Ken Klukowski: Federal regulators wage war on Christmas

ADF defends Christianity, Christmas against atheist groups

FFRF objects to sectarian prayers in Tulsa

Federal Reserve Board backs off policy of barring religious displays in bank

Feds force Okla. bank to remove crosses, Bible verse

    KOCO: “A small-town bank in Oklahoma said the Federal Reserve won’t let it keep religious signs and symbols on display . . . The examiners came to Perkins last week. And the team from Kansas City deemed a Bible verse of the day, crosses on the teller’s counter and buttons that say ‘Merry Christmas, God With Us.’ were inappropriate. The Bible verse of the day on the bank’s Internet site also had to be taken down.”

    Eugene Volokh comments here.

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Oklahoma’s top lawyer at center of fight over sharia

Vote to reject Tulsa “Holiday” parade application may be postponed

Sen. Inhofe won’t attend Tulsa parade over removal of “Christian” title

Judge issues injunction against Okla. sharia amendment

Order blocking Okla. Islamic law measure extended

Okla. sharia law dispute goes to court

The OK referendum prohibiting state courts from applying international or sharia law

Lawsuit filed over Okla. English-only state law

OK: Judge details rationale for halting anti-Sharia law measure

Ed Whelan on the TRO barring Oklahoma’s sharia law amendment

Leader says Oklahoma’s Muslim community is feeling backlash from Sharia law amendment

Federal court blocks voter approved Oklahoma constitutional amendment

Okla. Islamic law ban could block Ten Commandments, too

Muslim’s lawsuit says Okla. amendment violates Constitution

Lawsuit to be filed against Okla. sharia law state question

Oklahoma voters approve ban on courts using sharia, international law

State question seeks to ban Sharia law in Oklahoma

NYT: “A few transgender candidates seem in line for victories”

Oklahoma public school opens doors to Christian evangelicals

OK: Abortion Center Director Guilty of False Bomb Threat Report, Used Egg Timer

National organization calls for investigation into Edmond church

IRS asked to investigate pastor’s pulpit endorsement

Erik Stanley: “Separation of Church and State” group wants state-controlled churches

OK: Norman City Council approves October as LGBT Month

Tulsa couple wins fight over religious mobile home signage

IRS should investigate Okla. church that endorsed candidate, says Americans United

Tulsa Public Schools adds sexual orientation to nondiscrimination policy

Tulsa, OK: Atheist billboard gets opposition

Transgender candidate runs in Oklahoma

Atheist billboard provokes Oklahoman Christians

Okla. Ten Commandments display could carve new church-state path

    Baptist Press: “Seven years after Alabama removed a Ten Commandments monument from a government building under federal court-order, the state of Oklahoma is preparing to erect its own Ten Commandments monument on capitol grounds, and supporters say they have the backing of recent Supreme Court precedent . . . The monument will use identical language and even an identical design to one on the Texas state capitol grounds — the same one the Supreme Court upheld in its 2005 Van Orden v. Perry decision.”

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City Rents Space For Satanist Exorcism Ceremony

“Traditional marriage already dead”

Oklahoma protects breastfeeding moms

Haskell County, ACLU reach settlement over Ten Commandments monument

Haskell County settles Ten Commandments lawsuit

Americans United urges IRS to investigate Oklahoma political rally

Americans United urges IRS to investigate OK religious group that promoted candidate

An Oklahoma abortion law raises new and different rights questions

Law Review: “Forced Ultrasounds as the Newest Tactic in Anti-Abortion Legislation”

    An Attempt to Legislate Morality: Forced Ultrasounds as the Newest Tactic in Anti-Abortion Legislation
    Sarah E. Weber, 45 Tulsa L. Rev. 359 (2009)

    “The Oklahoma House of Representatives . . . has proposed and overwhelmingly passed House Bill 2780, which is nearly identical to the ultrasound requirement in Senate Bill 1878. This law should be deemed unconstitutional because it is an undue burden on a woman’s right to an abortion. Furthermore, it violates a competent pregnant woman’s right to refuse medical treatment, and this right outweighs the state’s interest in protecting the potential life of a fetus.”

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Judge extends order blocking Okla. abortion law

OK: Legislator’s proposal would ban use of Sharia law

OK: Illegal Immigration ban OK expected

10th Circuit rules in favor of Tulsa Catholic Diocese in Title VII suit

Tulsa, OK: Council adds sexual orientation to city’s nondiscrimination policy

Erik Stanley: Pulpit Initiative pastor in his own words

OK – Teens Branded Sex Offenders

OK: Tulsa City Councilor Bynum fights “gay, lesbian discrimination”

Abortion foes advance cause at state level

A list of Okla. abortion laws passed in 2010

Oklahoma won’t override veto of abortion funding bill

Oklahoma Voters May Nullify Fed Health Care Law in November

Group Urges States Not To Contract To Send Inmates To Planned Christian Prison

Oklahoma Legislature overrides third abortion veto

Showdown at the OK Capitol: Senate Prepares for Third Abortion Veto Fight with Gov.

Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry Vetoes Pro-Life Bill for Better Abortion Reporting

Oklahoma Attorney General Nominee Vows to Sue U.S. Over Illegal Immigration

Oklahoma Christian prison project remains on hold

Abortion reporting bill passes Oklahoma Senate

Oklahoma Senate sends abortion reporting law to Governor’s desk

OK: Miami turns to prayer group to ‘dissipate’ severe weather

Oklahoma Governor signs elective Bible course bill

For same-sex couples, a patchwork of marriage laws

Women should be informed before they abort

    Kathleen Parker writes at the Washington Post: “When Bill Clinton said in 1992 that he wanted to make abortion safe, legal and rare, many Americans applauded. Even if one dismisses this as rhetoric, it is a sentiment shared by the large middle and provides nearly everyone a thread of hope. But how does one get to “rare” in a sexualized world where choice is a sacrament? The only plausible answer is through education, but of what should that education consist? Most everybody over the age of 10 knows how to apply a condom these days. And moral education — the kind that might suggest remorse over the ending of a life — is frowned upon.”

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Attorneys agree to block on Oklahoma abortion law

Center for Reproductive Rights Files Lawsuit against Oklahoma’s Ultrasound Requirement

Okla. Senate overrides abortion restriction vetoes