Advocates seek to remove antiquated religious test laws

Fifth Circuit affirms school’s rejection of Jesus tattooed jumbotron ad

Appeals Court upholds district’s refusal to air ‘Jesus Tattoo’ ad

ETX principal targeted by anti-religion groups for reportedly quoting Bible verses over intercom

Court case on tattooed Jesus goes to appeals court

Update: Orthodox Jewish house of worship says Dallas is ‘attacking [our] religious liberty rights’

Abortion measure modeled after Texas restrictions blocked in Senate

‘Jesus Tattoo’ claims discrimination in Texas school district court case over rejection of Christian ad

‘Jesus Tattoo’ website sues Texas school for discrimination (video)

School district can’t pick and choose which religious speech it allows

ADF: ‘Jesus Tattoo’ ad is protected free speech

Religious freedom win in Texas

Texas county issues its first marriage license to same-sex couple; Texas Supreme Court issues stay halting other marriages

Texas attorney general says same-sex couple’s marriage is void

Texas Supreme Court blocks same-sex marriage licenses

Texas judge says state’s marriage law is unconstitutional

Travis judge rules Texas marriage law unconstitutional

Texas lawmaker crafting bill to protect rights of unborn when mother is brain dead

Chaplains commend Air Force for retaining article about airman’s humanitarian work

Group provides women free “abortion doulas” to take them to their abortions

Attorney: Defenders of Houston’s ordinance getting desperate

12 Year old ‘brain dead’ boy breathing on his own after Texas hospital tried to end life support against parent’s wishes

Religious freedom laws limit reach of Homeowners Association rules

Boy in coma starts breathing after doctors declare him “brain dead,” try to remove life support

Texas boy in coma starts breathing after doctors insist he’s ‘brain dead’

New life, new hope for youngster in coma

Texas boy breathing on his own after hospital tried to have him declared ‘brain dead’ against parents’ wishes

Texas hospital tries to pull plug on comatose 12-year-old against parents’ wishes

What The New York Times gets wrong about religious liberty

Court blocks San Antonio Planned Parenthood from opening massive new abortion clinic

Fourth and Fifth Circuits confront abortion exceptionalism

Former U.S. Congressman Frank Wolf named Wilson Chair in Religious Freedom at Baylor University

Why don’t abortion advocates care about women’s safety?

Judge rejects mayor’s demand in transgender fight

Issue same-sex marriage license, lose your salary, Texas bill would tell state employees

Houston, we still have a problem: Mayor at it again

Texas abortion clinic rules tested in appeals court

Same-sex marriage showdown in the Fifth Circuit on Friday

Protesters rally against Plano’s equal rights ordinance

U.S. Court weighs Texas law’s burden on women seeking abortions

Atheists seek to end ban on secularists holding public office in seven states

Two lawyers in Texas are saving lives and helping the pro-life movement all for free

Texas conservatives boldly reclaim textbooks

    One News Now: The controversial changes were highly contested by the five Democratic board members who voted against adopting the conservative changes. They argued that global warming should be portrayed as a scientific fact and that Islam should be shown in a positive light as a religion of peace – while playing down or altogether avoiding any discussion of Moses as a historical figure that helped shape America’s democracy through the adoption of his laws and principles written in the Pentateuch of the Bible.

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Ordinance repeal on Fayetteville ballot

Texas asks judge to uphold marriage law during appeal

Springfield opponents not alone in fighting nondiscrimination ordinance

Publisher withdraws controversial textbook in Texas

Freedom of speech, religion, and the power of the state

Civil rights commissioner: Forcing Catholic colleges to fund abortion shows ‘contempt’ for religious liberty

U.S. Civil Rights Commissioner points out threats to religious liberty in CA, DC

Texas’s latest history textbook tussle

US civil rights commissioner takes Calif., DC to task over bills that violate religious freedom

In typical fashion, atheists ‘distort’ 1st Amendment

Latino voters in Texas abandoned Wendy Davis because of her abortion advocacy

Texas abortion restrictions on judicial roller coaster

Pastor: I’d go to jail before funding abortion

Pastor’s defiant response to California’s abortion mandate: ‘We will take this to the point of being jailed if necessary’

Pro-life groups, doctors ask 5th Circuit to uphold Texas law against cut-and-run abortionists

Atheists block voluntary anti-drug, anti-bullying programs due to ‘Christian ties’

Atheists sink voluntary anti-bullying, anti-drugs education program in Texas schools

Time to obey God rather than man