West Virginia overrides Governor’s veto, passes law banning abortion after 20 weeks

West Virginia becomes the eleventh state to protect pain-capable children as legislature overrides Governor Tomblin’s veto

West Virginia legislature passes the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act

Group says teacher memorial at school violates First Amendment

West Virginia State House passes ban on abortions after 20 weeks

West Virginia committee passes ban on abortions after 20 weeks

West Virginia elects America’s youngest state lawmaker

Legendary coach axed from graduation over complaints about religious speech

WV Senate President to Governor: call special session to address Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act

Wrestlers’ team motto criticized: first the shirts, and now the gym wall

Wrestling shirt that quotes scripture subject of controversy

W. Va. pro-lifers seek special session to overturn veto of 20-week abortion ban

West Virginia governor vetoes 20-week abortion bill

ADF to W.Va. governor: Bill protecting babies from pain is sound

Jim Geraghty: The coming huge fight over abortion — among Democrats

Joe Manchin: I support 20-week abortion limit in principle

W.Va. House passes abortion restriction bill; now goes to governor to sign into law

W.Va. Senate plans to modify 20-week abortion bill

WV: House passes 20-week abortion ban

W.Va. House panel OKs bill to limit abortions

WV legislature votes down bill banning abortions after 20 weeks

W.Va. Senate President Jeff Kessler introduces “gay and lesbian non-discrimination bill”

Judge: Most of suit challenging WV marriage protection amendment can proceed

W.Va. Supreme Court votes Davis chief justice for 2014

WV AG asks court to throw suit challenging marriage

Defense Secretary Chastises State National Guards That Are Refusing To Issue ID To Same-Sex Spouses

Lambda Legal suit challenges marriage in West Virginia

    Lambda Legal: In the lawsuit, Lambda Legal, joined by pro bono co-counsel from Tinney Law Firm and Jenner & Block, argues that West Virginia’s marriage ban unfairly discriminates against same-sex couples and their children and sends a purposeful message that lesbians, gay men, and their children are second-class citizens who are undeserving of the legal sanction, respect, protections, and support that different-sex couples and their families are able to enjoy through marriage.
    Read the complaint—http://www.lambdalegal.org/in-court/legal-docs/mcgee_wv_20131001_complaint-for-declaratory-and-injunctive-relief

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EEOC Sues Over Company’s Refusal To Accommodate Religious Objection To Biometric Hand Scanning

W.Va. House GOP leader: Abortion fight not over

WV: Armstead backs AG’s probe of abortion clinic regs

Planned Parenthood Lets The Mask Slip In West Virginia | Casey Mattox

FPCWV press conference Monday will announce next step in campaign to bring accountability to abortionists

Want To Protect Women in West Virginia? | Michael Avramovich at Touchstone

Tell the West Virginia Attorney General: Inspect and Close Abortion Clinics

WV: Wyoming County Prosecutor Did the Right Thing on Ten Commandments

Another Contraceptive Coverage Mandate Challenge Filed By Small Business

W.Va. AG Morrisey to review abortion regulation in state | Daily Mail

FPCWV calls for immediate safety stand-down of abortion industry in WV

WV: Principal reverses dress code decision

WV: Church trustees sue Huntington over municipal land use regulations

Sunday Sit-Down: West Virginia Supreme Court Chief Justice Brent Benjamin

West Virginia Bill Updates When a Marriage Can be Voided

Major Push To Get Christians To Voting Booth: 12 states ID’d as key to restoring Judeo-Christian heritage

WV: Former WVU Coach Don Nehlen to speak at 2nd annual Gubernatorial Prayer Breakfast

West Virginia college students overwhelmingly reject Planned Parenthood campus group

WV Poll: Republican Capito has wide lead over possible challengers

GOP Divide Surfaces Early In 2014 Senate Contest

Protecting Student Religious Liberty at the West Virginia Legislature | Jeremy Dys at Engage Family Minute

WV: Court Continues Order For State To Home School Senior Who Objects To Immunizations

FPC of WV, ADF Stand with Students Praying Before Football Games

    WDTV.com: “Christian students have the right to peacefully express their faith at school. They do not shed their constitutional freedoms at the schoolhouse gate or in the stadium parking lot,” said Jeremy Dys, president and general counsel of the FPCWV. “Misinformed public school officials should not cater to pressure from activists who demand that religious students be silenced; rather, they should understand that the Constitution permits students to pray—and pray publicly—before football games.” . . . “Our government and courts have already spoken: students have a constitutionally protected right to participate in peaceful, public expressions of prayer and worship. Alliance Defending Freedom and the Family Policy Council of West Virginia stand with students across West Virginia as they exercise their religious liberty,” said Alliance Defending Freedom Legal Counsel Matt Sharp.

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The Family Policy Council of WV, Alliance Defending Freedom stand with students praying before football games

West Virginia Voting Map Upheld by U.S. Supreme Court

West Virginia school stops prayer before football games

Judical Elections Campaign Spending: NYT vs. Empirical Evidence

    Carrie Severino at National Review: Last Friday the West Virginia Supreme Court stopped Allan Loughry, a candidate for the West Virginia supreme court, from receiving additional public funding — funding that was triggered after the campaign expenditures of Mr. Loughrey’s opponent, Justice Robin Davis, crossed a certain threshold. The court found, in part, that because Mr. Laughrey’s additional public funding could neutralize Justice Davis’s campaign expenditures, the funds would violate Justice Davis’s political speech rights.

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ACLU sues W.Va. district over single-sex classes

WV: Six families sue West Virginia over new vaccine rule

US restaurant chain attacked for supporting marriage | Christian Concern

University Wants to Boot Chick-fil-A, Christian Group Warns | Newsmax

Family Policy Council warns W. Virginia U. that Chick-Fil-A retaliation could lead to legal liability

Snapshots of 10 states with biggest pension gaps

Thacker sworn in as federal appeals judge

Graduation controversy: Mercer Board: PikeView can use church as venue for ceremony

West Virginia: 88% of Pro-Life Candidates Win Primaries

Family Policy Council of West Virginia Announces 2012 Gubernatorial Prayer Breakfast

U.S. Senate confirms Thacker to federal appeals court

Engaging the Issues: Austin Nimocks – Discrimination laws and religious freedom

WV: Passing a Solution for Which there is No Problem

West Virginia Legislature Takes Bold Step in Strengthening Marriage in West Virginia | FPC of WV

WV Pregnancy Care Centers: Abuse, Abortion, Healing and a Call to Churches | Audio

Supreme Court rejects appeals in student speech cases

WV delegates introduce bill to limit sexually oriented businesses

WV: State of the Family Address