Oregon Has Nation’s 1st Lesbian Legislative Leader

“Push Expands for Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage” | NYT

“Oregon may be next state for gay marriage ballot battle”

Oregon: Abortion protester stabs man after being punched in the face

Oregon “gay” couple says Washington wedding venue discriminated against them

US Judge Says Vatican Isn’t Priests’ Employer

Oregon judge rules it’s OK to strip naked in protest of TSA

Oregon: Residence For Sikh Priests Entitled To Tax Exemption

Criminal Mistreatment Conviction of Faith-Healing Father Upheld

Deadline looms for Oregon pro-life measure

Benjamin Bull: Canada goes the way of Oregon on assisted suicide

Is Assisted Suicide Legal?

Ethics complaint against Ore. psychiatrist for practicing reparative therapy is part of new campaign

Three candidates vie for open Oregon Supreme Court position

‘Angry Queers’ smash church windows in Portland

Oregon: Christian school ‘persecuted’ by town

Oregon Forces Taxpayers to Spend $11M on 26,000 Abortions

Oregon Couple Awarded $2.9M, Doc Didn’t Suggest Aborting Baby With Down Syndrome

Oregon: Assisted Suicide Advocate Uses Law To End His Life

OR: Parental Rights to Refuse Sibling-Sibling Visitation

Ore. state workers sue over wellness program coerced surveys

Oregon Community College Drops Free Speech Zone | The Moral Liberal

Free speech now allowed campus-wide | OneNewsNow.com

Oregon’s Chemeketa College Drops Anti-Pro-Life Speech Zone

ADF: Six-foot ‘speech zone’ deep-sixed at Oregon college

OR: Prineville Nativity Organizer Puzzled by Protest

Assisted Suicide Guidelines Don’t Protect Once Prescribed Death is Legalized

Sally Satel: “A Lifesaving Legal Ruling on Organ Donation” | WSJ subscription

    Sally Satel at WSJ.com (full access via Google): In October of 2009, Kumud Majumder, the father of an 11-year-old son with advanced leukemia, joined a lawsuit challenging the federal ban on compensating bone-marrow donors. He wanted to save his son’s life. Last week Mr. Majumder and his co-plaintiffs enjoyed a victory. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled that the majority of bone-marrow donors may lawfully be compensated.

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OR Congressional Race: Cornilles details abortion positions after coming under Democratic attack

“Abortion foes to try again to pass personhood amendment in Colorado” | The Denver Post

“Basic Rights Oregon will not put same-sex marriage on 2012 ballot”

Durham to retire from Oregon Supreme Court: 2 Seats Open on the Court

Couple gets 6 years in Ore. faith-healing case

Oregon group eyes ballot measure to reverse marriage amendment

Mars Hill Church in Portland protested for opposing homosexual conduct

OR: Faith Healing Parents Convicted In Death of Child

Police in Oregon break door in suicide kit scare

Oregon GOP removes marriage protections from party platform

“Oregon gay-rights supporters aim for 2012 marriage vote”

Nominee with ACLU connections confirmed to Oregon Federal District Court

Home Suicide Kits Banned Under Oregon Bill

OR: Christian Faith-Healing Parents on Trial for Refusing Medical Attention

Oregon Senate votes to remove legal protection for faith-healing parents

Ore. Senate approves bill targeting ‘suicide kits’

Muslim event in Oregon canceled due to threats

Oregon Senate votes to close loophole in child pornography law

Oregon School Heeds PJI Warning, Allows Student Speech on “Day of Silence”

Oregon Legislature Holding Hearing on Fetal Pain Abortion Ban

Evidence of Religious Belief As Motive For Murder Is Admissible Over Free Exercise Challenge

OR: Strip Clubs Laws In Question

Nudists tell lawmakers: Don’t restrict strip clubs

Ministerial Exception Does Not Bar Catholic High School Teacher’s Age Discrimination Claim

OR: City Council wrestles with prayer protocol

Oregon Legislature considers at least three abortion-related bills

OR lawmakers consider funeral buffer zones

Oregon Constitutional Amendments aim to regulate strip clubs

    Beaverton Valley Times: “A pair of resolutions introduced to the Oregon Legislature would alter the state constitution to allow local governments to more easily regulate where adult entertainment businesses can locate. Oregon’s Constitution includes a strong protection for freedom of expression — stronger than the federal First Amendment protections — language that has been repeatedly interpreted to protect the rights of adult businesses in zoning fights with cities and counties.”

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High court nixes church appeal in defamation case

Ore. Lawmakers to Consider Ending Faith Healing Defense

OR: Abuse case sparks a clash over limits of tough parenting

    Wall Street Journal: “News of the case spread through this state capital, sparking outrage. Yet one subset of the community sprang to the Kozlovs’ defense, holding demonstrations, filling the gallery at court hearings and flooding state officials with letters. Many of these supporters, Russian-born Christians like the Kozlovs themselves, believed the parents were disciplining their children according to Biblical law. In their view, the government was out to ‘destroy the family because of their faith,’ says Tatyana I. Bondarchuk, a counselor who helped brief authorities about the group.”

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OR: Church loses challenge to county zoning ordinances

OR: Competing rallies mark anniversary of abortion ruling

OR: Prineville nativity gets lots of support

9th Circuit reinstates workplace sexual orientation discrimination claims

Oregon AG will push to outlaw all viewing of child pornography

Abortion issues splits Oregon charities

OR: Ashland schools set rules for holiday decor

OR: Religious clothing policy offered for schools

Oregon Muslim leaders fear retribution after terrorist plot

OR: Douglas County clerk claims she was fired over religious views

Methodists sue Eastern Oregon congregation over finances

Damaging words cost pastor his pulpit but land him big bucks

    The ABA Journal: “A jury agreed and awarded Tubra $355,000 in damages after it found officials falsely accused him of stealing from the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel in Vernonia, Ore.The judge differed with the jurors, though, and threw out the award. Following overwhelming precedent, he ruled that the First Amendment deprived the court of jurisdiction over the church and Tubra’s defamation claim against it.” John Elwood comments at the Volokh Conspiracy on Cook v. Tubra.

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Supreme Court review sought in pastor’s defamation claim against church

OR: Student-teacher ousted over same-sex “marriage” discussion with 4th grader is back in the classroom