South Dakotans believe FLDS polygamist group wants to expand

Judge rules South Dakota’s voter-approved marriage amendment unconstitutional

Judge rules South Dakota’s marriage law unconstitutional

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Six South Dakota couples file same-sex marriage lawsuit

ADF to S.D. school: Ignore empty ACLU threats

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South Dakota couple prepares to challenge marriage amendment

South Dakota panel deadlocks on sex-selection abortion ban

South Dakota kills bill to ban dismembering and decapitating babies during abortion

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SD panel passes abortion ban for gender selection

SD: Bill protecting clergy dies in committee

SD: Senate Bill 66 would protect clergy who refuse to officiate at same-sex “marriages”

SD: Small Grocery store ordered to pay $50K for transgender discrimination

Pregnancy Center Counselors Prepare For Surge: New law pending that requires visit to state-approved advisers before abortion | WND

Rapid City Says the Best Policy is No Policy At All | Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty

South Dakota City Opts For No Formal Prayer Policy In Face Of Challenge

Council considers six options for prayer policy | Rapid City Journal

SD Sen. Johnson Says He Now Supports Marriage Redefinition

Planned Parenthood amends complaint in response to S.D. informed consent law

South Dakota governor signs extended abortion wait period law

South Dakota governor signs extended abortion wait period law

SD: Meade County Commission votes 4-1 to open in prayer

SD: Pastor reads scripture to council before praying sectarian prayer

SD Senate panel OKs longer abortion wait

SD Senate panel approves longer abortion wait

Major Push To Get Christians To Voting Booth: 12 states ID’d as key to restoring Judeo-Christian heritage

SD: Case law precedent murky on prayer before government meetings

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SD: Rapid City Council Under Attack For Prayer At Meetings

SD: Group challenges prayer before Rapid City council meetings

SD: Committee keeps law allowing people to sue others for breaking up their marriage

Court upholds South Dakota’s informed-consent law | Christian Examiner

SD: Evangelist files free speech lawsuit against Mines

Abortion lobby lawsuits cost South Dakota $377,735

Steve Aden: “South Dakota lawmakers: abortion can lead to suicide”

8th Circuit upholds South Dakota abortion informed consent law

Judge lets part of SD abortion law take effect

Criminal charges against pro-life advocates dropped in South Dakota

McConchie and Harned: Obamacare abortion mandate withers

SD Senate panel OKs abortion-law modifications

Planned Parenthood: Don’t Tell Women of Abortion-Suicide Link

South Dakota Supreme Court Refuses To Order Church Dissolution Because of Religious Issues Involved

SD: Study of Bible in state’s schools

Alan E. Sears: In South Dakota, Strengthened Legal Efforts to Protect Preborn Children

Crisis pregnancy centers enter suit over state anti-abortion law

South Dakota Law Stopping Forced Abortions Gets Legal Help

ADF: Court says pregnancy help centers can defend SD abortion waiting period law

Court Allows Pregnancy Centers To Intervene In Establishment Clause Challenge To Informed Consent Abortion Law

4 South Dakota casinos sue state Department of Revenue over tax on promotional dollars

So. Dakota’s ‘informed consent’ still under scrutiny

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ADF: Planned Parenthood losing grip on S.D. abortion law as 8th Circuit grants another review

En Banc 8th Circuit to hear arguments over SD abortion law in January

South Dakota High Court says statute of limitations bars alleged 40 year old clergy abuse

What a woman must know before aborting

Appeals court upholds critical portions of South Dakota informed consent law

Court: State can tell pregnant women of ‘existing relationship’ with baby

Court Rules in Favor of S.D. Pro-Life Law

SD: Abortionists ordered to follow disputed ‘informed consent’ law

Court: South Dakota Law Telling Women Abortion Risks OK

8th Circuit rules on South Dakota abortion informed consent laws

South Dakota Will Fight for 72-Hour Abortion Wait Law