Hunters United for Sunday Hunting files lawsuit seeking Sunday hunting

PA: Consider ouster of attorney general

Pastors want Kane to defend Pa. DOMA

Capitol Police arrest pastor praying for Pennsylvania attorney general A Montgomery County pastor, in an effort to see Kane, was arrested Friday while attempting to ride an elevator to a secure floor where her office is located. Pastor Wiliam Devlin said he came to pray for Kane, so she would “have a change of heart.” Capitol police cited him for disorderly conduct and carried him out of Strawberry Square, said police spokeswoman Holly Lubart. He’ll face a fine for the misdemeanor offense, she said.

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Where Are the Babies that Kermit Gosnell Murdered and Will They Receive a Proper Funeral and Burial?

Pa. attorney general says she won’t defend state’s marriage laws

ACLU and Lambda Legal file three new marriage challenges: NC, PA, VA

Pittsburgh diocesan lawyer sues HHS for failure to answer freedom-of-information request about mandate

A look at the ruling on prayer at public meetings | Public Opinion Online

Judge Correale Stevens to fill Pa. Supreme Court seat left vacant by Joan Orie Melvin

Kermit Gosnell rejects plea deal offer in federal drug case

Ten Commandments group to erect monument in Pa.

PA: State fight brews over charities

Pa. high court rejects changing mandatory retirement for judges

Pennsylvania Gov. Signs Bill Stopping Taxpayer-Funded Abortions

Corbett plans to pick Stevens for Pa. high court

What Will Happen to the Babies Gosnell Killed in Brutal Infanticides?

School District Not Liable in Student Bullying, 3rd Circuit Court Rules

PA: Senate rejects changes to bill banning abortion coverage in health insurance exchange

Request Denied for Proper Burial for Babies Gosnell Killed in Infanticides

Sebelius: I Can’t Step Into Girl’s Transplant Case

Red Lion School District responds to ACLU, will read Issak Wolfe’s legal name at graduation

Feds sue Christian homeless shelter for barring blind man and his dog

PA and Fl: Developments In 2 Ten Commandments Suits

Gosnell Staffer Who Snipped Neck of Baby Struggling in Toilet Released on Probation

Faith Healing Couple Charged With 3rd Degree Murder In Death of Second Child

Activists seek to keep PA chief justice Castille from another 10-year term

Gosnell Gives Up Appeal, Prosecutors Agree to Life in Prison, No Death Penalty

W.Pa. abortion clinics struggle under stricter regulations

Nine of 12 Jurors Convicting Kermit Gosnell of Murder Were “Pro-Choice”

Kermit Gosnell Found Guilty on Three First-Degree Murder Charges

Kermit Gosnell Jury Hung on Two Counts, Doesn’t Say Which Ones

Exhausted Kermit Gosnell Jury Goes Home, Two Weeks With No Verdict

“Pennsylvania School District Refuses to Change Policies on Transgender Students” | ACLU

PA: Prayer vigil planned Sunday at site of proposed strip club in Chanceford

It’s Surprisingly Hard to Report a Shady Abortion Provider Like Kermit Gosnell

Pennsylvania to Observe ‘National Fast Day’ Tuesday

Cleaning up the Big Abortion machine | Denise Burke of AUL at Washington Times

Media have an ‘allergic disinterest’ in Gosnell trial: Archbishop Chaput

Pa. Abortion Trial Stirs Debate On When Life Ends

ACLU: Red Lion transgender student allowed to attend prom with girlfriend

Lawyer: Pa. Abortion Clinic No ‘house Of Horrors’ | AP

ACLU Warns High School Principal Who Removed Transgender Pennsylvania Student From Prom King Ballot

Pennsylvania district may become first in the nation to switch to all charter schools

Eighteen Members of Congress Expose Kermit Gosnell in Speeches

Pro-life priests asks for bodies of Gosnell’s victims for proper burial

Kermit Gosnell Doesn’t Testify, Defense Rests With No Witnesses

Gosnell Judge Reinstates Charge for Baby Tossed in Shoe Box, Still Breathing

Pennsylvania House OKs Bill to Stop Abortion Funding in Obamacare

Gruesome testimony renews debate over abortion

Dropped Gosnell Charge Includes 28-Week Old “Baby Boy B” Found in Freezer

Flushing Shame: Philly bill would require “gender-neutral” bathrooms

Kermit Gosnell Acquitted of Three Abortion-Infanticide Charges

2nd Child Of Pa. Couple Dies After Only Praying

Toilet In Abortion Clinic Needed to be Lifted to ‘Get the Fetuses Out of the Pipes’

PA: 9 fired employees sue Imani Christian Academy

Atheists Protest Pennsylvania Prayer and Fasting Proposals

Pennsylvania Supreme Court opening could empower Senate Democrats

Pennsylvania City Council to Defy Atheist Demands to End Prayer at Monthly Meetings

PA Abortion Clinic Worker: I Saw 10 Babies Breathe

Jury Told Gosnell Kept 47 Aborted Babies in Cat Food, Containers

Bill to limit Obamacare abortion coverage in Pa. advances

White House: No Comment on Gosnell “Beheading” Babies in Abortions

PA: Prayer meeting Council rejects petition to end invocation

Pa. Abortion Doc’s Murder Trial Enters 5th Week | AP

Teacher fired over Bible files complaint against Phillipsburg School District

Pa. Rep. introduces bill requiring plaintiff disclosure in litigation over publicly displayed religious symbols

The monstrous abortion trial the media don’t want you to know about | Fox News

Pa. Lawmakers Want State To Refuse Obamacare’s Abortion Coverage

Justice Thomas talks at Duquesne University, offers surprises about life journey