Oregon To Probe Refusal Of Same-sex Wedding Cake

Obamacare Death Panels Come to Oregon: Committee May Deny Cancer Treatment

Oregon Health Care Board Denies Chemotherapy, Will Push Rationing Under Obamacare

Oregon Initiative to redefine marriage collects 37K signatures

Ballot measure to redefine marriage launched in Oregon

Hospice workers struggle to balance values with assisted suicide law

Ore. proponents of marriage redefinition to collect signatures

“Being a gay justice is no longer a big issue” | San Francisco Chronicle

“Ten states to tackle gay marriage next” | NBC

OR: Criminal Convictions of Faith Healing Parents Upheld

Portland State U. study: traditional marriage rates unaffected by same-sex marriage

“Oregon Legislature Repeals Surgery Requirement for Gender Change on Birth Certificate” | ACLU

Oregon: Cross shaped Veterans memorial defaced again

Oregon Senate Passes Bill On Vaccination Indoctrination

Vandals deface war memorial cross in Coos Bay park

Vermont Becomes Third State to Legalize Assisted Suicide

Candidates for Oregon board want to purge Planned Parenthood from school curriculum

Oregon: Colleges might ask about sexual orientation

Man who stripped at Portland International Airport fights $1,000 fine from TSA

Oregon Bill Attacks Pregnancy Centers Providing Abortion Alternatives

Republicans introduce bill to protect crosses, other religious symbols on war memorials

Freedom From Religion Foundation Demands Removal of Vietnam Veterans Memorial

OR: Juvenile Court May Order Immunization of Children In State Custody Over Religious Objections of Parents

Divisive pro-abortion resolution proposed in Oregon House

OR: Coos Bay City Council meets for cross

OR: Math Teacher Escorted Out By Police, Set To Be Fired For Opposing Planned Parenthood In The Classroom

“In DOMA Supreme Court Case, 15 States Say Not Recognizing Gay Marriage Is Unconstitutional” | Huffington Post

Oregon agrees to “transgender” transition coverage in state health care

Bakery says Oregon Constitution protects refusal of same-sex wedding cake order

Oregon Group File Initiative to Redefine Marriage in 2014

Oregon AG Investigating Bakery’s Refusal To Provide Cake For Same-Sex Wedding

Oregon Assisted Suicide Deaths Hit Record High in 2012

Oregon House swears in first lesbian House Speaker

Oregon, California: Insurance companies must pay for transgender person hormone therapy, breast reduction, cancer screening etc. . .

“Gay marriage in Oregon: Another rush to wed would be foolish, and yet….”

Assisted Suicide in Washington, Oregon Leads to Elder Abuse

Police investigate vandalism to 3 religious statues at Catholic shrine in Portland

“7 states that could legalize gay marriage next: New Jersey, Minnesota and others”

“Gay marriage takes next steps”

Oregon Has Nation’s 1st Lesbian Legislative Leader

“Push Expands for Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage” | NYT

“Oregon may be next state for gay marriage ballot battle”

Oregon: Abortion protester stabs man after being punched in the face

Oregon “gay” couple says Washington wedding venue discriminated against them

US Judge Says Vatican Isn’t Priests’ Employer

Oregon judge rules it’s OK to strip naked in protest of TSA

Oregon: Residence For Sikh Priests Entitled To Tax Exemption

Criminal Mistreatment Conviction of Faith-Healing Father Upheld

Deadline looms for Oregon pro-life measure

Benjamin Bull: Canada goes the way of Oregon on assisted suicide

Is Assisted Suicide Legal?

Ethics complaint against Ore. psychiatrist for practicing reparative therapy is part of new campaign

Three candidates vie for open Oregon Supreme Court position

‘Angry Queers’ smash church windows in Portland

Oregon: Christian school ‘persecuted’ by town

Oregon Forces Taxpayers to Spend $11M on 26,000 Abortions

Oregon Couple Awarded $2.9M, Doc Didn’t Suggest Aborting Baby With Down Syndrome

Oregon: Assisted Suicide Advocate Uses Law To End His Life

OR: Parental Rights to Refuse Sibling-Sibling Visitation

Ore. state workers sue over wellness program coerced surveys

Oregon Community College Drops Free Speech Zone | The Moral Liberal

Free speech now allowed campus-wide | OneNewsNow.com

Oregon’s Chemeketa College Drops Anti-Pro-Life Speech Zone

ADF: Six-foot ‘speech zone’ deep-sixed at Oregon college

OR: Prineville Nativity Organizer Puzzled by Protest

Assisted Suicide Guidelines Don’t Protect Once Prescribed Death is Legalized

Sally Satel: “A Lifesaving Legal Ruling on Organ Donation” | WSJ subscription

    Sally Satel at WSJ.com (full access via Google): In October of 2009, Kumud Majumder, the father of an 11-year-old son with advanced leukemia, joined a lawsuit challenging the federal ban on compensating bone-marrow donors. He wanted to save his son’s life. Last week Mr. Majumder and his co-plaintiffs enjoyed a victory. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled that the majority of bone-marrow donors may lawfully be compensated.

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OR Congressional Race: Cornilles details abortion positions after coming under Democratic attack

“Abortion foes to try again to pass personhood amendment in Colorado” | The Denver Post

“Basic Rights Oregon will not put same-sex marriage on 2012 ballot”

Durham to retire from Oregon Supreme Court: 2 Seats Open on the Court

Couple gets 6 years in Ore. faith-healing case

Oregon group eyes ballot measure to reverse marriage amendment