Several abortion clinics close after court enforces Texas pro-life law

Appeals Court Panel allows Texas to immediately enforce provisions of pro-life H.B.2

Man takes mentally disabled teen he raped to two abortion clinics, neither report abuse

Abortion rights protesters assemble outside court

Abortion clinic to reopen in Texas this weekend after ruling

Appeals court rejects Greg Abbott’s request to enforce Texas law closing abortion clinics

Abortion provider soon to reopen on Texas border

Court rejects Texas’ appeal to uphold safety standards at abortion clinics

Legal wars on abortion heating up

Judge blocks enforcement of Louisiana abortion law

Pro-life laws are reducing the abortion rate

After ‘Tattoo Jesus,’ new ‘Death Row Jesus’ campaign with a powerful message

Creator of ‘Tattoo Jesus’ launches ‘Death Row Jesus’ campaign

Higher ground: Sis boom Bible

Texas cheerleaders take Bible banner fight to state Supreme Court

Texas cheerleaders take Bible banner case to state Supreme Court

Texas abortion clinics ask judge to stop new law

ADF asks 5th Circuit to uphold Texas marriage laws

Texas pro-life law closes yet another abortion clinic

What should the pro-life movement make of this “marked decrease” with Texas abortions?

The dangerous implication in the Fifth Circuit’s abortion ruling

Man takes pregnant 12-year-old he raped to three abortion clinics, none report the abuse

Texas abortions down 13 percent since law changed

Half of Texas abortion clinics close after restrictions enacted

Planned Parenthood setting up new abortion clinic in Dallas

Most women get late-term abortions for birth control reasons

Court rules in favor of Austin pro-life centers

Pro-life women helping centers win in challenge to Austin, Texas ordinance

Houston Mayor defends controversial ordinance critics say will allow men in women’s bathrooms

Should an image of Jesus Christ bearing sin’s tattoos be allowed in schools?

Appeal filed over ‘Jesus Tattoo’ ad barred from jumbotron

Controversial ordinance goes into effect in Texas if activists are unable to repeal

Law of Life Project celebrates free speech victory

Court voids Austin pregnancy-center law

Court strikes down Austin, Texas law designed to shutter pregnancy centers

Anti-pregnancy center law struck down

Court strikes down Austin, Texas anti-pregnancy care law

Judge grants temporary restraining order to keep man alive

Judge stops Texas man’s estranged wife from starving him to death

Former Planned Parenthood abortion clinic turned into children’s learning center

Preacher arrested for crossing police barricade blocking Christians found not guilty

Texas abortion regulations bar ‘Gosnell of Texas’ from performing abortions, but his clinics are still open

Abortionist who kills babies born alive (like Kermit Gosnell) forced to stop doing abortions

Another Texas abortion clinic bites the dust

Houston passes controversial equal rights ordinance ‘HERO’, led by openly gay mayor Annise Parker

Another Texas abortion clinic closes down: Killeen Women’s Health Center shuts down in Austin

Why abortion-rights advocates should fear the Supreme Court

    National Journal: The abortion-rights movement is on the verge of a massive gamble. The movement is trying to roll back a wave of state laws that have successfully curtailed access to abortion, and their best hope for doing so—perhaps their only hope for doing so—is likely a ruling from the Supreme Court. Advocates could soon get their wish: A Texas antiabortion law appears headed to the high court as soon as its next session, and a ruling against it could put other states’ abortion restrictions on the shakiest of legal ground.

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Judge sides with Texas school district in ‘Tattoo Jesus’ lawsuit

Christian man loses battle with school district over tattooed Jesus billboard

Texas abortion clinic transports woman to hospital where abortionist holds no hospital privileges

Federal judge rules in favor of Lubbock ISD in Jesus Tattoo lawsuit

Houston passes controversial Equal Rights Ordinance

20th Abortion clinic closes in Texas after abortionist is denied hospital privileges

Dallas abortion clinic stops doing abortions thanks to Texas’ pro-life law

Lesbian Houston Mayor promotes ordinance to allow men in women’s restrooms

Policy change over Bible ban mooted lawsuit

Religious freedom, free speech threatened by Houston’s LGBT ordinance

State district judge deems Texas’ restrictions on same-sex “marriage” unconstitutional

Student told by teacher not to bring Bible to class; school district responds

Texans who are against redefining marriage are now in the slight minority

Dallas judge reinstates privileges for two abortion doctors

Court order allows Dallas synagogue to operate while lawsuit proceeds

Texas abortion providers sue over restrictive law

Give me liberty or give me business?

The problem with same-sex “marriage” and procreation

Judge stops man’s estranged wife from starving him to death

5th Circuit paves way for Supreme Court showdown on chemical abortion regulations

Judge extends order 60 days to keep Texas man from being starved to death

Appeals court upholds Texas pro-life law Wendy Davis opposed that closed abortion clinics | LifeNews

5th Circuit upholds Texas law protecting women from cut-and-run abortionists

Texas Judge Costa moves to full Senate vote

5th Circuit upholds new Texas abortion rules

Judge issues order to prevent Texas man from being starved to death | Charisma News

Judge issues order to prevent Texas man from being starved to death