UTC To Move To Moment Of Silence, Rather Than Prayer, Prior To Football Games

Alan E. Sears: Court Rulings Secure Greater Religious Freedom For All Americans

Atheists Attack Prayer in Pennsylvania, Lose One in Tennessee

TN: Commission prayers continue; Rabbi withdraws, for now

ADF: Comment on Hamilton County, Tenn., prayer decision

FFRF plans to sue Memphis City Council over prayers

Atheist Group Attacks Schools in Tennessee, Mississippi Over Prayer at Athletic Events

Gov. Haslam aide says Tennessee isn’t pushing Islamic code

Atheist group asks U. Tenn.-Chattanooga to stop game day prayer

Abortion Biz Closes in Knoxville, Tennessee; Can’t Comply With Law

Senate Contender in TN Asks Judge to Void Primary, Claims Winner is Member of “Hate Group”

“American Laws for American Courts” and Civil Jury Trials

Hamilton Co., TN Commissioners upset with School Board, open with lengthy prayer

FFRF and Whiteville, TN settle lawsuit over crosses

Controversial Tennessee mosque set to open doors

Fight against Islam stretches beyond Murfreesboro mosque

TN: Little-noticed order reverses ban against judges’ political donations

Federal judge hears prayer policy arguments

TN: Sharia law, super PACs roil GOP primary

Hamilton County Commission Defends Prayer Policy | Citizen Link

TN: Judge To Rule Later In County Commission Prayer Case

6th Circuit: Undue Hardship Showing In Title VII Case Refers to Hardship On Employer, Not Employees

Will Tenn. county’s prayers be censored?

TN: Knox Commission considers written prayer policy

Political notebook: Judges retreat from lawsuit over judge selection

Angry Resolutions and Legal Warfare: Islamophobia in Tennessee

TN: Knox committee sends prayer at meetings policy to commission

TN: Tea Party supports prayer, opposition holds rally

Judge grants Tenn. mosque’s petition to open, DOJ files suit

Tennessee mosque sues to open

Tennessee Pastor Challenges Law on Poisonous Snakes for Worship

TN: Judge In Hamilton Co. Federal Prayer Case Wants Briefs On New Prayer Policy

TN: Prayer opponents removed from County Commission meeting

Nate Kellum: Federal government gives $400,000 to Memphis Planned Parenthood

Hamilton County Commission adopts new prayer policy

Tennessee enacts strongest ban on explicit sex-ed in U.S. after oral sex demo.

TN: Hamilton County commission, attorney sued for praying at meetings

Filmmaker switches sides, says Tennessee mosque is part of Islamic plot

TN: Hamilton County Commission prays; residents object

Judge’s ruling stops construction of Tennessee mosque, finding public didn’t get enough notice

TN: Court Upholds Termination of Catholic School Principal, Rejecting Retaliatory Discharge Claim

TN: Freedom From Religious Group Objects To Prayer At County Commission Meetings

Man who had 30 kids with 11 women wants child-support break

Congressional group joins campaign against Vanderbilt U.

Vanderbilt Baptist Collegiate Ministry to decline registered status

TN: “Gay Posting in High School Yearbook Causes Outrage”

TN Gov. plans to veto Vanderbilt bill

David French: “The Battle of Vanderbilt: The Tennessee Legislature Comes Through”

TN: Lenoir City Schools faces more scrutiny from religious freedom group

Tennessee Passes Abstinence-Based “Gateway Sexual Activity” Bill

Travis Barham: Vanderbilt’s Mask Slips, Revealing Its Hostility to Christians

Christian groups differ on compliance with Vanderbilt policy

David French: Why Universities Can’t Grant Religious Liberty

    David French at Minding the Campus: For generations, universities have sought to expand state power, confident in their autonomy and in the enduring power of their “university values.” But what if “university values” are not state values? Legislation protecting religious liberty at public universities has been enacted in Ohio and is now proposed in Tennessee. What if taxpayers decide that they no longer want to pour vast sums into institutions that reject and despise their values and traditions? The state, after all, is a jealous state. And you shall not put “university values” before it

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Sixth Circuit rules in favor of campus preacher

Tennessee teachers can pray with students outside of class

State roundup: pro-life bills move forward in Tennessee, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Iowa

CLS: “Vanderbilt to Christian student organization: Drop commitment to Jesus Christ for leaders”

David French: “The Battle of Vanderbilt: The Tennessee Legislature Steps Up”

Nashville community gathers on Vanderbilt’s campus to pray for Vanderbilt Board of Trust

    Vanderbilt University students and members of the Nashville community, including singer Ricky Skaggs, will gather on Vanderbilt’s campus to worship and pray that God would bless administrators and members of the Board of Trust with wisdom. The attendees will also pray that God would prepare the hearts of those in the faith community to respond in a way that reflects Christ, no matter the outcome of decisions made in this week’s Vanderbilt Board of Trust meeting, April 19-20.

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Vanderbilt students go viral with religious freedom message

Baptist group will remain on Vanderbilt campus

Vandy Christian groups ‘resolute,’ campus exodus an option

Tennessee Law Opens Door to Creationism In Science Classes

Law School’s ABA Antitrust Lawsuit is Dying a Slow Death

TN: Hundreds pray outside Loudon County courthouse

Tennessee: Abortion Docs Must Have Hospital Admitting Privs

Tennessee Legislature Passes Bill On Teaching of Evolution and Similar Topics

Freedom from Religion Foundation complaint to Tennessee police department rebuffed

TN: Bill OKs school prayer participation of personnel

Suit Against Tenn. School District Regarding Student Bible Study Fails | Christian Post