The Manhattan Declaration Challenges and Rallies Us | Archdiocese of NY

    Ed Mechmann at the Archdiocese of NY: The Manhattan Declaration is the ecumenical statement of conscience by Christian leaders, dedicating themselves to defending life, marriage, and religious liberty . . .  This event at Columbia was co-sponsored by the Archdiocese, Alliance Defending Freedom (who have been heroic leaders in their defense of the Declaration’s core principles), the New York State Knights of Columbus, and DeSales Media from our neighboring Diocese of Brooklyn (who livestreamed the event over the internet). The event was a landmark, because it represented not only a return of the Declaration to the borough where it was signed, but because of the power of the presentations and the uplifting spirit that they gave the audience. The speakers were a powerhouse lineup of experts and activists . . .

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“Lambda Legal Clients and Indian River Central School District Settle Antigay Harassment Lawsuit”

    Lambda Legal: Today, Lambda Legal and the Indian River Central School District announced the settlement of a lawsuit filed on behalf of Charles Pratt and his younger sister, Ashley Petranchuk. In their agreement, Lambda Legal’s clients and the District have achieved a resolution that involves, among other things, the District hiring a consultant to advise and make recommendations concerning the District’s anti-harassment training and policies.

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Evansville Crosses, Freedom to pray and the Supreme Court | David Cortman and Chris Wischer on The World and Everything In It

“U.S. backs government prayer” | Lyle Denniston at SCOTUS Blog

Inhofe backs prayer measure

ERLC defends sectarian public prayers

Texas Attorney General Abbott leads multi-state effort to protect the right of governmental bodies to begin meetings with prayer

Chaplain Alliance files brief with U.S. Supreme Court in support of chaplains’ right to pray

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Planned Parenthood closes New York facility

Indiana joins fight in support of legislative prayers

NY: Conservatives question abortion group’s disclosure exemption

Liberty Counsel Defends Religious Liberty in Supreme Court Amicus Brief

‘Let Us Pray’ Before Town Council Becomes High Court Case

‘Let Us Pray’ Before Town Council Becomes High Court Case | Bloomberg BusinessWeek

“New York giving surviving gay spouses estate tax refunds”

    MSNBC: The woman who brought down the Defense of Marriage Act will soon get back thousands of dollars her same-sex marriage cost her. Following Edie Windsor’s Supreme Court victory last month challenging DOMA, which denied federal recognition to same-sex couples, Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday announced New York would refund estate taxes paid by surviving spouses of same-sex marriages . . . Cuomo called the compensation “one more step toward justice” in a press release.

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“NY official pushes Feds to recognize gay marriages” in all states

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