NY: “Catholic-school teacher was branded ‘worse than gay’ for being transgender: suit” | NY Post

Noted Theologians Unite to Oppose Government-Imposed Religious “Neutrality” in Prayer

U.S. Courthouse Renovation Completed After 6 Years, $314M

Gov’t Agrees Priests for Life Qualifies For Contraception Mandate Safe-Harbor

Church Deacon Among Others Charged In Asylum Fraud Schemes

N.Y. Federal Court Hearing Today in Priests for Life’s Legal Challenge to HHS “Contraception” Mandate

NYS Attorney General expands buffer zone against protestors at Utica Planned Parenthood

Costly Toll for NY Republicans Who Voted to Redefine Marriage

Study Shows Soaring STD Rates In Many Areas Of New York City

Will court override ‘Choose Life’ license plate? | Alliance Defending Freedom

US Supreme Court asked to weigh in on strange ruling against NY town’s prayer policy | Alliance Defending Freedom

Senate panel advances lesbian judicial nominee for the E.D.N.Y.

Put ‘Choose Life’ Plates on Road | Catholic New York

Contraceptive Coverage Challenge By NY Archdiocese Survives Standing and Ripeness Challenge

Time Off for Religious Holidays: Learn From UPS’ Alleged Mistake

Swartzentruber Amish Moving From PA To Upstate New York to Escape Regulations

Appeals court hears arguments over worship in NY public schools | Reuters

ADF Offering ‘fresh Look’ In NYC Church Case | One News Now

NYC churches helping Sandy victims still face eviction | Alliance Defending Freedom

N.Y. Court Denies Parents’ Request to Change Last Name of Children

“Former Gov. George Pataki Slams Rabbi’s Comments That Superstorm Sandy Destruction Tied To Gay Marriage Vote”

    NY Daily News: Former Gov. George Paaki ripped an upstate rabbi for making “offensive and disgraceful” comments that described Hurricane Sandy as divine payback for New York legalizing gay marriage. Pataki called on fellow Republican Neil DiCarlo — who is running on the Conservative Party line for a state Senate seat from the Hudson Valley — to denounce the remarks of Rabbi Noson Leiter. DiCarlo opposes gay marriage, and the orthodox rabbi made the statements in support of his third-party candidacy.

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Bloomberg issues surprise endorsement of Obama

At D.C. Pro Bono Celebration, New York Judge Defends Bar Admission Rule

Pro Lifers object to Kingston Hospital closing

Court Enters Stipulated Stay of Enforcement In NYC Circumcision Regulation

New York’s Highest Court Rejects Same-Sex Marriage Appeal

Bible Club’s Equal Protection Claim Dismissed For Lack of Standing

Obama DOJ Decides Not To Support Religious Liberty in NYC

Complaint: NY Wedding Site Banned Same-sex Couple

NY Top Court Says Lap Dance Isn’t Art, Is Taxable

2nd Circuit Upholds Denial of Vaccination Exemption

Court Rejects Name Change To “ChristIsKing”

Suit Filed Challenging NYC Informed Consent Requirements For Certain Ritual Circumcisions

American Court Enforces United Arab Emirates Divorce and Child Custody Despite Sex Discrimination?

The New York Marriage Equality Act and the Strength of Its Religious Exceptions | Andrew R. Hamilton at St. John’s L.R.

Jehovah’s Witness Sues Low-Income Housing Project For Discrimination

NY: Sunset Park abortion clinic “shut down after Catholic protesters drove away doctors and patients”

NY Organ Donor Network pressured hospital staffers to declare patients brain dead to harvest body parts

NY: “Results for G.O.P. Backers of Gay Marriage: Two Victories and, It Appears, a Loss”

2nd Circuit Rules In Favor Of Church In Land Use Dispute

Religious Freedom Forum in NY Commits to Protecting Marriage, Life

Catholics must take action to protect religious liberty, speakers urge

NY unveils new pro bono requirement for lawyers

Judge rules in favor of Support Israel, Defeat Jihad ad in NY subway tunnels

Court Takes Close Look At Pregnancy Center Regulations

“NY voters’ gay marriage reaction a caution for GOP”

The Silent Battle Against Religious Freedom – Equal Access & Zoning!

Proponents of homosexuality laud primary victories in NH, DE, RI, NY

NY Primary Results Close for 2 G.O.P. Legislators Who Voted to Redefine Marriage

ADF: New York City tries to deny pro-life choices

NYC: Panel Unanimously Decides to Regulate a Circumcision Ritual

Marriage Vote Rises as Test in Upstate NY G.O.P. Race

Atheist group fighting to keep religious symbol out of future September 11 museum

NY Court To Decide If Lap Dance Is Tax-exempt Art

AU tells 2nd Circuit student has no right to pray at graduation ceremony

Ultra-Orthodox Rabbis Say They Will Not Comply With NYC Circumcision Informed Consent Rule If It Is Adopted

Mandelbaum Challenges Father’s Will Ordering Him To Marry Child’s Mom For Inheritance

Hollywood fundraiser in New York to promote marriage redefinition in Maryland

Conservative law firm fights atheists’ suit over cross at 9/11 museum

Lack of Court and NY AG’s Approval Invalidates Church’s Property Transfer

NYC: Bacon left in park for Muslim prayers labelled ‘hate crime’

Dems, Media call for anti-second amendment gun control legislation

NYC Informed Consent Proposal To Controversial Circumcision Procedure Draws Opposition

NY: Shenendehowa school district rejects atheist threat over two songs

“Campus group survives controversy over ‘gay’ officer”

NYC vs. Jefferson: unfair worship ban | Jordan Lorence

NY: Pagan Group’s Property Not Entitled To Tax Exemption

NY: Lawsuit Challenges Proposed Eruv As Establishment Clause Violation

FFRF demands NY school remove “prayerful” songs

    FFRF press release: The Freedom From Religion Foundation has sent multiple letters to Shenendehowa Central Schools (Clifton Park, N.Y.) urging it to follow court precedent and personal conscience by removing prayerful songs from its music classes . . . A concerned parent told FFRF that the complainant’s child came home singing the prayer, “Thank You For the World So Sweet,” which includes the line, “I pray the Lord my soul to keep,” and ends with “Thank you God for everything.” The class was taught to sing “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep,” and other devotional Christian songs.

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