Appeals panel rejects Virginia marriage law

Supreme Court poised to revisit same-sex marriage issue

Same-sex marriage one step closer to Supreme Court

Federal appeals court strikes down Virginia marriage law

Lovers and labels in coverage of same-sex marriage ruling

Video: Attorney general won’t defend N.C. marriage law

Appeals court rejects Virginia marriage law

U.S. appeals court strikes down Virginia’s marriage law

Appeals panel strikes down Virginia marriage law

Why this judge dissented – and said there is no right to same-sex marriage

Appeals court upholds decision overturning Virginia’s marriage law

4th Circuit strikes down Va. marriage amendment, clerk considering appeal

Campuses in Virginia are refusing to help those who seek to deal with unwanted same-sex attraction

Court tells VA community colleges to loosen free-speech rules

Va. Christian student wins free speech lawsuit; 23 college campuses agree to change policy

Lawsuit results in speech policy changes at VA community colleges

ADF lawsuit results in speech policy changes at 23 Va. college campuses

McAuliffe and Herring going rogue in Richmond

Student wins lawsuit against college after being ordered to stop preaching in school courtyard

Victory! College student can preach on campus

Judge: 4th Circuit just a “way station” to Supreme Court

Idaho ruling hardly small potatoes

Virginia’s same-sex marriage case before federal panel

Eyes on Virginia as same-sex marriage case advances in court

Appeals court judges seem sharply divided over Virginia ban on same-sex marriage

Divided panel hears Virginia case for and against same-sex marriage

Virginia same-sex marriage could come down to states’ rights vs. equal protection

Marriage and the race to the Supreme Court: what to look for at the Fourth Circuit

Austin R. Nimocks responds to media after his oral arguments in Virginia

Fairfax County proposes anti-Bible study ordinance

Overturn judge’s ruling, restore real marriage in Virginia

U.S. appeals court in Va. to hear same-sex marriage case

NC same-sex marriage cases will wait for federal appeals hearing next week

Virginia Christian warns proposed zoning law may shut down home Bible studies

Chaplains encourage Va. legislators to override governor’s veto

Va. community colleges relax speech restrictions

Va. college system eliminates “free speech zones”

Settlement sought in free speech case by Christian student at TNCC | Daily Press

“Next step for marriage equality” | National Law Journal

Virginia: Amid public pressure, McAuliffe OKs prayer rally time

Virginia AG files brief supporting redefinition of marriage

The Federalist interviews Ken Cuccinelli

    The Federalist interviews Ken Cuccinelli: “On our side I would say that a lot of people, including many on our side meaning conservative/liberations, forget we’re a natural law country. That that is the foundation on which we built the greatest country in the history of the world and that that foundation comes from God. And a lot of people have a real problem with that. And people on our side, many are embarrassed of it. The other side I will tell you, when I use those kinds of arguments I have never had the other side do anything other than sort of sit there dumb and mute. And they don’t have a retort to it because it’s so rather obvious in the founding history that there’s really no denying it, that it was a critical element on building the foundation we’ve got.”

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Arlington Catholic Diocese employee says same-sex “marriage” cost him his job

Rule on campus preaching suspended after lawsuit | The Virginian-Pilot

Virginia voters vs. one judge: County clerk defending state’s marriage law | OneNewsNow

Christian student files lawsuit against Va. college for barring him from preaching on campus | Christian Post

Lawsuit: Student talking about Jesus told to shut up | The College Fix

County clerk to 4th Circuit: Uphold Va. marriage amendment

Federal judge stays ruling in Va. marriage case Harris v. Rainey

Christian student barred from preaching on community college campus files suit | Christian News

Defendants: Gay-marriage ruling could allow other unions | The Virginian-Pilot

Backers of Virginia’s marriage laws file briefs in appeal

Christian student sues TNCC, asserting college violated his rights | Daily Press

Student sues Va. college system over preaching issue | Virginian-Pilot

TNCC student sues in freedom of speech case | AP

Va. college sued for prohibiting student speech

4th Circuit to follow expedited schedule for Virginia marriage case

“Notice of appeal in Va. gay marriage ruling filed” | AP

VA school prayer bill passes, but not by veto-proof vote

Briefing set for Virginia marriage appeal in 4th Circuit

Second judge ponders Virginia’s same-sex “marriage” ban

More states likely to ban sexual-orientation change therapy

George Mason U. to offer gender-neutral housing next fall

Va. marriage ruling prompts little reaction from Cuccinelli

Virginia the latest state to be impacted by court ruling on same-sex “marriage” | Aleteia

Fight over same-sex “marriage” moving to federal courts | AP

VA: Locke’s abortion bill killed in House