Texas ban on Confederate flag on license plates upheld

Supreme Court says Texas can keep Confederate flag off license plates

Texas can keep Confederate flag off license plates, Supreme Court rules

Opinion analysis: The message determines the right

Justice Thomas sides with liberals in blocking Confederate license plate

Supreme Court rules Texas can reject Confederate flag license plates

Supreme Court holds specialty license plates are “government speech”

Texas Governor Abbott signs House Bill 3074 into law

Court upholds Texas pro-life law closing abortion clinics, saving 10,000 from abortion

Texas clinics plan Supreme Court petition over abortion law

Who wrote for the majority in controversial abortion decision?

‘Devastating’ Texas abortion law on road to US Supreme Court

Court upholds key parts of Texas’ strict anti-abortion law

Strict regulation of Texas abortion clinics upheld

Supreme Court may be next stop for Texas abortion law

Court upholds law that gutted Texas abortion industry

Planned Parenthood lying to Texas women about cancer screenings

U.S. appeals court upholds restrictive Texas abortion law

Court upholds Texas law criticized as blocking access to abortions

5th Circuit upholds Texas law against cut-and-run abortionists

Pastor Protection bill passes TX House, Senate

No more subpoenaed sermons: TX lawmakers approve protection for pastors

Texas House passes pastor protection bill

Texas bill would change process for minors to obtain a court-ordered abortion

Texas judge disciplined for religious-cultural bias

School board sued over invocation policy

Tattooed Jesus, yoga, and the debate over school endorsement of religion

Tex. bill would bar local officials from issuing same-sex-marriage licenses

State Senate moves first to pass first Pro-Life bill of the 84th Session of the Texas Legislature

Senator delays Texas religious freedom bill

Texas chef says feeding homeless in park is protected by state’s RFRA

Pastors descend on Texas Capitol to support bill protecting them from performing same-sex marriages

San Antonio chef charged with feeding the homeless cites religious freedom law

Texas shouldn’t retreat from religious freedom bill

Houston Baptist University and other Texas groups fight federal birth control rules

Some Texas lawmakers oppose changing religious objection law

Court hears Texas Baptist universities’ HHS challenge

ADF heads to appeals court of ‘Jesus tattoo’ ad

Hyping same-sex marriage deep in the heart of Texas

    First Things: Texas is a big place, and as Robert Wuthnow has recently reminded us in Rough Country: How Texas Became America’s Most Powerful Bible-Belt State, it has an oversized role in matters of religion and politics. That is one reason why the recent Texas Monthly cover story of falling head over heels for gay marriage struck me as significant. Now, a month later, the reviews are in. The April “Roar of the Crowd” letters section describes a “voluminous inrush of response,” often including the magazine itself, returned in protest. The staff seems likely, however, to take the rebuke as a badge of honor.

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Texas Democrats seek to cut funds for abortion alternatives

Federal audit: Planned Parenthood of North Texas overbilled taxpayers

Is this Jesus ad too religious for the jumbotron?

ADF to full 5th Circuit: ‘Jesus Tattoo’ ad is protected free speech

Advocates seek to remove antiquated religious test laws

Fifth Circuit affirms school’s rejection of Jesus tattooed jumbotron ad

Appeals Court upholds district’s refusal to air ‘Jesus Tattoo’ ad

ETX principal targeted by anti-religion groups for reportedly quoting Bible verses over intercom

Court case on tattooed Jesus goes to appeals court

Update: Orthodox Jewish house of worship says Dallas is ‘attacking [our] religious liberty rights’

Abortion measure modeled after Texas restrictions blocked in Senate

‘Jesus Tattoo’ claims discrimination in Texas school district court case over rejection of Christian ad

‘Jesus Tattoo’ website sues Texas school for discrimination (video)

School district can’t pick and choose which religious speech it allows

ADF: ‘Jesus Tattoo’ ad is protected free speech

Religious freedom win in Texas

Texas county issues its first marriage license to same-sex couple; Texas Supreme Court issues stay halting other marriages

Texas attorney general says same-sex couple’s marriage is void

Texas Supreme Court blocks same-sex marriage licenses

Texas judge says state’s marriage law is unconstitutional

Travis judge rules Texas marriage law unconstitutional

Texas lawmaker crafting bill to protect rights of unborn when mother is brain dead

Chaplains commend Air Force for retaining article about airman’s humanitarian work

Group provides women free “abortion doulas” to take them to their abortions

Attorney: Defenders of Houston’s ordinance getting desperate

12 Year old ‘brain dead’ boy breathing on his own after Texas hospital tried to end life support against parent’s wishes

Religious freedom laws limit reach of Homeowners Association rules

Boy in coma starts breathing after doctors declare him “brain dead,” try to remove life support

Texas boy in coma starts breathing after doctors insist he’s ‘brain dead’

New life, new hope for youngster in coma

Texas boy breathing on his own after hospital tried to have him declared ‘brain dead’ against parents’ wishes