Transgender teen wins settlement with South Carolina DMV

Advocates seek to remove antiquated religious test laws

South Carolina college denounces homosexuality after two volleyball players come out as gay

Forming partners among the ‘faith-based community’

School prayer back in focus of Pickens County School Board

South Carolina lawmakers campaign for freedom of association

    FIRE: Since the Supreme Court’s 2010 decision in Christian Legal Society v. Martinez, religious student organizations at colleges and universities across the country have struggled with a dilemma: accept all students as voting leaders or members in accordance with so-called “all-comers” policies, regardless of their agreement with the club’s beliefs, or forego official recognition by the college and all the resources that comes with such recognition. In response to this ongoing dilemma, South Carolina’s Republican members of Congress have signed on to a letter urging universities in the state to protect religious student groups by allowing them to limit membership or leadership positions to those who are fully committed to the mission of the group. Other student organizations should take note, because the same principles of freedom of association should protect all political or belief-based groups.

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Humanists challenging school prayers want judge to decide without going to trial

S.C. Republicans to colleges: Don’t interfere with with campus religious groups

Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act moves forward in South Carolina

Atheists seek to end ban on secularists holding public office in seven states

Prayer, locale at center of 5th-grade graduation squabble

Same-sex marriages can go ahead in South Carolina

Atheist suit against SC school for hosting graduation in Christian chapel to be reheard in district court

Board tables prayer policy vote

South Carolina Supreme Court halts same-sex marriage licenses

SC Attorney General makes statement on same-sex marriage

SC will keep fighting for marriage law

After Town of Greece Supreme Court decision, school board mulling sectarian prayer policy

School board pushes for prayer after high court ruling

South Carolina Senate sets up vote on bill to ban abortions after 20 weeks

Clemson: Freedom from Religion group misconstrued facts

Clemson football coach lives out faith, under scrutiny

Winthrop University students put wire hangers into lawn to ridicule pro-life efforts

Atheist group accuses Clemson football program of “Christian worship”

SC bills could outlaw abortion, most contraception

SC elementary school fights for right to hold graduation at university chapel | OneNewsNow

South Carolina legislator seeks to give God credit for state fossil

Abortion doc admitting privileges bill advances to South Carolina Senate floor

South Carolina House advances 20-week abortion ban

Why are atheists up in arms over fifth-grade graduation? | Charisma News

ADF: Atheist group’s objections to SC school’s graduation ceremony unfounded

Lawyer in common law divorce suit challenges SC marriage amendment

    WYFF: “A lawsuit filed in Greenville this week could challenge the state’s ban on same-sex marriage. Cathy Swicegood, of Mauldin, is seeking a divorce from her female partner of 13 years. But because Swicegood was never legally married, she has no legal protections under South Carolina law . . . ‘We are seeking the courts to issue an order that says both South Carolina laws that ban same-sex marriage are unconstitutional, not only under the South Carolina constitution, but more importantly under the United States constitution,’ he said.”

    South Carolina Amendment 1

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SC bill that could close abortion clinics advances

Bill banning abortion at 20 weeks heads to SC House

Toal wins historic duel for SC chief justice post

20-week abortion ban considered in SC House

Showdown time in S.C. Supreme Court chief justice race

SC: Bill would allow same-sex couples to file joint tax returns

“Employment discrimination tops S.C. gay advocates’ agenda”

Insurance Company Must Defend South Carolina Episcopal Church In Trademark Suit By Breakaway Diocese

SC: Democrats Water Down School Prayer Proposal

Let school kids sing Christmas carols | (Gannett)

South Carolina Democrats back bill calling for mandatory daily prayers in public schools

Atheist threats to Christian program unconstitutional | One News Now

Secularists Still Trying To Bully Christmas From The Public Square | Alan Sears at Alliance Defending Freedom

A Victory for Comfort and Common Sense | Joel Oster at Speak Up Movement

Atheist Group Seeks to Deny Poor Children Christmas Gifts | Charisma News

Atheist group seeks to deny poor children Christmas gifts | Alliance Defending Freedom

SC: Judge refuses to block prayer, graduation at churches for Greenville Co. schools

Religious carols reinstated for charter school concert | One News Now

Group Working to Spread the Truth About the Constitutionality of Christmas | Doug Napier on O’Reilly Factor Video

Anti-faith Humbugs Ensure ‘tis The Season To Be … Litigious | Alan Sears at Alliance Defending Freedom

Religious Expression in Public Flares During Christmas Season | Sunshine State News

    Lisa Beth Folch at Sunshine State News: Those who oppose the religious side of Christmas say it violates separation of church and state. This is one of the many fallacies put to rest by Alliance Defending Freedom, which has stepped in to clarify many misconceptions about the constitutionality of celebrating Christmas in a public arena. Roughly 13,000 letters were sent to school districts all over the nation, including in Florida, explaining the Constitution and debunking typical myths. For example, they said OK to sing traditional Christmas carols and say, “Merry Christmas,” even at school . . . Jeremy Tedesco, senior legal counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom, told Sunshine State News, “In the past few weeks, Alliance Defending Freedom sent letters to three schools that had banned religious Christmas carols from their music programs. Each school quickly reversed its decision. As these three victories demonstrate, we often find that once schools are educated about the law in this area they are more than willing to stand up against the fear and misinformation spread by groups like the ACLU.” [more]

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Legal-Courts Religious carols reinstated for charter school concert | One News Now

The Buzz: War on Christmas and Confederate angels | The State

SC School Lifts Ban on Religious Christmas Carols | Charisma News

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Christmas Toy Drive for Schools Is Constitutional, Lawyer Contends | NC Register

S.C. charter school bans Christmas carols with religious tone | Washington Times

‘The Definition Of Bullying’: Church Vs. State Threat Leads Another School To Cut Ties With ‘operation Christmas Child’ | The Blaze

Charter School Reportedly Bans Students From Performing ‘joy To The World’ And ‘oh Come All Ye Faithful’ | The Blaze

SC School Bans Religious Christmas Carols—Even Without Mention of Christ | Charisma

School declares no ‘Joy’ for the faithful this Christmas | BizPacReview

South Carolina School Bans Christmas Carols From Concert After Receiving Legal Threat From Secularist Organization | Christian Post

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