County clerks in Utah poring over new law on access to marriage ceremonies

Mormon leaders laud ‘traditional families,’ warn against ‘counterfeit’ lifestyles

Marriage law shouldn’t permit ‘poisonous’ polygamy, says ex-FLDS member

The “Utah Compromise”

Utah passes antidiscrimination bill backed by Mormon leaders

Is Utah’s religious liberty bill good policy?

Mormon church backs Utah anti-discrimination bill

Groups in Utah to announce compromise anti-discrimination measure

Proposed religious liberty bill will be limited to sexual orientation and gender identity

Illinois professor could help Utah draft religious liberty, nondiscrimination bill

Officer in parade controversy speaks out on religious liberty

Officer in same-sex pride parade incident speaks out

Balancing religious rights, nondiscrimination a tall order for Utah lawmakers

Gov. Herbert nominates 3rd District Judge Deno Himonas to Utah Supreme Court

Can public officials refuse to perform same-sex marriages for religious reasons?

ADF offers guidance to Wis., Ind., Utah officials responsible for issuing marriage licenses

Poll: Utahns evenly split as Supreme Court considers gay marriage

Utah to appeal polygamy ruling in ‘Sister Wives’ case

The Catholic/Evangelical/Baptist/LDS/Lutheran amicus curiae brief in support of cert in the Utah same-sex marriage case

Petition supporting traditional marriage delivered to Gov. Herbert

Frank Pignanelli and LaVarr Webb: Same-sex marriage survey results raise questions

Utah argues for more time to file appeal in same-sex marriage case

Utah, Virginia, Oklahoma appeal same-sex ‘marriage’ rulings to U.S. Supreme Court

Three states file appeals with U.S. Supreme Court over same-sex marriage

Both sides in same-sex marriage fight agree: Justices must act

Judges’ dissents on marriage ruling offer hope

Utah appeals to U.S. Supreme Court in marriage case

Supreme Court blocks recognition of Utah same-sex marriages

Utah asks Supreme Court to put same-sex marriage recognition order on hold

DOJ set to support overturning of marriage laws in Supreme Court

Federal appeals court strikes down Utah marriage law, Okla. awaits ruling from same panel

Politicians, groups react to same-sex marriage ruling

Divided federal appeals court strikes down Utah’s marriage law

Court rules marriage must be redefined under fourteenth amendment. Why that’s wrong.

Re: Tenth Circuit ruling against Utah’s marriage laws

Federal appeals court overturns Utah’s same-sex marriage law

Not all religious liberty cases are black and white. Many are gray.

Officer says he didn’t refuse pride parade assignment

Utah police officer suspended for refusing to work at openly lewd ‘gay pride’ parade

10th Circuit Court extends stay in Utah ruling validating same-sex marriages

Utah appeals ruling to recognize same-sex marriages

States should respect voters’ views on marriage

Utah must recognize same-sex marriages performed during 17 days before stay; but this order temporarily stayed also

Utah Supreme Court halts same-sex adoption cases

Texas seizes polygamist group’s secluded ranch

Utah, Oklahoma same-sex “marriage” cases on parallel track | Deseret News

10th Circuit panel that heard Utah’s arguments last week will hear Okla.’s same-sex “marriage” case

Utah attorney general encourages traditional marriage supporters to “take the high road”

“Next step for marriage equality” | National Law Journal

First gay marriage cases reach appeals court level | CBN News

SCOTUSblog analysis of 10th Circuit hearing in Kitchen v. Herbert

10th Circuit panel hears arguments in Utah marriage case

Utah asks appeals court to block judge’s orders in adoption cases

Same-sex marriage battle escalates to force Supreme Court decision on constitutionality | Washington Post

Wild-card 10th Circuit judge is deciding vote in marriage cases

Utah same-sex “marriage” debate shifts to appeals court Thursday

Utah’s lawyers have the resolve to defend traditional marriage

Utah governor signs bill to beef up adoption rules

10th Circuit panel selected for Utah marriage case

Opponents in Utah, Okla. same-sex “marriage” lawsuits clash over impact on kids

Ex-FLDS man wins child custody case involving Warren Jeffs

Jury sides with family in polygamist sect lawsuit

Cooke attorneys question cop’s testimony in polygamous town civil rights trial

Utah brief: Marriage ruling “a judicial wrecking-ball”

Utah’s decision to freeze same-sex “marriages” debated in court

The Atlantic: “The real polygamous, feminist wives of Salt Lake City”

Utah Senate backs bill changing abortion guidelines when mother’s life at risk

Western U.S. Republicans to urge 10th Circuit to redefine marriage

Same-sex couples claim Utah AG wrongly intervening in adoption cases

Utah tells judges to reject adoption petitions filed by same-sex couples

Same-sex “marriage” advocates file brief in Utah case

Polygamy bill yanked from the Utah legislature

Fathers sue Utah over law allowing mothers to secretly give up babies for adoption

    FOX News: “A dozen men are suing the state of Utah in federal court because of a law that allows mothers to put their babies up for adoption without the biological father’s consent, or sometimes even knowledge. The civil rights lawsuit claims the Utah Adoption Act has resulted in what amounts to ‘legalized fraud and kidnapping.’”

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LDS Church, other faiths say traditional marriage is crucial to children, society