Virginia AG won’t defend “unconstitutional” marriage amendment

Va. Senate passes school prayer bill

VA: “Bill cracks down on conversion therapy for gay minors”

Virginia lawmaker seeks to clarify education law on religious exemptions

VA emerging as key state in marriage fight

Virginia lawmakers table proposed repeal of constitutional ban on same-sex “marriage”

“Democratic Virginia lawmakers press gay rights bills”

Outgoing Cuccinelli issues opinions on same-sex “marriage,” abortion

Roanoke County Board of Supervisors discusses prayer policy | Roanoke Times

Hearing set in Virginia marriage challenge

Pro-Life Virginians Rally Against New Pro-Abortion Administration

    NC Register: “We don’t want this pro-abortion executive team to think it is their job to dismantle the protective laws that have been put in place by the pro-life elected representatives of Virginia — who were also put there by solid pro-life voters,” explained Olivia Gans Turner, president of the Virginia Society for Human Life. She said the fear among pro-life leaders is that McAuliffe will target the state’s crisis-pregnancy centers in retaliation for regulations that force the state’s abortion businesses to conform to codes for ambulatory surgical centers.

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GOP’s concedes Va. AG race, Dems hold all statewide offices

Legal battle over marriage moves to the South

ACLU: New Department of Taxation policy discriminates against LGBT Virginians

Why Didn’t Va. Expand Medicaid? Don’t Trust Federal Promises, Governor Says

McCauliffe: First Executive Order Will Address Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Self-sabotage: The Republican Party establishment sunk Ken Cuccinelli’s campaign, conservatives say

Close result in Va. governor’s race hardens GOP divisions

Rush Limbaugh Uncorks On Major Republican ‘betrayal’

GOP Establishment Can’t Have It Both Ways, Failed Cucinelli

Cuccinelli Beat McAuliffe 51% to 42% Among Women—Who Are Married

Cuccinelli Campaign Says National GOP Abandoned Them: ‘We Were On Our Own’

Ron Paul To Virginians: ‘Insane’ To Vote For ‘libertarian’ Robert Sarvis

Hearing on Virginia’s marriage challenge

Virginia Supreme Court holds that advertising rules may be applied to a lawyer’s blog

Abortion a fiery issue in Va. governor’s race

Court Rejects Minister’s Challenge To Social Security Number On Driver’s License Application

Planned Parenthood spent over $1 million on ads slamming pro-life candidate for Virginia governor

Parents group urges Va.: Don’t fund gay-transvestite student centers with taxpayer dollars

Cuccinelli pays the price for the GOP’s ‘truce strategy’ on abortion

Advocates in contest to argue marriage redefinition at SCOTUS | BuzzFeed

Federal Court orders National Park Service to reopen park

Judge allows lawsuit against Virginia abortion clinic regulations to go forward

Court Won’t Hear Va. Appeal Over Sodomy Law

ACLU eyes district wide prayer event at Richmond schools

Prop 8 legal team joins case against Va. marriage

Va. starting to develop a master identity database

Virginia Governor: McAuliffe (D) 44%, Cuccinelli (R) 38%

Ads to hit Terry McAuliffe on abortion, business

4th Circuit: Clicking ‘like’ On Facebook Is Free Speech

Virginia’s next governor will determine whether most abortion clinics close

Mcauliffe Vows To Keep Sub-standard Abortion Clinics Open If Elected

Virginia: “Democrats plotting to kill same-sex marriage ban?”

“McDonnell says Virginia National Guard will provide benefits to gay couples”

VA: Pittsylvania board to appeal meeting prayer ruling

Bedford, VA: Praying for government

Va. county told to pay tab for prayer fight: $53,229

Islam in America: Mosques Popping Up Across US

Supreme Court asked to revive Virginia’s anti-sodomy law

Virginia sodomy case calls scope of Lawrence v. Texas into question

Washington Post Gets it Wrong on Freedom, Homeschooling | Scott Woodruff at HSLDA

VA: Magistrate recommends Pittsylvania pay $53K to ACLU for prayers

US Supreme Court receives response to Va. AG’s petition to stay anti-sodomy law ruling

Response filed on bid to stay Va. sodomy ruling

VA: Century-old Danville church vandalized with Satanic message

ACLU lawsuit challenges marriage in Virginia

Student’s home-schooling highlights debate over Virginia religious exemption law

Norfolk lawsuit seeks to redefine marriage in Virginia

Cuccinelli, McAuliffe spar at Va. gubernatorial debate

Richmond, Virginia: “3 councilmen propose gay-marriage ordinance”

Fairfax City abortion clinic, busiest in Virginia, closes

No JD? No Problem, Say 5 States (That You Might Not Know About)

HRC poll shows most Virginians oppose marriage redefinition

Fairfax City council votes to require abortion clinics to get special permit, council approval

ACLU and Lambda Legal file three new marriage challenges: NC, PA, VA

Study: 60 percent of Richmond families are single parent, 86% of black families are single parent

“Can You Still Win an Election If You’re Against Gay People?” | National Journal

Abortion foes focus on vote in Virginia

Abortion Clinic Worker Helped Friend Give Birth, Let Newborn Infant Die

Virginia’s changing views on marriage | Washington Post Poll

Virginia Abortions Drop 18 Percent as New Pro-Life Laws Passed

Cleaning up the Big Abortion machine | Denise Burke of AUL at Washington Times

Virginia Board Oks Stricter Building Standards For Abortion Clinics | Baptist Press at Townhall