Personhood USA to Appeal Oklahoma Supreme Court Decision to US Supreme Court

Oklahoma Supreme Court rules ‘personhood’ amendment is unconstitutional

Oklahoma: Pro-Life group vows personhood fight

State roundup: pro-life bills move forward in Tennessee, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Iowa

Personhood USA: Oklahoma Personhood Act Still Alive — Speaker Steele Called Upon to Answer Tough Questions

    Personhood USA at the Christian Newswire: “We are not surprised that there are a few Republicans such as Representative Doug Cox and House Speaker Steele, who wish to suppress life-affirming and pro-family legislation such as the Personhood Act,” commented Keith Mason, Personhood USA President. “However, it is surprising that these Republicans can be allowed to do everything in their power to kill a bill and then blame the entire Republican caucus. It is not too late – truly pro-life Oklahoma Representatives can still call for a vote and pass SB 1433.”

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Oklahoma “personhood” bill fails in House

Oklahoma, weighing “personhood” law, may be next abortion flashpoint

Equal access for Christian club | One News Now

Settlement reached in lawsuit against Owasso Public Schools

Owasso Christian club drops suit | Tulsa World

Oklahoma Atty General to Appeal Ultrasound-Abortion Ruling

Okla. AG revises ‘personhood’ petition wording

Oklahoma Judge Strikes Down Abortion-Ultrasound Law

Rick Santorum signs Oklahoma Personhood Amendment petition

Oklahoma: Abortion bills attract attention on campus

Abortion foe polls 18% against Obama in Oklahoma

Pro-life physicians, Christian leaders tout importance of Okla. personhood bill

Abortion providers would make fetal heartbeat audible under Senate measure in Oklahoma

Non-Catholic Christian groups, state governments sue over Obama birth control mandate | Daily Caller

“Al McAffrey, Oklahoma State Representative, Becomes State’s First Openly Gay Senator”

Oklahoma Senate approves, “personhood” bill advances to House

Reinstating DADT in Oklahoma National Guard ‘not an easy subject’

Oklahoma Bill Would Ban Aborted Fetuses in Food

Expert Says Beheadings in U.S. Look Like Work of Cartels

10th Circuit upholds stay of Oklahoma ban on Islamic law

Injunction request filed in Bible club suit | Tulsa World

Ohio federal magistrate has a shot at 10th Circuit appeals court position, sources say

Court Rebuffs New Claims By Officer Disciplined For Refusing To Attend Event At Mosque

Pastor, church in Oklahoma threatened with death, destruction for standing against homosexuality

Threats target church after stand for Bible | WorldNetDaily

Oklahoma City Council passes sexual orientation discrimination measure

Oklahoma: Lawmakers study repeal of state ‘no-fault’ divorce laws

Lawmakers study repeal of state ‘no-fault’ divorce laws | Tulsa Beacon

Oklahoma Bible Study Group Sues for Alleged Civil Rights Violations

Dismissed Teacher Loses Claims Against Catholic School

Christian Kids’ Club Sues Okla. School District

Matt Sharp: “Burritos OK, Bible not, in Oklahoma school district”

Before-school Bible study group sues Owasso Public Schools for alleged civil rights violations

Youth Bible Study Group Sues School District | CBN

Owasso schools sued by Kids for Christ | Tulsa Beacon

Battling (still) for equal access on campus

Owasso Kids For Christ Sues Owasso Public Schools, Claiming Censorship And Discrimination

Religion News in Brief | The Washington Post (AP)

Owasso schools sued over religious issue-interview with plaintiff

Owasso district sued by before-school Bible club | Tulsa World

Faith club sues Owasso School District for right to promote activities |

Christian group sues Owasso School District | FOX23 News

Okla. Christian Group Sues School District for Censorship | Christian Post

Club Sues Owasso Schools

Suit Challenges Ban On Distribution of Religious Literature In Schools

Christian club sues US school district authorities over media restriction

Christian Club Sues School Over Media Restriction | Fox News

ADF: Okla. school district silences ‘Kids for Christ’ club, tells it to be quiet in the media

Okla. judge blocks abortion law from taking effect

Oklahoma: Abortion drug law challenged

OK: Lawmakers discuss fair punishment for sexting teens

Okla. Governor appoints “outspoken homosexual” to state election bard

OK: Suit Seeks Religious Exemption From Drivers License Biometric Photo

NY Times: “Marine Recruiters Visit Gay Center in Oklahoma”

Judges asks why Oklahoma’s law on Sharia applies to only one religion

Sen. Tom Coburn blocked attempt to fill federal appeals court vacancy, Oklahoma attorneys say

10th Circuit Rejects Challenge To Polygamy Ban As Frivolous

Okla. anti-Shariah amendment heads to appeals court

Oklahoma School Districts Sue To Challenge Voucher Program

OK: Marriage is not a game of perfect

Inhofe lays long list of nation’s ills at Obama’s feet

OK: Court blocks harassment of pro-lifers

Oklahoma: Prayers at council meetings challenged