WNC magistrate resigns, objects to same-sex marriage

ADF offers guidance to NC, Ariz., Idaho, Nev. officials responsible for issuing marriage licenses

Judge resigns so he won’t have to marry same-sex couples

Officials to issue marriage licenses regardless of beliefs

North Carolina county magistrate resigns out of refusal to perform same-sex marriages

NC school officials not releasing kindergartner unconstitutional

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College orders student to ‘dumb down’ religious show

Keep God in the public square – US Supreme Court Justice

College won’t perform Christian play unless it’s dumbed down, says student

College orders student to ‘dumb down’ religious show

Drama students prohibited from performing because of ‘offensive’ Christian message

Civil Rights Group: CFCC drama club denies student production due to Christian message

Rape and incest OK in drama productions, Christianity is not for community college

‘Dumb down’ drama’s ‘offensive religious message’ or else, says college adviser

NC college tries to ‘dumb down’ drama production due to ‘offensive’ religious message

To speak the truth

David French slays Goliath

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Pride and Perjury

Putting it in writing

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North Carolina AG’s surrender on marriage nothing to applaud

North Carolina Attorney General ends fight to defend state’s marriage amendment

Professor receives justice after years of battling discrimination

Ralph Reed says North Carolina’s Attorney General is standing against 61 percent of voters who support marriage law

Video: Attorney general won’t defend N.C. marriage law

NC attorney general won’t defend marriage law

Appeals court says Texas DMV violated First Amendment

Courts rule on vanity plates in TX, NC

North Carolina asks Supreme Court to allow sale of Choose Life license plates

Conservative UNC prof wins promotion, back pay in academic-freedom fight

A conservative professor’s long quest for justice ends in victory

It’s over: University settles First Amendment lawsuit with professor after seven years

Conservative professor granted promotion after seven-year battle

A conservative professor’s long quest for justice ends in victory

North Carolina lawmakers stand by ‘Choose Life’ plates

North Carolina legislative leaders ask Supreme Court review decision barring production of “Choose Life” license plates

Final Victory: UNCW won’t appeal ruling in favor of professor denied promotion for his views

Supreme Court petitioned to affirm state’s rights to issue ‘Choose Life’ license plates

NC asks US Supreme Court to affirm right to issue ‘Choose Life’ license plates

Asheville, North Carolina abortion clinic closes down for good

After denying promotion to conservative prof, UNC must pay his $700k legal tab

Forsyth County asks court to drop ban on sectarian prayers

University must pay $700,000 legal bill for retaliating against Christian prof

UNCW criminology professor wins case, UNCW to pay $700,000+ in legal fees

Judge rules UNCW must pay professor $700,000 for legal fees

University sticks taxpayers with $700,000 bill for retaliating against conservative professor

Biblical viewpoint grounds for discrimination? UNCW thinks so

Judge reprimanded by N.C. Court of Appeals for referencing Bible during sentencing

North Carolina House passes bill protecting students’ rights to religious expression

NC School district condemns Christian prayers at veteran event as violation of policy