In memory of a great ADF ally and friend, Scott Shields

Penn. Company’s Faith-Based Sales Training Challenged By Former Employee

Philly abortion doc agrees to freeze most assets

Dickinson College adding unisex restrooms

PA: Union rallies against proposed cuts to higher education

Suit against Pocono Mountain teeters on fuzzy line between church, school

US school bans child’s Christmas party invites

Philadelphia: Blackwell wants prayer back in district schools

Post-Gosnell Inspections Close Two Problematic Abortion Centers

Another legal clash over students’ rights

“Girl sues school district over Christmas party invitations”

ABA Journal: 5th-Grader’s Church Christmas Party Fliers at Center of Discrimination Lawsuit

School That Prevented Student From Handing Out Church Party Invitations Faces Lawsuit

School Puts Kibosh on Church Party Invitations

School districts ban on 5th grader’s Christmas party invitation lands in federal court

Pa. elementary school: Invitations to children’s party OK…unless held at a church

School Bans Child From Passing Out Party Invites

Group protesting Planned Parenthood at Boehner’s West Chester office

Girl found safe in California after fleeing family’s arranged marriage plans

Judge: Gosnell Can’t Avoid Civil Lawsuit in Botched Abortion

Pennsylvania court reviewing teen’s abortion case

PA: ACLU targets Chick-fil-A practice

Licenses of Gosnell Abortion Biz Colleagues May be Yanked

PG, other news organizations seek to unseal abortion case

PA: Teen “rights” to abortion in dispute

PA: Local Senators back school voucher bill

PA: Baldwin Man Refuses To Take Down Crosses

Pa. man ordered to take down 24-foot cross in yard

PA: City ends ’1st Amendment maze’

‘House of Horrors’ abortionist made over $1.8 million/year, now claims to be broke

Pittsburgh settles abortion ‘speech zones’ lawsuit

School voucher debate heats up in Pa. Legislature

Police Officer Disciplined for Defending Christian Group’s Rights

    The New American: Randall Wenger, an attorney who is representing the case with the ADF, noted that Officer Armbruster “understood that police officers are called on to acknowledge and respect” the constitutional guarantees of American citizens, “including Christian pro-life advocates, who have the same First Amendment-protected rights to express their beliefs as everyone else. He should be commended for holding to his duty as a civil servant to protect — not violate — the free speech rights of the group he was told to arrest.” Tom Marcelle, senior counsel for the ADF, predicted a favorable decision from the Third Circuit Court within 60 days. “Placing an officer on unpaid leave, putting a disciplinary letter in his file jeopardizing his promotion to sergeant, and threatening him with termination is the wrong response to upholding his oath as a law enforcement official to obey the Constitution,” said Marcelle. “This case should never have been dismissed, and we’re optimistic that the 3rd Circuit will agree.”

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Break-Away Anglican Diocese Not Entitled To Episcopal Diocese Property

PA: Ellwood City Nativity gains support from Christian group

Taxpayers Stuck With Legal Bill for State Officials Ignoring Gosnell

Pennsylvania Supreme Court to review parental consent law after challenge

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Weighing Parental Consent Abortion Law

Chick-fil-A removed from IU South Bend campus for marriage seminar catering

Cop’s right to protect gospel preachers asserted in court

PA: Lawsuit filed against evolution

Clark Forsythe: The Supreme Court’s back alley runs through Philadelphia

An appeal to uphold the law: Pa. officer punished for not carrying out illegal order

Checks of Pa. abortion clinics find some problems

PA Senate committee passes Obamacare abortion funding opt-out

Why a gruesome PA abortion clinic had not been inspected for 17 years

PA: State tuition voucher proposal on path fraught with questions

Our forgotten Founder – William Penn

William Saletan: “Pro-choice absolutism and the grisly abortion scandal in Philadelphia”

    William Saletan writing at Slate: “It’s a tale of gore and nihilism—and an occasion for pro-choice advocates to reflect on the limits of reproductive freedom . . . [According to the pro-choice absolutist view] there’s no moral difference between eight, 18, and 28 weeks. No one has the right to judge another person’s abortion decision, regardless of her stage of pregnancy. Each woman is entitled to decide not only whether to have an abortion, but how long she can wait to make that choice . . . It’s one thing to preach these ideas in the lefty blogosphere. It’s quite another to see them in practice. That’s where Kermit Gosnell, the doctor at the center of the Philadelphia scandal, comes in.”

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Robert George: A lesson from Philadelphia

PA: When defining sexual oriented businesses, local municipalities cross into hot territory

PA: Allentown extends same-sex medical benefits

PA: State officials kept looking the other way on clinic, report finds

Abortion practitioner killed seven babies with scissors

Pa. abortion doc charged with 8 counts of murder

Pro-life organization sends 120 buses to National March for Life

Pa. district wants bus-stop evangelism put to end

Death of female partner puts Cozen firm in center of same-sex marriage comity case

PA: Former West Chester teacher faces federal porn charges

PA: 69 year old Clearfield man arrested for possession of child porn

State-Level Marriage Battles Heat Up

Chick-fil-A Head Responds to Marriage Event Controversy

PA: Haverford’s gender identity discrimination proposal sparks more debate

PA: Rendell assails proposed school-voucher plan

Pennsylvania Family Institute: “Gay blog gives misleading information about Chick-fil-A co-sponsorship”

A Penn. push for parental involvement rights

Pittsburgh loses appeal of strip club approval

Pennsylvania Supreme Court reviews abortion rules

Pennsylvania parental consent abortion law gets legal aid

ADF attorneys, pro-life groups: Parental involvement more needed for abortions than for body piercings