Abortion news North Carolina: US Supreme Court refuses to review ‘unconstitutional’ ultrasound law

Review of North Carolina abortion ultrasound law rejected by US Supreme Court

Supreme Court lets stand ruling that struck down N.C. abortion law

US Supreme Court keeps hands off North Carolina’s ‘unconstitutional’ ultrasound law on abortion

U.S. Supreme Court lets stand ruling declaring NC ultrasound law a ‘free speech violation’

Planned Parenthood really doesn’t want women to make informed decisions

Supreme Court lets stand ruling that struck down N.C. abortion law

Supreme Court rejects North Carolina law that would require ultrasounds

U.S. top court rejects North Carolina abortion ultrasound law

N.C. abortion-ultrasound law dead as Supreme Court denies review

Supreme Court prevents women in North Carolina from seeing ultrasound before abortion

Supreme Court allows ruling against common-sense NC ultrasound law to stand

Supreme Court won’t review North Carolina ultrasound law

Hey New York Times: Is North Carolina law really about ‘curtailing same-sex unions,’ or is religious freedom the issue?

North Carolina okays opt-out for officials who oppose same-sex marriage

N.C. legislature overrides veto, allows government employees to not do gay marriages

North Carolina Gov. McCrory signs bill to increase waiting period for abortion from 24 hours to 72 hours

On the verge: NC’s abortion waiting-period law

North Carolina passes pro-life bill for 72-hour abortion waiting period

North Carolina Senate overrides Governor’s veto of same-sex wedding judicial opt-out bill

North Carolina governor to veto opt-out bill for officials opposing gay marriage

McCrory vetoes same-sex marriage opt out for magistrates

Why RFRA? Because all Americans have rights of conscience

Public library faces lawsuit after denying access for religious meeting

Is RFRA dead in N.C.?

NC allies of religious act press on

Grassroots movement for NC religious freedom grows

North Carolina churches vandalised

North Carolina House passes 72-hour waiting period for abortions

Why every state needs a Religious Freedom Restoration Act

“Protect Religious Freedom,” a Letter to the Editor

Anti-RFRA CEOs can’t be believed

Former North Carolina magistrates sue over same-sex marriages

North Carolina counties add ‘In God We Trust’ national motto to public buildings

Three reasons why North Carolina needs a religious freedom law

North Carolina’s religious freedom bill hardly radical

Justices struggle with free speech case over license plates

A First Amendment SCOTUS case could bring much-needed clarification as to what constitutes ‘Government Speech’

Advocates seek to remove antiquated religious test laws

NC Senate bill would make childhood vaccinations mandatory

Magistrates to opt out of same-sex marriage ceremonies in NC

It’s wake up time, city of Charlotte

Charlotte considers allowing men who identify as women to have ‘restroom choice’

Forsyth County commissioners may soon consider invocation policy

NC judges could decline to officiate same-sex marriage ceremonies under proposed legislation

U.S. court overturns ultrasound abortion law

Cross removed after secular complaint

Duke vs. Franklin Graham: Which Christian spaces are off-limits to Muslim worship?

Duke University moves Muslim chant, call to prayer outside following outcry

North Carolina residents peacefully rally over removal of ‘religious’ veterans memorial

NC City forced to remove ‘Christian’ praying soldier veterans’ memorial; unable to pay $2 million to battle secular group

America awaits justices’ action on same-sex marriage

Atheists seek to end ban on secularists holding public office in seven states

Attorney General will appeal ruling saying women can’t see ultrasound of baby before abortion

Roy Cooper will ask high court to hear ultrasound case

4th Circuit upholds ruling against common-sense NC ultrasound law

New same-sex marriage case on way to the Court

Supreme Court to decide on ‘Confederate’ license plates

Religious freedom upheld in two recent court cases

North Carolina: Forsyth County can resume prayers after Supreme Court ruling

North Carolina chose life: Will the Supreme Court choose to hear them?

Prayer policy in Forsyth County to be decided by new board

Federal judge rules prayer OK before Forsyth County commissioner meetings

Freedom to pray restored in NC county

More magistrates quit over same-sex marriage issue than previous reported

Same-sex couple files complaint against minister for not marrying them

Supreme Court to decide if drivers can purchase ‘Choose Life’ license plates

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