Ohio files motion to close last Toledo abortion clinic for breaking state law

Down Syndrome Abortion Ban voted out of committee with bipartisan support

Ohio Committee passes bill to make it the second state to ban abortions based on Down syndrome

NARAL: Eugenics OK if it’s “choice”

Both sides confident of win in Tree of Life appeal

Sixth Circuit hears Tree of Life appeal

ADF to 6th Circuit: Ohio city’s zoning code should not punish Christian school

Ohio insists it can censor pro-life campaign ads

Ohio bill would ban abortion based on a fetal down syndrome diagnosis

Appeals court to hear Tree of Life arguments

6th Circuit rejects Good News Club’s fee waiver claim

Same-sex couple accuses wedding videographer of discrimination

Same-sex couple accuses wedding videographer of discrimination

Lawsuit against national pro-life group dies at the Sixth Circuit Court

States aim to restrict medically induced abortions

Judge throws out Ohio Rep Steve Driehaus defamation appeals against pro-life group

Court rules for pro-life group’s free speech rights against pro-abortion Congressman

Appeals court rejects former congressman’s lawsuit against pro-life group

Lawsuit: LA Fitness prohibited Muslim from praying in locker room

Court rejects discrimination lawsuit that claimed Social Security number is ‘mark of the beast’

Students, FIRE go four-for-four as Ohio U. settles speech code lawsuit

Federal appeals court says potential employee cannot claim religious exception to providing Social Security number

Pain-capable abortion ban to be introduced in Ohio

Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan changes abortion stance

Ohio Supreme Court chief justice to support pro bono work

Alliance Defending Freedom targets atheist attach on Ohio schools as discrimination

School district gets ‘attaboy’ for smacking down atheist activist group

Schools ban student prayer group and Christian-led anti-bullying program

Ohio school district stands up to atheist group’s unfounded threats

Key abortion lawsuit judge recuses himself

Judge to hear abortion law case was once Planned Parenthood’s lawyer

No Constitutional right to same-sex marriage, Circuit court rules

Judge who decides if Planned Parenthood abortion biz must close is former board member

Court upholds four marriage laws; will Supreme Court review?

Sixth Circuit decision to uphold marriage part of tend, conservatives say

Court upholds marriage in four states

Chaplains to Air Force: Do not deny religious freedom to servicemen and women

Jesus painting, removed from school, now on lit sign

Feds ask full Sixth Circuit to review Amish beard-cutting case

Same-sex marriage obstacles fall in conservative states

Lack of discipline against homosexuality prompts Mennonite USA church to leave denomination

Ohio abortions hit new historic low, state report shows 9% drop

Ohio superintendent halts principal/teacher prayer chain for sick and abused

Late-term abortion clinic will no longer do surgical abortions

Ohio diocese discourages ALS ice bucket challenge

After 30 years late-term abortion clinic stops surgical abortions killing babies

Closed for good? Ohio judge orders notorious abortionist to shutter facility

Judge orders late-term abortionist Martin Haskell to close his clinic

Abortion clinic files appeal of closure order

One court, three judges and four states with same-sex marriage cases

Ohio Health Department cracks down on abortion clinics, Planned Parenthood for abuses

Appeals panel hearing arguments in 6 same-sex marriage cases from 4 states

Same-sex marriage in Ohio on federal appeals court docket this week

Gacek: No fundamental right to same-sex marriage

Two Ohio abortion businesses ordered to close as three more facilities shut down

Planned Parenthood fined $25,000 for health and safety violations

District Attorney refuses to investigate clinic that killed woman in botched 19-week abortion

Ohio legislature mulling bill to allow atheists to solemnize marriages

Abortion baker who assaulted pro-lifers: “I had the right to attack them”

Judge closes abortion clinic of doctor who “invented” partial-birth abortions

Autopsy report shows abortion clinic’s negligence killed woman in late-term abortion

Judge upholds Ohio’s decision ordering Martin Haskell’s late-term abortion biz closed

Four-way hearing on same-sex marriage

Ohio city passes law to stop Stand True from chalking pro-life messages during Strawberry Festival

City passes law to deny pro-life group’s free speech during local festival

Medical Examiner confirms woman died from botched abortion at Cleveland abortion clinic

Judge orders treatment for transgender prison inmate

Hearing continues for Ohio transgender inmate case

Upper Arlington can block Christian schools from site, judge rules

Ohio’s marriage amendment under attack

On pro-life case involving Obamcare abortion funding, Supreme Court has free speech concerns | Christian Post