Judges asks why Oklahoma’s law on Sharia applies to only one religion

Sen. Tom Coburn blocked attempt to fill federal appeals court vacancy, Oklahoma attorneys say

10th Circuit Rejects Challenge To Polygamy Ban As Frivolous

Okla. anti-Shariah amendment heads to appeals court

Oklahoma School Districts Sue To Challenge Voucher Program

OK: Marriage is not a game of perfect

Inhofe lays long list of nation’s ills at Obama’s feet

OK: Court blocks harassment of pro-lifers

Oklahoma: Prayers at council meetings challenged

States enact record wave of anti-abortion laws

Abercrombie Assessed $20,000 In Damages On Title VII Claim, But No Injunction Issued

Planned Parenthood: State Legislature ‘Waging War on Women’

Oklahoma Governor Fallin Signs Bill to Limit Abortion Drug

ACLU And CAIR Urge Court To Uphold Ruling Blocking Oklahoma Sharia And International Law Ban

OK: Suit Seeks To Require School Boards To Comply With State Voucher Program

Oklahoma, Texas tighten RU-486 regulations

Oklahoma County Grants License To Perform Marriages To 3 Atheists Certified By FFRF

Oklahoma Senate Passes Bill to Limit Dangerous Abortion Drug

Oklahoma Data on Marriage

Oklahoma 4th state to ban abortions after 20 weeks

A glance at Republican legislative hotspots

Oklahoma Sends Fetal Pain Abortion Ban, Obamacare $ Ban to Falin

Oklahoma Senate Passes Fetal Pain-Based Abortion Ban

Reproductive rights group says Oklahoma House Bill on abortion is unconstitutional

AP: “Wave of anti-abortion bills advance in the states”

Oklahoma House Votes Against Destruction of Embryonic Humans

Okla: Miami strip club owner arrested on alcohol, nudity complaints

Oklahoma House passes bill banning abortion after 20 weeks

Oklahoma: Bill to require Senate to confirm judges OK’d

Roundup: Sudden surge of pro-life legislation in numerous states

Oklahoma fetal pain and ‘opt-out’ bills advance

Kirk of the Hills denied its plan to build in Jenks

New Oklahoma bills aim to restrict or ban abortion

Oklahoma Senate panel approves changes to teacher firings

Oklahoma Senate panel approves changes to teacher firings, expand charter schools

Personhood bills introduced, gain traction across U.S.

Questions surround judicial nomination of Arvo Mikkanen for Tulsa

    Tulsa World: “The White House enlisted surrogates to validate its pick to fill a vacant judicial slot in Tulsa, but it remained unclear whether that would be enough to rescue one of the few American Indians selected for the federal bench in U.S. history. Questions still surround a process that triggered immediate opposition to the nomination of Arvo Mikkanen, an assistant U.S. attorney in Oklahoma City.”

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OK: Pro-lifers defend ultrasound provision

Abortionist lawsuit aims to blind pregnant mothers

Okla. lawmaker seeks to protect students’ religious viewpoints

ADF, allies allowed to defend Okla. law that informs pregnant women before abortion

Report: Oklahoma most pro-life, Washington most pro-abortion

OK: Pro Abortion Group criticizes Brownback

Six more states to join fight against ObamaCare

Oregon AG will push to outlaw all viewing of child pornography

Attempt fails to block Okla. governor from making high court pick

    The Oklahoman: “The state Supreme Court tossed aside a request to block Gov. Brad Henry from filling a vacancy on the high court before he leaves office Monday. Supreme Court justices voted 6-1 to reject a stay sought by state Sen. Clark Jolley, R-Edmond, to prevent the Democratic governor from making a record sixth appointment to the high court. Chief Justice Steven Taylor cast the dissenting vote.”

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10th Circuit: Child-porn conviction for cached images reversed on scienter grounds

Faith healing: Woman charged in 9-year-old son’s death

Askins, two judges advance in Oklahoma Supreme Court selection process

Ken Klukowski: Federal regulators wage war on Christmas

ADF defends Christianity, Christmas against atheist groups

FFRF objects to sectarian prayers in Tulsa

Federal Reserve Board backs off policy of barring religious displays in bank

Feds force Okla. bank to remove crosses, Bible verse

    KOCO: “A small-town bank in Oklahoma said the Federal Reserve won’t let it keep religious signs and symbols on display . . . The examiners came to Perkins last week. And the team from Kansas City deemed a Bible verse of the day, crosses on the teller’s counter and buttons that say ‘Merry Christmas, God With Us.’ were inappropriate. The Bible verse of the day on the bank’s Internet site also had to be taken down.”

    Eugene Volokh comments here.

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Oklahoma’s top lawyer at center of fight over sharia

Vote to reject Tulsa “Holiday” parade application may be postponed

Sen. Inhofe won’t attend Tulsa parade over removal of “Christian” title

Judge issues injunction against Okla. sharia amendment

Order blocking Okla. Islamic law measure extended

Okla. sharia law dispute goes to court

The OK referendum prohibiting state courts from applying international or sharia law

Lawsuit filed over Okla. English-only state law

OK: Judge details rationale for halting anti-Sharia law measure

Ed Whelan on the TRO barring Oklahoma’s sharia law amendment

Leader says Oklahoma’s Muslim community is feeling backlash from Sharia law amendment

Federal court blocks voter approved Oklahoma constitutional amendment

Okla. Islamic law ban could block Ten Commandments, too

Muslim’s lawsuit says Okla. amendment violates Constitution

Lawsuit to be filed against Okla. sharia law state question

Oklahoma voters approve ban on courts using sharia, international law

State question seeks to ban Sharia law in Oklahoma

NYT: “A few transgender candidates seem in line for victories”

Oklahoma public school opens doors to Christian evangelicals

OK: Abortion Center Director Guilty of False Bomb Threat Report, Used Egg Timer