Ruling makes Guam first US territory to legalize same-sex marriage

Guam: Torres selected as next chief justice

Guam: Informed consent on abortion bill vetoed, along with 3 other measures

Guam: How do adult shops feel about a red light district?

    KUAM News: “It could be political suicide for the Democrat lawmaker to take this one on, but Vice-Speaker B.J. Cruz is no stranger to controversy. He says Bill 314, which paves a path for relocating adult entertainment establishments out of Tumon and into an industrial area, is imperative to preserving the family friendly environment for Guam’s largest industry – tourism.”

  • Posted: 01/22/2010
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Guam: Legislature to discuss same-sex bill

Guam: Legislation would banish strip clubs

Guam: Church, senators meet on “domestic partnership” bill

Catholic Archbishop warns legislature as battle for marriage heats up in Guam

Guam: Legal benefits for same-sex couples discussed

Guam Catholics hold symposium on implications of same-sex unions

Guam: 26% support same-sex “marriage”

Guam: Cruz revises same-sex civil union bill

    Sabrina Salas Matanane reports at KUAM: “After several controversial town hall meetings were held on legislation that would allow for same-sex civil unions on Guam, Acting Speaker of the 30th Guam Legislature B.J. Cruz has introduced an amended version of Bill 138. But the question remains where the changes in the bill will be enough to garner support from the Catholic Church, which staunchly opposes any union involving same-sex couples.”

  • Posted: 07/10/2009
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Guam debates civil unions bill