Free speech impinged at OSU

OR: Tualatin nude dance club set to open Nov. 18

Oregon: “Gay marriage advocates look to the 2012 ballot”

Oregon: School tosses student paper out with the garbage

Independent student paper files lawsuit against Oregon State University

Paper’s lawsuit claims Oregon State University bias

Conservative student newspaper sues OSU over distribution restrictions

Student group sues Oregon State University in federal court over unfairness

Trashing free speech: Oregon State Univ. piles student paper’s distribution bins next to dumpster

3 states still ban religious clothing for teachers

Oregon: Planned Parenthood site drawing protests

Oregon: Silverton’s “transgender” mayor officially reprimanded for cross dressing in front of kids

Oregon: Faith healing pair acquitted of manslaughter

OR: Protest against bill banning religious dress in schools

Sikhs protest school exemption in Oregon religious freedom bill

Oregon Court of Appeals “lesbian parentage” ruling

“Oregon pregnancy center hit by pro-abortion vandals”

Surfing for porn shouldn’t be a public library service

Oregon: Suspect quickly caught in Bend adult store holdup

The Coquille Indian Tribe, Same-Sex Marriage, and Spousal Benefits: A Practical Guide

Oregon Court Rejects Selective Prosecution Claim In Faith Healing Death of Young Girl

Oregon: “Anti-bullying, sex-ed bills become law”

When the Right to Die Becomes a Duty

Oregon inmate sues over involuntary exposure to religion

Religious freedom in workplace gets shield

Wisconsin: “Attorney: City, religion entangled”

Oregon: Tribes same-sex “marriage” law takes effect

“Oregon Senate passes sex-education bill”

Oregon: Keizer mayor declines to cancel prayer breakfast

Oregon sex indoctrination bill gets Senate committee approval

“The damage done by the sex industry”

Oregon: City accused of promoting Christianity

Oregon: Tualatin seeks constitutional amendment on strip clubs

Oregon: Outcry fails to halt strip club

    The Oregonian:

    “After months of political maneuvering, threatened lawsuits and public outcry, the fate of a controversial Tualatin strip club rested in the resolve of a 79-year-old former lawmaker . . . Oregon’s constitution protects nude dancing as free expression, squelching strong resistance from city leaders and residents, but officials challenged the liquor license because of problems at the Stars location in Bend . . . ”

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Tithing to the Vortex: The Secrecy of Financial Records in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Oregon federal court: RFRA requires exemption for religious use of hoasca

Suicide advocacy group undermines proper hospice care

9th Circuit rules on Vatican’s liability in Oregon sex abuse case

Oregon: Planned Parenthood complains about teacher

Rationing Healthcare: Oregon changes its priorities

    Abortions rank 41st, indicating that the state considers using public money for abortions more important than treating an ectopic pregnancy . . .

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Oregon: Should cities create strip club zones

Oath Requirement In Oregon Tax Form Violates Free Exercise Rights

20% of Oregon’s same-sex couples opt for union, 70% are lesbians

An Empirical Analysis of the Results of the Legalization of Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide in the Netherlands and Oregon

    Oregon, the only U.S. state with legalized physician-assisted suicide, and the Netherlands, the only country in Europe with legalized euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide, have kept extensive records of the use of end-of-life treatments. These records show that physicians in Oregon and the Netherlands generally follow the law, that legalization shapes physicians’ behavior, and that legalization may improve end-of-life care. Dr. Jackson Pickett uses empirical data from these two jurisdictions to analyze the effects of legalization on end-of-life care and suggests some goals that any future legalization should seek to accomplish.

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Ore. AG to investigate mayor’s homosexual relationship with teen

New Portland mayor admits past homosexual relationship with teen

Post card campaign opposes FOCA: “Those who profess to love God, but back abortion, are liars”

Trans Activist Laura Calvo Chosen as Treasurer for Democratic Party of Oregon

Ore. strip club owner pushes to open business

Oregon church demands same-sex marriage, refuses licenses

Nearly nine of ten Oregonians would opt out of regular public schools

“Portland: Largest US city with openly gay mayor”

Ancient Hindu Prayer To Open Oregon House Of Representatives

Oregon Appeals Board Says Animist Church Must Be Permitted Under RLUIPA

Oregon: “Faith Healing Parents Assert Religious Rights”

Oregon: Man arrested for flashing at Target after strip club drinking binge

Oregon: Young workers in the oldest profession

Holidays renew debate over religious displays at Oregon Capitol

Oregon: Bend ‘stabbing victim’ really sex shop burglar

Children Exploited for Sex across the U.S.

Investigation reveals child sex slave trade in Oregon

Wesley J. Smith – Assisted Suicide: The Wind in Their Sails

Oregon Democrat unseats incumbent in U.S. Senate Race

Oregon: “Lesbian becomes highest elected LGBT state official in country”

Washington I-1000: A price on your head

Eight Threats To Marriage In A Downturn

    Forbes reports: The bad news is, statistically, money is typically the driving force behind a marriage meltdown. The good news, however, is that it’s not everything. In other words, a marriage surviving a downturn depends more on what a couple’s …

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Woman Victimized by Oregon Assisted Suicide Law Urges Washington to Vote No

Oregon: Tualatin Residents Continue Strip Club Fight

Planned Parenthood breaks ground on new Portland clinic amid protest reports: Behind a portable chain-link fence and with the protection of police officers and hired security guards, supporters of Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette held a ceremonial groundbreaking Wednesday on their new clinic and office building in Northeast Portland . …

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Oregon: “Tribe’s gay marriage law faces challenge”

Oregon: Local group plans ‘massive protests’ if strip club opens in Tualatin

“Ten Years of ‘Death with Dignity’”

Study: Quarter of Oregon Assisted Suicide Victims Depressed, Still Got Drugs reports: “A new study shows about one-fourth of the people killed in assisted suicides in Oregon were depressed, yet they received lethal cocktails anyway. Researchers at the Oregon Health and Science University conducted the study and skeptic say it …

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