NY: Slow start for same-sex vows

NY: State’s highest court upholds merger of two Bronx courts

NY to begin conducting same-sex civil ceremonies Thursday

Another lawsuit in battle between neighboring Hasidic synagogues

NY judge allows student to return to school, wear Rosary

Law Review: Alternatives for Adult Uses Required When Town is Sued

    Alternatives for Adult Uses Required When Town is Sued
    Anthony S. Guardino, 5/26/2010 N.Y.L.J. 5, (col. 2)

    “The particular issue in TJS was whether the constitutionality of a zoning ordinance should only be evaluated with regard to the ‘alternative avenues of communication‘ the ordinance left open at the time it was passed, or those it left open at the time it was challenged. In TJS, the Second Circuit held that the First Amendment required courts to consider the adequacy of alternative sites available when the ordinance was challenged. Although the ruling necessitates further proceedings in the district court in the TJS case, it also may signal the coming end of a more-than-15-year-battle over a topless bar in the Town of Smithtown on Long Island.” | TJS of New York, Inc. v. Town of Smithtown, No. 08-2789-cv (2nd Cir. March 10, 2010) [CDC Abstract]

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Equal Rights Amendment Rides Again

    NY Family Research Foundation: “In the early 1970’s, abortion-rights advocates urged passage of an amendment to the US Constitution known as the Equal Right Amendment (ERA). The amendment would have guaranteed equal rights under any federal, state, or local laws regardless of a person’s sex. In 1972, the ERA passed both houses of Congress, yet the ERA ultimately failed to obtain the ratification (approval) of 37 states that is necessary to amend the US Constitution before the June 30, 1982 deadline. Since the measure failed, most people thought this was the end of it, but it isn’t. On July 21, 2009, Representative Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) introduced the ERA in the House of Representatives. Additionally, some states continue to try to pass state-level equal rights amendments. New York is one of those states . . . ”

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NY: “Bathroom Bill” Empowers Predators

Jordan Sekulow: Protecting students’ rights to religious expression

NY Appellate Court finds board’s denial of special exception permit for church was arbitrary and capricious

New York OKs move to double number of charter schools

NY: The Coronation of King Cuomo in Cuomolot

The mosque at Ground Zero, a Muslim view: Planting a flag on an Islamic conquest

NYC bus ads target Muslims “leaving Islam”

    NBC New York: “An Upper West Side conservative blogger has placed ads on at least 30 city buses which read ‘Fatwa on your head? Is your community or family threatening you? Leaving Islam?’ Pamela Geller, who is also affiliated with ‘Stop the Islamization of America’ and the movement against the planned mosque two blocks from ground zero, paid several thousand dollars for the ads, which also include the URL for a website entitled ‘Refuge From Islam.’”

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Regulate them to death: Teacher unions call for more oversight in face of NY charter school expansion

New York’s Highest Court Recognizes A Lesbian Co-Parent’s Rights, But Affirms an Unpopular Precedent: Part Two in a Two-Part Series

ACLJ: Defending Student Suspended for Wearing Rosary

NY: ACLJ joins school rosary case

Landmark Status Could Stop Mosque Near Ground Zero

NY: “Andrew Cuomo’s marriage equality battle cry”

Judge Weinstein takes on child pornography laws

    New York Times: “In his 43-year career as a federal judge, Jack B. Weinstein has come to be identified by his efforts to combat what he calls ‘the unnecessary cruelty of the law.’ His most recent crusade is particularly striking because of the beneficiary: a man who has amassed a vast collection of child pornography . . . Judge Weinstein has gone to extraordinary lengths to challenge the strict punishments, issuing a series of rulings that directly attack the mandatory five-year prison sentence faced by defendants charged with receiving child pornography.”

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NY: Schenectady student defends ‘religious rights’

NY AG candidate pledges to sue D.C. over “marriage equality”

“Slang terms OK for body parts in sex ed: judge”

The Teachers’ Unions’ Last Stand

“New York City clerk’s offices will soon conduct civil ceremonies for gay couples”

NY City Council upholds landmark status of west side church

New York’s Highest Court Recognizes A Lesbian Co-Parent’s Rights, But Affirms an Unpopular Precedent: Part One in a Two-Part Series of Columns

    Findlaw: “While this ruling is ultimately supportive of lesbian co-parenting rights, it is narrowly drawn to recognize such rights only when the couple involved is part of a formal, recognized relationship such as a civil union or same-sex marriage. In so limiting the protection its ruling afforded, the court rejected an argument for broader recognition of so-called ‘functional parents’ – those who participate in crucial aspects of parenting without the benefit of a formal status vis-à-vis the child’s other parent or the child. Instead, the court reaffirmed its unpopular 1991 ruling in Matter of Alison D. v. Virginia M., in which it held that only a child’s biological or adoptive parent could seek visitation against the wishes of a fit custodial parent.”

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Transgenders win discrimination tiff with American Eagle Outfitters, AG Andrew Cuomo forces changes

    NY Daily News: “It just got a little easier for a transgender person to work at American Eagle Outfitters – at least on paper. Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has forced the flannel and khaki outpost to make some changes, including nixing a rule about employee ‘personal appearance’ that banned men from wearing women’s clothing and ladies from dressing as guys . . . ”

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Charter Schools’ New Cheerleaders: Financiers

“Disgust” at “Porn” Authority cop’s cushy deal

    New York Post: “A disgraced ex-Port Authority police lieutenant busted for theft and having porn on his computer has won an appeal that entitles him to a ‘posttraumatic stress’ disability pension likely worth $150,000 a year — tax-free, sources said. ‘This is disgusting,’ said one outraged PA anti-corruption investigator of the sweet deal secured by former PAPD Lt. William Burns that allows him not only to dodge jail but also obtain a lucrative pension.”

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Ross Douthat: Red family, Blue family and Abortion

English language learners represent 25% of school age children in the U.S., but are underrepresented in NYC charter schools

    By: Jack Buckley & Carolyn Sattin-Bajaj
    Occasional Paper No. 188
    Columbia U. – National Center for the Study of Privatization in Education

    English language learners (ELLs) comprise approximately 25% of school-aged children in the U.S., a proportion that is rapidly growing. On average, students classified as ELL score far below their English-speaking peers on standardized tests in English language arts and mathematics and graduate high school at much lower rates. In New York City, for example, only 5.2% of eighth grade English language learners performed at the level of proficiency in English language arts. In an age of sanctions and accountability, this statistic is staggering. Because these students are often seen as “harder to teach,” schools that are able to select their students may have incentives to enroll fewer who perform poorly on standardized tests and cost more to educate . . .

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Hospital apologizes to nurses who refused to assist in abortion

Mosque going up in NYC building damaged on 9/11

Chuck Colson: Punishing religious beliefs

New York gives same-sex partners parental rights

N.Y. High Court Ruling Affirms Narrow Reading of ‘Parent’ in Same-Sex Case

NY Appeals Court: ex lesbian partner can seek visitation despite biological parent’s wishes

A tale of nine nurses: Punishing religious beliefs

NY nurse forced to help with abortion files another suit against hospital

New York proposes “presumed consent” organ harvesting law

NY nurse forced to participate in abortion files additional suit against Mt. Sinai Hospital

NY: Hospital apologizes to nurses over abortion decision

NY: Two Convicted of Denying Access to Abortion Clinic

Pole dancing is not art, N.Y. tax appeals panel rules

NY: Long Island hospital issues abortion apology to nurses

NY: Thousands Protest Obama’s Stance On Israel

“Bloomberg calls for pro-choice court nominee”

NY: Planned Parenthood says abortion law needs to be updated

NY not keeping pace with demand for charter schools – 43,000 on wait list

NY: “Anti-abortion group to resume picketing home”

NY: Albany council prayer proposal panned

NYC Wins a Round in Continuing Battle Against Businesses That Sell Sexually-Oriented Matter

    Leonard Link: “A new chapter has been written in the long-running saga of the battle between New York City and proprietors of establishments that sell sexually-related materials, as New York County Supreme Court Justice Lewis York ruled on March 29 that the City had met its “light burden” of showing that the bookstores and video stores operated by the plaintiffs are “adult establishments” subject to a 1995 amendment to the City’s Zoning Resolution (as amended in 2001) sharply restricting the location of such establishments, even though the owners had taken steps to alter their establishments in an attempt to continue operating in their existing locations. For the People Theatres of NY, Inc. v. City of New York, 2010 N.Y. Slip Op. 20108 (Sup.Ct., N.Y. Co., March 29, 2010) . . . ”

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Ad Exec’s Promises to Support Longtime Girlfriend Ruled Not Binding

    NY Law Journal (Law.com): A prominent advertising executive’s alleged promises to support his longtime girlfriend if they broke up are unenforceable because the couple never married, a Manhattan judge has ruled . . . “Indeed, even if [the defendant] had made an explicit promise that, upon separation, [the plaintiff] would be entitled to ‘equitable distribution’ of their assets, it would be unenforceable, as it would be contrary to the long-standing law and policy in New York that unmarried partners are not entitled to the same property and financial rights upon termination of the relationship as married people,” Justice Gesmer wrote in Ericson v. Baron, 350065/09.

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NY governor asks unions to forego pay rise during crisis

Alan Sears: Elmira Man Arrested for Standing – and Lying Down – for the Truth

Live Action pleased with school’s change of heart

N.Y. School District Settles With Justice Dept. On “Gay” Student’s Suit

NY: Brooklyn artists attempt to stop sale of church

Judge Voids City School Closings

NY man arrested, jailed for praying

NY: Two area strip clubs lose liquor licenses for prostitution, drug dealing

NY student allowed to share pro-life views

Live Action responds to community college’s censorship of its pro-life magazine

Community college student in New York wins victory for free speech

NY Christian suddenly arrested, jailed in park prayer case

NY Christian suddenly arrested, jailed in park prayer case

NY: Kingsborough Community College flips, backs pro-life free speech

NY: Strip club owner pleads guilty to running prostitution ring

NY college reverses course, allows free speech

NY: Court says state can annul same-sex “marriages” from other states

Bricks Shatter Glass at NY Democratic Offices