Suit Challenges Pa.’s Non-recognition Of Mass. Same Sex “Marriage”

Christians aren’t exempt from campus speech protections | World Magazine

Pa. Pastor Says He Was Fired For Same-Sex Wedding

Pa. Board Nixes Transgender Homecoming King Entry

Homeless Feeders Banned From Pa. Courthouse Lot

“Pa. Lawmakers To Target Gay ‘Conversion’ Therapy”

Montgomery County register of wills to appeal marriage ruling

“Pa. Judge Orders End To Same-sex Marriage Licenses”

A conversation with William Lamb, defense attorney in gay marriage federal lawsuit

Former Pennsylvania Supreme Court justice will help defend marriage law in federal lawsuit

“Judge Vows Quick Pa. Same-sex Marriage Case Ruling”

Five Pennsylvania Abortion Clinics Have Closed Thanks to Pro-Life Regulations

Court proceeding could fast track a ruling on marriage in Pennsylvania

PA: More Ten Commandments monuments to be erected

“Pa. Attorneys: Gays, Like Children, Can’t Marry” | AP

Pa. Child Porn Victim Sues Viewers For $150k Each

Pro-lifers rally outside ‘House of Horrors’ clinic, demand release of Gosnell victims’ bodies | LifeSiteNews

Demonstrators Demand Babies in Gosnell Case Are Buried | NBC Philadelphia Video

Abortion foes seek fetuses from seedy Pa. clinic | GOlackawanna (AP)

Medical Examiner May Not Bury Bodies of Babies Gosnell Killed for 10 Years | LifeNews

Rally demands burial for ‘Gosnell babies’ | Tom Avril at Philadelphia Inquirer

A battle to bury remains of the ‘Gosnell babies’ | Joseph A. Slobodzian at Philadelphia Inquirer

Pa. Supreme Court to take on kindergarten attendance case

“Commonwealth Court Sets Limits On Arguments In Montgomery County Same Sex Marriage Case”

ACLU-PA Sues On Behalf Teacher Denied Same-sex Partner Benefits

PA: Plaintiff’s Objection To Name Badge States Valid Title VII Religious Discrimination Claim

“Pa. County Grants 100th Same-sex Marriage License”

PA: “Gay marriage issue entangles Gov. Tom Corbett” | Politico

PA: Ruling in same-sex marriage case could take two weeks or more

3rd Circuit: Pa. School Can’t Ban ‘boobies’ Bracelets

“Pa. County Defends Granting Gay Marriage Licenses” | CBS

Corbett to defend Pennsylvania’s marriage laws

Kane fires back at Corbett over Pa. marriage suit

U.S. Sen. Bob Casey urges PA to redefine marriage

Pa. sues to stop issuance of marriage licenses to same-sex couples

PA: Federal Judge Says DOMA Ruling Changes Private Companies’ Retirement Plans

“Same-sex Couple Marries Outside Philly Despite Ban”

Pottsgrove principal’s radio program at crossroads of education, religion | The Mercury

Philadelphia: Judge Nixes Same-Sex Couple’s Loss of Consortium Claim

    Gina Passarella at Legal Intelligencer (registration required): A Philadelphia judge has thrown out the loss of consortium claims raised by a same-sex couple in a medical malpractice case against Temple University Health System . . . The judge’s one-page order in Wolf v. Associates of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery . . . Since plaintiffs herein were not married at any relevant time, and a marriage between persons of the same sex is not recognized in Pennsylvania, Tammy Wolf’s loss of consortium claim must be dismissed with prejudice as noncognizable under Pennsylvania law,” Temple Health said in its filing.

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Montgomery Co., PA halts issuance of same-sex “marriage” license

Fetuses from clinic won’t be released for burial by outside groups | Catholic Sun

“Pa. Gay Couples Seek Marriage As County Defies Ban”

PA: Montgomery County to start issuing same sex ‘marriage’ licenses

PA: Confirmed Supreme Court justice nominee Correale Stevens to be sworn in July 30

Pro-Lifers Seeking Burial of ‘Gosnell Babies’ Locked Out of Medical Examiner’s Office | CNS News

Pro-Life Groups Protest, Want to Bury “Gosnell Babies” | Philly Post

Pro-life Leaders Demand Burial for ‘Gosnell Babies,’ Philly Stonewalls | Newsbusters

Thou Shall Not Move dedicates Ten Commandments monument in Uniontown

Phil. Medical Examiner locks out pro-life activists demanding bodies of Gosnell victims for burial | LifeSiteNews

Letter Demands Info on What Happened to Bodies of Babies Kermit Gosnell Killed | LifeNews

Medical Examiner’s Office Locks Out Pro-Lifers Demanding Info on Gosnell Babies

Hunters United for Sunday Hunting files lawsuit seeking Sunday hunting

PA: Consider ouster of attorney general

Pastors want Kane to defend Pa. DOMA

Capitol Police arrest pastor praying for Pennsylvania attorney general A Montgomery County pastor, in an effort to see Kane, was arrested Friday while attempting to ride an elevator to a secure floor where her office is located. Pastor Wiliam Devlin said he came to pray for Kane, so she would “have a change of heart.” Capitol police cited him for disorderly conduct and carried him out of Strawberry Square, said police spokeswoman Holly Lubart. He’ll face a fine for the misdemeanor offense, she said.

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Where Are the Babies that Kermit Gosnell Murdered and Will They Receive a Proper Funeral and Burial?

Pa. attorney general says she won’t defend state’s marriage laws

ACLU and Lambda Legal file three new marriage challenges: NC, PA, VA

Pittsburgh diocesan lawyer sues HHS for failure to answer freedom-of-information request about mandate

A look at the ruling on prayer at public meetings | Public Opinion Online

Judge Correale Stevens to fill Pa. Supreme Court seat left vacant by Joan Orie Melvin

Kermit Gosnell rejects plea deal offer in federal drug case

Ten Commandments group to erect monument in Pa.

PA: State fight brews over charities

Pa. high court rejects changing mandatory retirement for judges

Pennsylvania Gov. Signs Bill Stopping Taxpayer-Funded Abortions

Corbett plans to pick Stevens for Pa. high court

What Will Happen to the Babies Gosnell Killed in Brutal Infanticides?

School District Not Liable in Student Bullying, 3rd Circuit Court Rules

PA: Senate rejects changes to bill banning abortion coverage in health insurance exchange

Request Denied for Proper Burial for Babies Gosnell Killed in Infanticides