Maynard lobbied Gov. Brown on aid-in-dying bill just before her death

Emails raise questions of bias in case against bakers who denied service for same-sex wedding

Oregon Governor to sign law banning sexual orientation change therapy for gay minors

Christians support Oregon couple punished for faith

Modern sin: holding on to your belief

GoFundMe bans fundraising for religious business owners charged by state for refusing to cater a gay wedding

Bake me a cake – or else

Religious refusal to bake for a gay wedding may cost bakery $135,000

US: Christian bakers fined $135,000 for gay cake refusal

Land of the free? Not with same-sex marriage

After receiving over $100K in donations, baker’s crowdfunding page shut down

State says bakers should pay $135,000 for refusing to bake cake for same-sex wedding

Democrats in Oregon of all places just torpedoed a bill to expand abortion

Oregon Democrats kill reproductive health bill because it included abortion provision

Ex-NFL player who claims he was fired from broadcasting job over his views on homosexuality delivers passionate religious freedom speech

Oregon to swear in nation’s first openly bisexual governor

Evangelicals pull support for Portland church over same-sex marriage stance

At least 1,000 Californians would commit assisted suicide each year if it matched Oregon’s rate

Bakers who declined service to same-sex couple found to violate anti-discrimination law

Ore. bakers’ religious liberty ‘steamrolled’

Sweet Cakes by Melissa discriminated against same-sex couple, Oregon hearings officer rules

Same-sex marriage decision forces Christian bakers’ bankruptcy

Judge rules Oregon bakery discriminated against same-sex couple in wedding cake rebuke

Bakery risks large fine for discrimination against a same-sex couple

Judge rules Oregon bakery discriminated against same-sex couple

Forced down the same-sex wedding aisle

Maynard’s suicide ‘dangerous’ for America, says Christian apologist

Brittany Maynard galvanizes right-to-die efforts

NBC, CBS praise ‘brave’ Brittany Maynard after her assisted suicide, hail ‘freedom of choice’

Brittany Maynard could revive the stalled ‘death with dignity’ movement

These women begged Brittany Maynard not to choose an earlier death. And they will die with dignity, too

Who’s framing Brittany Maynard?

Brittany Maynard won’t kill herself November 1: “Doesn’t seem like the right time now”

Beyond Brittany Maynard: Who is choosing to ‘die with dignity’?

The hidden costs of legalized suicide: What we can learn from Brittany Maynard

ADF advises action against college’s censorship

University students threatened by officials for distributing U.S. Constitution copies outside of controversial “free speech zone”

University officials threaten students passing out U.S. Constitution

Christian bakers who declined to make same-sex ‘wedding’ cake face bankruptcy over govt. fine

Pro-life teacher fired after opposing Planned Parenthood sues school district for $390,000

High Court refuses to block Oregon same-sex marriage

Planned Parenthood abortion biz closes centers in Oregon and Washington

Plea to stop Oregon same-sex marriages

Same-sex couples begin tying the knot in Oregon

NOM files for emergency stay of federal court proceedings in Oregon same-sex marriage case

County cuts contract with Stericycle after aborted babies burned for electricity

Marriage group stymied in Oregon challenge

Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum says NOM should not be allowed to intervene in Oregon case

Energy plant reportedly burning medical waste–including aborted babies–for energy

    Following a LifeNews report that received national attention, the Marion County Board of Commissioners issued a statement indicating it will temporarily halt all burning of “medical waste” while it investigates. Today the Marion County Board of Commissioners is holding an emergency meeting to determine how the Covanta Waste-to-Energy Facility was authorized to burn medicate “waste” that includes the remains of aborted babies.

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Judge to hear Oregon marriage case, NOM planning to step in

National Organization for Marriage files to defend marriage in Oregon

Oregon same-sex “marriage” goes to court this week

Openly gay judge, Michael McShane, in spotlight overseeing Oregon case

Oregon City students protest Day of Silence with “Gay is not OK” T-shirts

Transgender student files complaint against Christian college after being told he can’t live in male dorms

Owner’s “anti-gay views” cause furor over soon-to-open Oregon grocery store

OSU pays $101k in settlement | ABC

Oregon State pays six-figure settlement after confiscating newspaper boxes | Student Press Law Center

OSU Pays $101,000 to settle campus paper lawsuit | OPB

Oregon State University pays $101,000 to settle First Amendment lawsuit over trashed student newspaper | The Oregonian

Cost of violating First Amendment for OSU: $101,000

Oregon same-sex “marriage” ballot measure backers ask judge to make quick decision

In Oregon marriage case, Judge McShane faces decisions on standing and staying

Oregon AG issues ballot title for religious liberty initiative

Portland cabby violated lesbian couple’s rights, state finds

Denny Burk: Does this look like Jim Crow to you?

Oregon AG Ellen Rosenblum won’t defend marriage amendment

Oregon: Abortion notification bill clears committee

Protecting religious freedom in Oregon | Oregon Catalyst

Ranking Oregon House Republican supports redefinition of marriage

Marriage debate takes new twist in Oregon: religious exemption | Metro

Judge consolidates challenges to Oregon’s marriage amendment