Pittsburgh’s censorship zones bans free speech, protects abortionists, says ADF

Obama-appointed judge upholds Pittsburgh’s bubble zone ordinance

ADF considers appeal of a ruling upholding Pittsburgh’s buffer zone

Legal questions about Pittsburgh abortion clinic buffer zone focus on enforcement

US judge says Pittsburgh can enforce abortion clinic buffers

Federal judge upholds buffer zone around Pittsburgh abortion clinics

ADF considering appeal of ruling that keeps Pittsburgh censorship zones in place

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PA porn store loses battle with Catholic organization

Porn shop owner launches legal attack against pro-life counselor

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Retiring Chief Justice Castille says he kept faith in fellow jurists

Pennsylvania abortion rate falls to an all time low, but over 32,000 still aborted in 2013

Council declines to reconsider Nativity removal

“Stop listening to Planned Parenthood and start listening to the Constitution,” pro-lifers’ lawyers tell Pittsburgh

No decision in court case challenging Pittsburgh buffer zone outside Planned Parenthood

Abortion protesters fight Pittsburgh buffer zones

Court considers legality of Pittsburgh buffer zones around abortion clinics

Pro-life group argues in federal court against Pittsburgh’s ‘buffer zone’

Pittsburgh judge to rule on ‘censorship zones’ to keep pro-life protests away

Court to consider whether Pittsburgh can enforce censorship zones

Atheist Zombie Mohammed becomes Christian, complains about schoolteacher’s Star of David

Atheist-Turned-Orthodox Christian parent removes child from school after teacher wears Star of David necklace

Embracing exile, working for renewal: A report from the Pennsylvania Conference on Faith and Society

Lawsuit helped school’s ‘change of heart’

Nazareth Area School District settles lawsuit over banned Valentine’s Day cards with religious notes

Nazareth Area School District settles suit over religious Valentine’s Day cards

Pennsylvania school district changes policy in Valentine’s Day card free speech case

Pennsylvania school changes policy on ‘Valentine’s Day card’ free speech

Pa. school district revises speech policy in student lawsuit over Valentine’s Day card

Abortion activist threatens pro-life legislator: “You should be taken out back and shot”

Philadelphia parents are fighting for school choice, and winning

Group calls on Penn State to reverse decision on Bibles

ADF hopes Penn States follows U.S. Navy over Bible removal

Penn State University pulling Gideon Bibles from guest rooms following complaint

Never forget Kermit Gosnell’s “House of Horrors” and the need to regulate abortion clinics

Ignoring SCOTUS ruling, Pittsburgh wants 15-foot bubble zone

Yes, the Bible is constitutional, attorneys assure Penn State

ADF to Penn State: Restore Bibles to guest rooms

Pennsylvania county council votes against displaying “In God We Trust” motto

Pennsylvania county council rejects ‘In God We Trust’ motto

Philadelphia schools settle religious accommodation suit with Justice Department

Is the Penn mightier than the sword?

Philadelphia schools settle lawsuit over beards

Mother who gave daughter abortion pills sentenced to 18 months in prison

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Pennsylvania diocese gets permanent injunction against ACA contraceptive mandate

Christian bridal shop under fire for refusing to lesbian wedding

Governor signs bill to help save unborn babies diagnosed with down syndrome

This 11-year-old just helped a governor sign a bill to stop aborting babies with down syndrome

Ministry eyes challenge to abortion ‘buffer zones’ in Pittsburgh

Voiding of buffer zone at abortion clinics could force Western Pa. change

Judge rejects bid to appeal same-sex marriage ruling in Pennsylvania

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Catholic Diocese of Greensburg files lawsuit over Obamacare

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Pennsylvania Gov. won’t appeal same-sex marriage ruling

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