Three reasons SOGI laws are being defeated

After anti-discrimination vote, opponents vow to continue fight for religious people

Wyoming Senate passes anti-discrimination bill

[Updated] Amended religious freedom bill passes Wyoming House

Wyoming House Judiciary Committee passes RFRA bill

Bonner elected to president of Wyoming State Bar

Wyoming judge lets same-sex marriage lawsuit continue

Judge denies Catholic Diocese’s injunction request

Wyoming governor affirms marriage is between one man, one woman

ACLU seeks to oppose diocese in birth control suit

Wyoming couples sue to overturn marriage amendment

Wyoming Catholic College joins Diocese of Cheyenne’s suit against HHS mandate

Liz Cheney Quitting Bid To Unseat Wyoming’s Enzi

Wyoming Governor Appoints Pro-Abortion Attorney to State Supreme Court

Liz Cheney’s campaign challenge, family strife ‘bruising’ Wyoming Republicans

“Dick Cheney daughters Liz and Mary in gay marriage spat”

“Sister of Liz Cheney says she’s ‘dead wrong’ in opposition to gay marriage”

“Liz Cheney says gay marriage should be decided by the states”

Liz Cheney to appear in court over errant fishing license

Wyoming Senate race between Cheney, Enzi is new battle in GOP’s war

“Wyoming Senate primary pits pro-gay ‘marriage’ Republican Cheney against pro-marriage incumbent Enzi”

Grover Norquist open to backing Cheney over Enzi

Liz Cheney Would Be Fourth Republican Senator To Back Marriage Redefinition

Gop Committee To Back Enzi Over Liz Cheney

Liz Cheney to primary Sen. Enzi in Wyoming

Senate Confirms Wyoming AG For Appeals Court Seat

“In Conservative Wyoming, Signs of a Thaw on Same-Sex Marriage”

    NY Times: For State Representative Cathy Connolly, Wyoming’s only openly gay legislator, this winter brought a rare moment of promise: her bill to create domestic partnerships advanced further than anything like it in the history of this deep red state — sailing through committee and onto the floor of the full House. Victory seemed possible.

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“Wyoming Lawmakers See Movement On Gay Issues” | AP

Obama nominates Wyoming attorney general for appeals court

Wyoming House votes down civil unions bill

Wyoming Senate panel advances sexual orientation bill

WY lawmakers face anti-abortion bills

ACLU says new ‘nonsectarian’ prayer at Jackson Hole Rodeo is illegal

Clinton Era Roadless Rule Headed to the Supreme Court?

WY: Abortion Protests And Counter Protests Begin In Jackson

Speech ban imposed in Wyoming’s capitol | One News Now

Wyoming Officials Admit They Violated Pro-Life Group’s Rights

ADF: Wyoming officials admit to violating First Amendment

Santorum takes Kansas, Romney strong in Wyoming

Wyoming homeschooling threat averted

Judge denies WyWatch suit

WyWatch attorney: Lawsuit isn’t pointless | Wyoming Tribune

Judge hears Wyoming anti-abortion group’s request

College charging for free speech | One News Now

Wyoming AG asks federal judge to rule against family values group in abortion protest case

Wyoming officials ban public displays in Herschler Gallery | Wyoming Tribune

Maricopa Community College Charging People For Sharing Religious Faith

Building Commission blocks tunnel protests | Wyoming Tribune Eagle Online

WY: Officials ban public displays in tunnel | Billings Gazette

Pro-life group sues state

WyWatch sues state over anti-abortion display

Group Sues Wyoming Officials Over Abortion Protests

    K2 Radio: “We’re interested in protecting First Amendment rights across the country in situations like this where a group is being singled out because of their religious expression and that expression is being banned, even where other groups are allowed to erect similar displays and similar viewpoints in the area,” said Jonathan Scruggs, a lawyer for the Alliance Defense Fund. Scruggs said WyWatch Family Action wants to put up materials communicating members’ belief that “life begins in the womb.” “I don’t think it’s the type of situation where it’s any type of gruesome photo or anything along those lines, where it’s a baby that’s been aborted, or a fetus that’s been aborted,” Scruggs. “It’s more of a depiction of a baby in the womb.”

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Wyo. Supreme Court considers limits to keep pro-life protesters away from Boy Scouts

Wyoming Supreme Court Grants Same-Sex Couple a Divorce | AmLaw Daily

Wyoming Supreme Court: State can grant same-sex couple a “divorce”

WY: Pro-life group targets Jackson clinic

Wyoming officials seek legal advice on prayer circle events

    Billings Gazette: Becky Vandeberghe, president of WyWatch Family Action, referred questions about the complaints to the Alliance Defense Fund. The fund attorneys sent a letter Monday to the state attorney general’s office and other state agencies on behalf of WyWatch . . . The lack of a clear state policy creates a vague situation that is problematic under the First Amendment, Jonathan Scruggs, an attorney for the Alliance Defense Fund, said Wednesday in a telephone interview. Scruggs said his group hopes the state will respond accordingly and allow WyWatch to continue displaying photos and other materials. “All we’re asking for is, not special treatment, but equal treatment,” he said.

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Top Wyo. elected officials seek legal advice on lobbying in tunnel linking Capitol to building

Wyoming: Two GOP Senators kill marriage legislation

Marriage amendment dies in Wyo. House

WY: Court rejects lawmakers’ brief in divorce case

WY: Court rejects lawmakers’ brief in divorce case

Wyoming House marriage bill differs from the Senate

WY: Senate passes HB 74, grants access to courts

    Laramie Boomerang: “The Wyoming Senate passed a House bill on third reading Friday that would not recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states but would give couples in civil unions access to Wyoming courts to resolve disputes. The Senate passed House Bill 74 on a 16-14 vote . . . litigated against same-sex marriage in California.  A lawyer for the Alliance Defense Fund has appeared at committee hearings in this legislative session and has spoken in favor of defining marriage as existing only between one man and one woman . . . ”

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Wyoming Senate passes same-sex “marriage” bill

    Billings Gazette: “The Wyoming Supreme Court is preparing to hear a same-sex divorce case involving two women who were married in Canada . . . . A group of state lawmakers, including House Speaker Ed Buchanan, R-Torrington, has filed a request to submit a friend-of-the-court brief in the state Supreme Court in support of the district judge’s position. The lawmakers are represented by the Alliance Defense Fund, an Arizona-based Christian civil rights group that has litigated against same-sex marriage in California. A lawyer for the Alliance Defense Fund has appeared at committee hearings in this legislative session and has spoken in favor defining marriage as existing only between one man and one woman.”

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WY: Lawmakers seek to intervene in same-sex divorce

WY: Lawmakers Seek To Intervene In Same-Sex Divorce

WY: Lawmakers seek to intervene in same-sex divorce

WY: House Bill 225 keeps say over charter schools with districts

WY: Lawmakers seek to intervene in same-sex divorce

Legislators want role in same-sex divorce case