redefine marriage snags on religion questions