Pro-life students in Fargo win their battle for recognized pro-life clubs

Three reasons SOGI laws are being defeated

Students fight North Dakota schools for right to start pro-life clubs

Thomas More Society wins defense of pro-life advocate’s free speech rights

Activists fight discrimination based on sexual orientation

ND bill would bar discrimination based on sexual orientation

Pro-life students from North Dakota will lead half a million people at the March for Life

Kelly Clarkson’s new song featuring her baby’s prenatal heartbeat debuts as heartbeat cases are heard in court

Appeals court hears Arkansas, North Dakota abortion cases

North Dakota Supreme Court upholds abortion restrictions

North Dakota Supreme Court upholds abortion restrictions – a welcome win, despite ‘splintered’ opinions

North Dakota bans use of drug in abortions

ND voters to decide on new ‘Right to Life’ measure

N.D. Supreme Court reverses ruling that blocked medication abortion law

Planned Parenthood abortion biz lies to North Dakota voters about Measure 1

Opposition group turns to stealth and sexism to oppose shared parenting in North Dakota

North Dakota judge strikes down state’s pro-life laws

Pro-life amendments considered in TN, ND

Lawsuit challenges North Dakota same-sex marriage legislation

Federal judge nullifies North Dakota “fetal heartbeat” law

North Dakota abortion docs get hospital access

ND: Abortion clinic nears settlement with state over abortion law

North Dakota “admitting privileges” abortion law trial off as case settled

SD: Brookings County clarifies policy on same-sex “marriage” benefits

State victories create dilemma for pro-lifers

North Dakota Government Tells Court: “There is No Right to Abortion”

Abortion Numbers Drop At N. Dakota’s Lone Clinic

AG: ND can issue marriage license to man already in out-of-state same sex “marriage”

Grandparent visitation case appealed to ND Supreme Court

Thomas More Society Argues In The North Dakota Supreme Court For The Catholic Conference: No State Constitutional Right To Abortion

Judge Dismisses Part of N. Dakota Abortion Lawsuit

ND grandparents sue to visit their grandchildren

“Pro-Choice Group: ‘Abortion Providers Are Heroes’”

North Dakota bishops decry judge’s abortion ruling

Judge temporarily blocks North Dakota’s six-week abortion ban, calling it ‘clearly unconstitutional’

ND Judge: 2011 Abortion Law Unconstitutional

Center for Reproductive Rights sues in North Dakota to block law prohibiting sex selection abortions

Petitions On ND Abortion Laws Short On Signatures

N.D judge allows new complaint to abortion lawsuit

School official thankful for ADF’s legal advice | One News Now

Abortionists challenge to Arkansas abortion law allowed to proceed

Center for Reproductive Rights Challenges North Dakota Law Aimed at Closing State’s Only Abortion Clinic

North Dakota School Allows Pro-Life Poster After Initial Censorship | Life News

Student’s pro-life poster returns to walls of ND school | Alliance Defending Freedom

Judge says he’ll rule 2011 N.D. abortion law unconstitutional

Abortion using fetal heart rates

North Dakota Governor Signs ‘fetal Pain’ Measure

‘Fetal Pain’ Measure Sent To ND Governor’s Desk

North Dakota abortion clinic vows fight against tough new state laws

Rivals Prepare For Legal Battle Over Abortion Bans

North Dakota Gov Faces Death Threats After Signing Abortion Ban

Abortion Opponents Gear Up For More Battles

North Dakota Governor Signs Bill Banning Most Abortions

Rallies Held To Protest ND Anti-abortion Measures

North Dakota passes first-ever personhood amendment

North Dakota to End Abortions That Stop a Beating Heart | Steve Aden at Townhall

ND: Abortion Bills Passed

North Dakota Senate OKs Pro-Life Bill Banning Most Abortions

ND Bills Could Make Abortion Rules Strictest In Us

ND: Packed room for abortion bill testimony

Legislature to review North Dakota abortion measures

North Dakota Senate OKs Ban on Abortions After 20 Weeks

ND: Committee hears anti-discrimination bill

North Dakota Passes Personhood Legislation in the House

ND senate OKs bill regulating abortion providers

North Dakota Legislature: LGBT discrimination bill gets another look |

ND: Bill to prevent discrimination based on sexual orientation

    Bismark Tribune: Tom Freier, executive director of the North Dakota Family Alliance, said state law already has adequate provisions for the GLBT community. “It does create a protected class,” Freier said. “We believe equal protections certainly do exist.” Lawyer Kellie Fiedorek, with Alliance Defending Freedom, said SB2252 pits the GLBT community and its lobby on the federal level against those operating their businesses in a way that mirrors their religious beliefs. “This isn’t discrimination. This is religious intolerance,” Fiedorek said. Fiedorek cited the example of a Colorado bakery last year that was subject to a discrimination suit after refusing to make a wedding cake for a gay couple. She said legislation such as SB2252 could work to force people of faith out of the marketplace. “They should not have to choose between their conscience and their livelihood,” Fiedorek said. | Also Grand Forks Herald | Jamestown Sun

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ND lawmakers mull heartbeat abortion bill

ND: New Legislation Would Add Sexual Orientation to List of Illegal Discriminatory Practices

ND GOP leader rethinking options on health care law, says state administration possible

North Dakota paper reverses ban on same-sex wedding ads