New York student gets OK to start Christian club ‘Dare to Believe’ on campus after she was told it would be illegal

New York court to rehear law targeting pregnancy care centers

New York couple sues to recover fines imposed for not holding a same-sex wedding in their home

New York couple appeals $13k fine imposed for refusing to host same-sex wedding on their farm

Couple fined for refusing to host same-sex wedding on their farm

U.S. top court leaves intact New York City pregnancy center rule

Decision ups overhead for NYC pro-life pregnancy centers

ADF to continue fight for freedom of NYC pregnancy care centers

New York’s highest court unanimously rules in favor of incest ‘marriage’ between uncle and niece

NY State blesses ‘incest’ marriage between uncle, niece

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New York farm alleges bias

New York court to weigh legal rights of chimps

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After being fined for refusing to host same-sex weddings and making a stunning business decision, Christian farm owners are fighting back

ADF allied attorney files petition for NY farmer couple fined $13k for refusing to host same-sex wedding

Couple fights $13k fine for refusing to host same-sex wedding at home

Christian farmers fined $13K for refusing same-sex wedding ready for court battle

NY farmers to court: honor our religious freedom

Fined $13,000 by state, farmers are fighting back against ‘discrimination’ ruling

NYC school worship ban headed for high court?

Is the right to worship in NYC public schools headed to the Supreme Court?

Farmers to lesbian couple: ‘We’re not hateful people’

Supreme Court, don’t make churches homeless

In 20-year battle, church asks again for freedom to worship

ADF asks US Supreme Court to uphold freedom of churches to meet in NYC public schools

NY man charged with aiding ISIS, plotting to kill American soldiers

Suit alleges anti-Hasidic conspiracy by two municipalities

New York farmers stop hosting weddings after $13,000 fine for declining lesbian ceremony

Christian farm owners will no longer host wedding ceremonies after same-sex couple’s lawsuit

Farm owners fined for their faith

After being fined and forced to host same-sex weddings, Christian farm owners make drastic decision that ‘will likely hurt their business’

A big cash fine is intolerance in action

Cuomo: Outlaw gender identity discrimination

Government to farmers: Host same-sex wedding or pay a $13,000 fine

NY farm fined $13,000 for declining lesbian ‘wedding,’ ordered to prove staff training

NYC to Jewish schools: Get smaller Stars of David

District Court says Town of Greece decision does not cover invocations offered directly by county board members

Court unanimously rules against ailing atheists claiming 9/11 cross causes illness

Court rules in favor of 9/11 cross, against atheist lawsuit

After Town of Greece Supreme Court decision, school board mulling sectarian prayer policy

Interpretation of ruling on meeting prayer puts effects in question

Federal Judge: Forced removal of Christian materials from classroom was legal

Town of Greece decision may change how Supreme Court looks at First Amendment

Atheist to offer invocation in N.Y. town at the center of public prayer case

Pro-lifers defeat New York bill allowing shooting babies through the heart with poison to kill them

One more step to ensure free speech in NYC

Appeals court rules NYC anti-pregnancy center law largely unconstitutional

ADF asks US Supreme Court to review NYC’s anti-pregnancy care law

New York drops surgery rule for changing sex on birth certificate

City of Rochester will add transgender health care benefits for employees and families

Dangerous abortion-expansion legislation introduced into New York State Senate despite overwhelming public opposition

ADF to America: Public prayer is OK, secularist threats empty

After ruling, Dillsboro, North Carolina to open sessions with prayer

Brett Harvey op-ed at the National Law Journal

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Supreme Court upholds public prayer

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