Texas abortion clinics to stay open, reopen following Supreme Court decision

Three reasons that Houston’s subpoenas are a big deal

City not backing off on ‘the Houston 5′

Houston still doesn’t get it with ‘revised’ subpoenas

    ADF Media: “The city of Houston still doesn’t get it. It thinks that by changing nothing in its subpoenas other than to remove the word ‘sermons’ that it has solved the problem. That solves nothing. Even though the pastors are not parties in this lawsuit, the subpoenas still demand from them 17 different categories of information – information that encompasses speeches made by the pastors and private communications with their church members. As we have stated many times, the problem is the subpoenas themselves; they must be rescinded entirely. The city must respect the First Amendment and abandon its illegitimate mission to invade the private communications of pastors for the purpose of strong-arming them into silence in a lawsuit that concerns nothing more than the authenticity of citizen petitions.” -Erik Stanley

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SCOTUS halts Texas pro-life law at the request of abortion industry

Houston we have a problem…and a Constitution!

Court action means TX must keep defending new abortion clinic laws

No support for claim that Houston is ‘backing off’ subpoenas

    ADF Media: “The shame that the city of Houston has brought upon itself is real, but the claim that it has changed course is not. The city has so far taken no concrete action to withdraw the subpoenas. Furthermore, the subpoenas themselves are the problem – not just their request for pastors’ sermons. The city is not off the hook from its illegitimate request for e-mails, text messages, and other communications in which these pastors, who are not even party to this lawsuit, may have disagreed with the mayor. The way to fix this is to withdraw the subpoenas entirely. Otherwise, the city’s and the mayor’s overtures are simply more window-dressing intended to shield them from public scrutiny.” -Christiana Holcomb

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High court blocks key parts of Texas abortion law

Court blocks abortion limits in Texas

Supreme Court halts Texas pro-life law that stopped abortions at over a dozen clinics

(Update) Houston, we have a problem

Sen. Cruz: City of Houston Has No Business Asking Pastors for Sermons

US Supreme Court places temporary hold on part of Texas abortion bill

    ADF Media: “Texans have the freedom to prioritize women’s health and safety over the bottom line of abortionists, and this good law affirms that. The Supreme Court’s decision only temporarily and partially prevents the Texas law from going into effect while the 5th Circuit finishes hearing the case. While that is disappointing, it should cause no great alarm. The state’s requirement against cut-and-run abortionists remains in effect for all but two abortion facilities. The restriction on abortions after 20 weeks on unborn children who can feel pain was never challenged and remains in effect today. Likewise, the limitations on chemical abortions up to seven weeks gestation and prohibiting abortionists from sending women home alone to abort have been upheld and remain in effect. We remain confident that the entirety of Texas’s law will ultimately be upheld.” -Casey Mattox

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Houston demands oversight of sermons

City of Houston demands pastors turn over sermons

Houston seeks review of pastors’ sermons after lawsuit filed over ‘bathroom bill’ initiative

City of Houston to pastors: Show us your sermons

US city subpoenas pastors’ sermons in culture war witch hunt

Houston pastors fight city’s oversight of sermons

City of Houston demands pastors turn over sermons

Voter lawsuit prompts Houston city council to ‘subpoena sermons’ as a new motion is filed

Full Fifth Circuit won’t hear Texas abortion case

5th Circuit affirms law to protect women

Pro-abortionists ask Supreme Court to stop enforcement of Texas pro-life law upheld by appeals court

Planned Parenthood closes Waco, Texas abortion biz that killed 19,000 babies in abortions

Several abortion clinics close after court enforces Texas pro-life law

Appeals Court Panel allows Texas to immediately enforce provisions of pro-life H.B.2

Man takes mentally disabled teen he raped to two abortion clinics, neither report abuse

Abortion rights protesters assemble outside court

Abortion clinic to reopen in Texas this weekend after ruling

Appeals court rejects Greg Abbott’s request to enforce Texas law closing abortion clinics

Abortion provider soon to reopen on Texas border

Court rejects Texas’ appeal to uphold safety standards at abortion clinics

Legal wars on abortion heating up

Judge blocks enforcement of Louisiana abortion law

Pro-life laws are reducing the abortion rate

After ‘Tattoo Jesus,’ new ‘Death Row Jesus’ campaign with a powerful message

Creator of ‘Tattoo Jesus’ launches ‘Death Row Jesus’ campaign

Higher ground: Sis boom Bible

Texas cheerleaders take Bible banner fight to state Supreme Court

Texas cheerleaders take Bible banner case to state Supreme Court

Texas abortion clinics ask judge to stop new law

ADF asks 5th Circuit to uphold Texas marriage laws

Texas pro-life law closes yet another abortion clinic

What should the pro-life movement make of this “marked decrease” with Texas abortions?

The dangerous implication in the Fifth Circuit’s abortion ruling

Man takes pregnant 12-year-old he raped to three abortion clinics, none report the abuse

Texas abortions down 13 percent since law changed

Half of Texas abortion clinics close after restrictions enacted

Planned Parenthood setting up new abortion clinic in Dallas

Most women get late-term abortions for birth control reasons

Court rules in favor of Austin pro-life centers

Pro-life women helping centers win in challenge to Austin, Texas ordinance

Houston Mayor defends controversial ordinance critics say will allow men in women’s bathrooms