3rd Circuit hears appeal over church party fliers | Times Online (AP)

How will 3rd Circuit rule on Christmas party invitations at school? | Alliance Defending Freedom

PA Legislator Introduces Reparative Therapy Ban

Pa. Federal Judge Puts DOMA Case in Suspense

    Law.com (subscription): A federal judge in Philadelphia has placed a closely-watched case involving the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act and the survivors of a deceased Cozen O’Connor partner on the suspense docket, effectively terminating the matter pending the outcome of other relevant cases. U.S. District Judge C. Darnell Jones II of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania heard arguments on DOMA’s constitutionality in Cozen O’Connor v. Tobits . . .

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PA: Federal District Court dismisses lawsuit challenging ‘Year of the Bible’

Illinois’ Illogical Attack on Conscience is Pennsylvania’s Gain | Casey Mattox at Townhall

PA judge says voter ID not allowed

Judge orders mediation for Pittsylvania prayers case

Pa. high court wants review of voter ID access

Pennsylvania Pro-Lifers Seek Vote to Stop Obamacare Abortion Funding

Pennsylvania Top Court Set to Hear Voter-ID Law Case

FFRF threatens two Penn. schools re: Commandments monuments

Atheists Attack Prayer in Pennsylvania, Lose One in Tennessee

PA Christian school claims teaching hiring decision over homosexuality doctrine, not disability

FFRF threatens several PA school boards over prayer at meetings

Fate of Pennsylvania’s voter ID law rests in the hands of 6 state Supreme Court justices

PA: Mom seeks heart transplant for autistic son: Disability shouldn’t be a death sentence

PA judge won’t stop state voter ID law

PA court halts city efforts to prevent churches from feeding homeless in parks

PA: Catholic college denies petition for homosexual club

Rabbi Sues Over Pennsylvania Funeral Requirements

PA: Debating constitutionality of prayers before school board meetings

Judge In Zombie Muhammad Case Reprimanded: Pennsylvania Judicial Conduct Board confirms ‘private rebuke’

Justice Department Investigates Pennsylvania Voter ID Law

PA: Ellwood City Council Rejects Nativity Display

PA: Nativity vote could have significant outcome

Pennsylvania Hospital Merger to Result in Ending Abortions

Pennsylvania approves 4 new cyber charter schools

ADF: Prayer before meals back at the table for Pa. seniors

Pennsylvania: “ACLU questions affidavits for gay county employees”

Pennsylvania ‘House of Horrors’ law closes one abortion clinic, five others stop surgical abortions

W. Pa. town considers lottery for nativity display

Labor union limits focus to 8 battleground states

Pa. clinics to survive new standards for abortions

PA: Special interests trumped voters on choosing judges

Four State Democratic Parties Add Marriage Redefinition To Their 2012 Platform

Battle over the Penn. Bible resolution reaches federal court

Churches Challenge Philadelphia’s Ban On Feeding Programs In Parks

Pennsylvania works to cut Planned Parenthood funds; Louisiana nears passage of fetal pain bill

PA to defund Planned Parenthood! | Catholic.org

Pennsylvania Lawmakers Attempting To Defund Planned Parenthood | Inquisitr

Bill to be Introduced in PA to Defund Planned Parenthood | Ms.

University Of Pennsylvania To Offer Tax Offsets To Employees In Same-Sex Relationships

Pennsylvania could be next state to de-fund Planned Parenthood

Pennsylvania Joins Rush To Defund Planned Parenthood | Care2

Planned Parenthood In Pennsylvania May Be Defunded | Huffington Post

Justice Joan Orie Melvin to step away from state Supreme Court to fight charges

White House nominates two to the M.D. Penn.

Penn. waiting for chance to protect marriage

PA: Union gripe targets abortion benefit

Mandate challenge premature? | One News Now

Feds want to nix Geneva College lawsuit | Beaver County Times

ACLU to challenge Pa. voter ID law in court

Student files pledge lawsuit against Pa. school

Pennsylvania: “Gay community applauds Brian Sims’ win for state House”

Planned Parenthood Loses 100K Targeting Legislative Candidate

Blue Dog Democrats trying to stave off extinction following Pennsylvania losses

Pittsburgh abortion clinic contests state findings

Planned Parenthood spends big in Pennsylvania special election to send GOP a message

3rd Circuit revives suit challenging pornography record keeping requirements

Pa. appeals court upholds awarding of frozen embryos to wife

ACLU, NAACP will sue over Pennsylvania voter ID law

Pennsylvania Asks Intrusive Questions for Non-Photo Voter ID

PA: Clergy show support for Valley High School 10 Commandments display

School District’s Ten Commandments Monument Stirs Controversy

PA: Religious School Not Exempt From Unemployment Compensation Coverage

PA: Superintendent Threatens Termination of Homeschooling

Pennsylvania DOMA legislation delayed

Pennsylvania Postpones Debate on Abortion Ultrasound Bill

DOMA at center of estate battle