Massachusetts High Court: Civil Union “Equivalent” To Marriage

Vermont town cracks down on pro-lifers, may make protests more visible

Staver: Appeal Vermont anti-prayer ruling

Court Rules Town Meeting Prayer Violates Vermont Constitution

Vermont ordinance could ban pro-lifers from protesting at Planned Parenthood clinic

Vermont Senate rejects assisted suicide bill

Vermont to Vote on Measure to Legalize Assisted Suicide

GLAD Argues One Spouse At A Time Rule Applies to Civil Unions As Well As Marriages

Vermont Court Decides It Can Adjudicate Church’s Factional Dispute

Vt. governor ‘disappointed’ at assisted suicide bill’s demise

Vt. town suspends traditional prayer at meeting

VT: Franklin Town defends prayer

Vt. woman, ACLU ask judge to ban Town Meeting prayer

Vermont woman asks judge to ban Town Meeting prayer

Va. man surrenders in Vt. lesbian custody case

US prosecutors reach plea deal with missionary who helped natural mom in Vt. lesbian custody case

Same-sex couple files discrimination suit against owners of Vermont inn

Alan E. Sears: Outing The Wildflower Inn

“Vermont governor presides over lesbians’ marriage”

ACLU sues Vermont resort for refusing lesbian wedding

A fight over a girl, and God’s law

VT: School Censors Religious Words in Graduation Speech

    Fox News: A high school valedictorian in Vermont was forbidden by school administers from delivering nearly half of his graduation speech in which he discussed how Jesus had changed his life.  ”I was just sharing a story about my life and how it was changed,” said Kyle Gearwar, the valedictorian at Fair Haven Union High School. “And as an American and as a valedictorian I felt that I should have been able to do that.”

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Vermont: Missionary pleads not guilty to helping natural mom take child from former lesbian partner

Assisted suicide getting nowhere in Vermont

Vt. Law School lifts ban on military recruiters

Pastor Is Accused of Helping to Kidnap Girl at Center of Lesbian Custody Fight

Pastor free on bond in Vt. lesbian-custody case

Vermont: ACLU Sues Over Town Meeting Prayer

Vt. unions rally in support of Wisconsin workers

2nd Circuit Upholds Dismissal of Street Preacher’s Challenge To Noise Ordinance

Vermont: “JN36TN” OK with DMV

Vt. won’t appeal religious vanity plate decision

Vt. won’t appeal religious vanity plate decision

Matthew Sharp: Vermont had no license to censor vanity plates

Vt. high school dance canceled; some upset by ban

Vermont, Montana lead battles over assisted suicide in 2011

Conservatives defend DOMA amid more lawsuits

Supreme Court allows child custody ruling in favor of former lesbian partner versus mom to stand

Civil “rights” gained on the backs of little children

Vermont Gov. candidate vows to legalize assisted suicide if elected

Vt. Supreme Court approves transfer of custody from mom to former lesbian partner

One in ten teens has same-sex partners: study

Vermont DMV accepts John 3:16

Nose piercing,license plate win protection –

Vanity Plates, the First Amendment, and a Judge on the Rise

    Andrew Cohen writes at Politics Daily: “Judge Livingston then delivered the coup de grace. “The infirmities in Vermont’s application of its own statute are amply demonstrated by the case at bar. Byrne applied for the plate JN36TN, which the state refused to issue because Byrne’s supplied meaning indicated his intent to refer to the biblical passage John 3:16. However, as Byrne argues, and the record supports, Vermont would have approved that very same combination had Byrne supplied a secular meaning for it – e.g., `[M]y name is John, I am 36, [and] I was born in Tennessee.’”

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2nd Circuit Overturns Religious License Plate Restriction

2nd Circuit: Reference to John 3:16 on Vt. license plate is protected free speech

Vt. school cancels dance over raunchy moves, drugs

Same-Sex “Marriage” Law, One Year Later

Decade after Vt. civil unions, issue reverberates

    Associated Press: “A decade after Vermont became the first state to recognize same-sex couples, it is one of five states that have expanded beyond civil unions to offer full-fledged same-sex marriage. But it’s still a hotly debated issue in many parts of the country. Voters in California and Maine overturned same-sex marriage, and 29 states have passed laws or constitutional amendments against it.”

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Vt. court hears arguments in lesbian custody case

Vt Supreme Court to hear lesbian custody appeal

Vt. lawyer: Girl, Va. lesbian mom may have fled US

Gov. Douglas signs bill streamlining Vermont courts

    Associated Press: “Thirty-six years after Vermonters voted to unify the court system, Gov. Jim Douglas on Thursday signed a bill to implement those changes . . . Under the 369-page bill Douglas signed, probate court districts no longer will follow the borders of Vermont’s 14 counties; instead the courts will have five probate districts, with rural counties bunched together and the most populous, Chittenden, forming its own district. New probate judges will be required to be lawyers.”

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“Girl, Va. mom missing from Vt. gay custody fight”

NY Appeals Court: ex lesbian partner can seek visitation despite biological parent’s wishes

NC: An update on the battle over marriage redefinition

VT: Use of state money for Boy Scouts comes under fire

Lisa Miller’s Daughter Appeared Traumatized by Visits with Lesbian ‘Mother,’ Court Documents Reveal

Virginia Court of Appeals rules again Miller v. Jenkins, child custody case

Vermont judge orders arrest of mom for refusing to turn daughter over to former lesbian partner

Lisa Miller safe for now: Virginia judge refuses to issue arrest warrant

Second fatal crash revives fetus debate: Mothers call to change law but find opposition

Judge Gives Miller 30 Days to Transfer Daughter to Former Lesbian Lover or Face Arrest

Judge extends lesbian custody suit, finds Lisa Miller in contempt of court

Michael Medved: Custody Case Highlights Artificiality of Same Sex “Marriage”

Vermont custody disputes highlights legal consequences of same-sex unions

Christian Mother Fails to Transfer Daughter to Former Lesbian Partner by Deadline

Vermont: Proposed laws target fetal killings

Vt. judge won’t delay transfer of child from mother to former lesbian partner

Custody Battle Between Lesbian-Turned-Christian, Ex-Partner Reaches Va. Appeals Court

Lisa Miller Case With Conflict Between States Over Same-Sex Union at Court of Appeals