Worker Admits Cutting 10 Babies At Abortion Clinic

A student has rights, no matter how small | One News Now

ACLU gives Chambersburg until Wednesday to permit Gay-Straight Alliance at high school; no board meeting scheduled

Federal Court Recognizes Elementary Students’ Free Speech Rights | Citizen Link

Court Rules Fifth Grader Can Invite Classmates to Church Party | Christian Post

Fifth Grader’s Right to Distribute Christmas Invitations at School Upheld | Christian Post

US appeals court OKs church invites at Barrett Elementary School | Pocono Record

US appeals court OKs church invites at Pa. school | (AP)

Fifth-grader can hand out Christmas party invitations in public school, court rules | The Morning Call

Church Invites OK at Pa. Public School: Court | MSNBC

Appeals Court tells PA school district that its policies are unconstitutional

3rd Circuit rules in favor of student prohibited from handing out Christmas party fliers | Alliance Defending Freedom

PA: Court Refuses To Dismiss Challenge To 10 Commandments Monument

Pa. Company Can Pursue Abortion Mandate Challenge

PA: Nonprofits told to justify tax exemption

Abortion Doctor Accused of Severing Babies’ Spines With Scissors

Pa. Abortion Doctor Goes on Trial in 8 Deaths

ACLU demands PA school remove sex site Internet filters

PA: Susquehanna Valley United Way ‘pauses’ Boy Scout contribution until homosexual policy settled

PA: House Judiciary Committee Leader Begins Impeachment Process Against Justice Melvin

Philly To Host Catholic Church Meeting Of Families

    AP: Philadelphia will host a large gathering of the Roman Catholic church called the World Meeting of Families in September 2015, an event expected to bring hundreds of thousands from around the world, church officials announced Monday.

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Philadelphia’s Burqa Crisis

PA: Good News Clubs Sue Claiming Unequal Treatment By School District

Contraceptive Mandate Challenge By Pennsylvania Diocese Dismissed On Ripeness Grounds

PA: Grassroots group keeping momentum going for Ten Commandment monument fight in Connellsville

Southwestern Pa. hospital to stop baby deliveries due to Obamacare

Atheists still not gleeful about Christmas | Alliance Defending Freedom

PA: ACLU may sue over Greensburg teens’ ‘sexting’ charges

PA: Community rallies behind ‘Song of Christmas’

Fight over mandatory retirement for PA judges moves to federal court

Pennsylvania to join federal exchange; impact on abortion issue unclear

PA: Connellsville school district attorneys defend Ten Commandments monolith

“Central Pa. GOP lawmaker Mike Fleck comes out as gay”

Philadelphia legislation would offer tax credits for health benefits to same-sex partners

Freethought Today gets restaurant ‘church discount’ | Freedom from Religion Foundation

Challenge To Contraceptive Coverage Mandate By Pittsburgh Diocese Dismissed On Ripeness and Standing Grounds

ACLU Files Brief in Support of City of Philadelphia in Boy Scouts Lawsuit

Obama Nominates Three for Judgeships in Eastern Pennsylvania

Obama nominates lesbian Latina judge to Pa. court

Swartzentruber Amish Moving From PA To Upstate New York to Escape Regulations

PA: Elanco School District eliminates meeting prayer, but that doesn’t stop its residents

“Analysts: Gay marriage OK remains unlikely in Pa.”

Pennsylvania Judges Claim Mandatory Retirement Violates Equal Protection Clause

    Dechert LLP: Six Pennsylvania judges filed a lawsuit today in Harrisburg claiming that a provision of the Pennsylvania Constitution, which mandates all Pennsylvania justices and judges retire at the end of the calendar year in which they turn 70, violates their rights under the Equal Protection and Due Process clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution and under Article I of the Pennsylvania Constitution.

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PA: Harrisburg City Council creates buffer around abortion clinics and other medical facilities

Mathematically possible? In 59 Philadelphia voting divisions, Mitt Romney got zero votes

PA: Suit On Discrimination Against Charter School Moves Ahead In Part

Western Pa. abortion protester to stay farther away from clinics to settle fed’s lawsuit

PA: Suit Charges Town With Forcing Property Owner To Display Church Sign

PA: Court Requires Street Preacher To Stay Back From School Bus Stops

Politics is the place where competing moral visions meet: A Statement on the 2012 Elections by the Pennsylvania Catholic Conference

ADF Lawyers Defend 5th Grade Student’s Right to Hand Out Christmas Fliers

Pocono Mountain School District lawsuit heard on federal appeal

3rd Circuit hears appeal over church party fliers | Times Online (AP)

How will 3rd Circuit rule on Christmas party invitations at school? | Alliance Defending Freedom

PA Legislator Introduces Reparative Therapy Ban

Pa. Federal Judge Puts DOMA Case in Suspense (subscription): A federal judge in Philadelphia has placed a closely-watched case involving the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act and the survivors of a deceased Cozen O’Connor partner on the suspense docket, effectively terminating the matter pending the outcome of other relevant cases. U.S. District Judge C. Darnell Jones II of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania heard arguments on DOMA’s constitutionality in Cozen O’Connor v. Tobits . . .

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PA: Federal District Court dismisses lawsuit challenging ‘Year of the Bible’

Illinois’ Illogical Attack on Conscience is Pennsylvania’s Gain | Casey Mattox at Townhall

PA judge says voter ID not allowed

Judge orders mediation for Pittsylvania prayers case

Pa. high court wants review of voter ID access

Pennsylvania Pro-Lifers Seek Vote to Stop Obamacare Abortion Funding

Pennsylvania Top Court Set to Hear Voter-ID Law Case

FFRF threatens two Penn. schools re: Commandments monuments

Atheists Attack Prayer in Pennsylvania, Lose One in Tennessee

PA Christian school claims teaching hiring decision over homosexuality doctrine, not disability

FFRF threatens several PA school boards over prayer at meetings

Fate of Pennsylvania’s voter ID law rests in the hands of 6 state Supreme Court justices

PA: Mom seeks heart transplant for autistic son: Disability shouldn’t be a death sentence

PA judge won’t stop state voter ID law