Bible Belt state considering legalizing assisted suicide

Court rules in favor of public school district sued by teachers for contracting with Christian school

6th Circuit: Tenn. school district can contract with Christian academy to run non-religious program

48-hour abortion waiting period signed into Tennessee law

Tennessee Gov. signs 48-hour waiting period into law

Federal court in Tenn. upholds prayer before public meetings

Popular “Bible Man” banned from schools due to one atheist mom’s request

Tennessee Senate shelves bill that would name Bible as state book

Tennessee house of representatives approves Bible as official state book

Advocates seek to remove antiquated religious test laws

Atheists want law removed that bars them from office

Tennessee Supreme Court upholds spiritual healing exemption interpreted narrowly

    Religion Clause: Viewed in context, it is apparent that the legislative intent was for the exemption to apply to members of religious bodies which, like the Church of Christian Science, are established institutions with doctrines or customs that authorize healers within the church to perform spiritual treatment via prayer in lieu of medical care. Because the exemption is effectively limited to members of religious groups that closely resemble the Christian Science Church, the terms at issue are not so vague that the scope of the exemption “cannot be ascertained.”

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Tennessee legislator wants the Bible to become official state book

US church’s website is hacked by ISIS

Tennessee bill would require women hear about alternatives to abortions before receiving one

Atheists seek to end ban on secularists holding public office in seven states

US state considers requiring ultrasounds before abortions

No Constitutional right to same-sex marriage, Circuit court rules

Court upholds four marriage laws; will Supreme Court review?

Sixth Circuit decision to uphold marriage part of tend, conservatives say

Court upholds marriage in four states

Tennessee Amendment 1 abortion measure passes

Southern Baptists admit errors on homosexuality but reject same-sex marriage affirming churches

Abortion capital of the Bible Belt? Tennessee vote tests that idea

ETSU wonders about impact of sex week

The surrogate who changed her mind

A conservative Christian’s reflections on life in the legal ivory tower

    Canon and Culture: Tish Warren’s recent essay in Christianity Today brought many questions back up to the surface for me and many Christians who have been associated with Vanderbilt University over the past few years. Did we do everything we could to stand up for truth in a loving and compassionate way during the debates over religious association policies? What role did we play as we urged administrators to realize we are not the equivalent of segregationists and we just want to ensure our Christian organization leaders are in fact followers of Christ? What lessons can other students at other schools learn from what we went through?

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Same-sex marriage obstacles fall in conservative states

Tennessee school board’s push for prayer may be met with lawsuits

Pro-life amendments considered in TN, ND

Hats off to the University of Tennessee for standing up for public prayer

Tennesee cheerleaders cleverly defy school prayer ban. Or did they?

Bob Cooper replaced as Tennessee Attorney General

On disrespectable Christianity

The wrong kind of Christian

‘Bless you’ ban is just silly, says attorney

Student ‘suspended’ for saying ‘bless you’ in class; Assistant Principal claims it’s not ‘religious issue’

Same-sex marriage freight train derailed in Tenn.

Marriage policy should be worked out in the states

Tennessee’s marriage law is constitutional, judge rules; breaks streak of marriage losses

String of same-sex marriage rulings broken

One court, three judges and four states with same-sex marriage cases

Appeals panel hearing arguments in 6 same-sex marriage cases from 4 states

Gacek: No fundamental right to same-sex marriage

To keep health care coverage, Tennessee couple separates

Four-way hearing on same-sex marriage

Supreme Court rejects attempt to shut down mosque

Abortion activists call volunteer state pro-lifers the “Tennessee Taliban”

Tennessee: same-sex marriage ruling put on hold, law “unsettled”

“Gay marriage first in Tenn.: Woman listed as father on birth certificate” | Chicago Tribune

Union Univ. sues over requirement for abortion-causing drugs

ACLU-TN protects student’s right to read Bible at school

Murfreesboro mosque judge recuses self from hearing

Federal judge denies Tennessee’s request for stay in marriage recognition case

UT volunteers to change speech policy – after lawsuit filed | OneNewsNow

Tennessee governor appeals same-sex “marriage” order

New Murfreesboro lawsuit challenges Muslim cemetery

Tennessee special court upholds judicial retention elections

Judge: Tenn. must recognize 3 same-sex “marriages”

Knoxville, TN mayor calls on area clergy to talk up Affordable Care Act

Bill shields Tenn. school religious displays from suits

Ex-U.S. magistrate who changed baby’s name from “Messiah” censured

Settlement fixes vague UT-Knoxville speech policy

Tenn. senator abandons “refusal of service” religious liberty bill

TN bill would let wedding vendors refuse service if same-sex “marriage” ban struck down

Thomas More Society: Walgreens fires pharmacist for refusing to violate religious beliefs

TN lawmaker under fire for religious liberty bill

Tennessee judge who ordered name change for baby Messiah fired

Petitions block Chattanooga’s new domestic partner benefits law