Catholic Bishops create new staff position to aid post-abortion healing

“Introduction of Women’s Health Protection Act is Critical Step in Safeguarding Reproductive Rights for All U.S. Women” | Center for Reproductive Rights

City of Florence approves cemetery for unborn victims of abortion, attacked by leftists

Michigan Pro-Life Group Starts Phase Two of Campaign to Stop Tax-Funded Abortions

Greg Abbott to Justice Scalia: Let Texas enforce abortion law

Abortion Clinics: When Closing a Business Makes Sense | Bishop Harry Jackson, Jr. at Christian Post

Supreme Court decision disappoints abortion foes

The Supply-Side Economics of Abortion | The American Prospect

    The American Prospect: Last June, Ohio Republicans quietly slipped a handful of abortion restrictions into the state’s budget, alongside provisions to invest in Ohio’s highway system and a new funding model for the state’s colleges and universities. Eight states, including Ohio, already require clinics that perform or induce abortion to have a “transfer agreement” with a local hospital so that patients can be transported quickly to a more sophisticated medical center in case of an emergency.

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Woman Challenges Ireland’s Abortion Ban At UN

Democratic Senate candidate has abortion record questioned

Family businesses win victory in U.S. appeals court decision on HHS suit | Catholic Register

Appeals Court Blasts Obamacare As ‘unsound’: Rules that abortion-pill mandate violates religious liberty | WND

Texas defends abortion control law

New Mexico Residents to Vote on “Pain Capable Unborn Child” Ordinance on Nov. 19 | (Nov. 8): “Every innocent life deserves to be protected,” said Senior Counsel Michael J. Norton. “This ordinance will protect children in the womb who experience horrific pain during a late-term abortion. It also protects mothers from the increased risk of physical harm and potentially devastating psychological consequences that come with late-term abortions.” . . . The Alliance Defending Freedom letter explains, “Whether one views an unborn child as a ‘life or potential life…,’ allowing abortions to unnecessarily impose substantial pain on an unborn child ‘is incompatible with the concept of human dignity and has no place in civilized society.’” . . . “Numerous states have decided to limit non-emergency abortions beyond 20 weeks to protect the health of mothers and ensure that their babies are free from excruciating pain,” added Senior Counsel Steven H. Aden. “Albuquerque voters can be confident that this proposed ordinance is both medically and legally sound.”

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Steady stream of abortion cases headed to high court

Planned Parenthood, ACLU Spend $500,000 to Keep Abortion Legal Up to Birth in New Mexico

Undercover Plan B Investigation Reveals Access To Abortion-inducing Drug Easier Than Sudafed | Students for Life

7th Circuit: HHS Mandate Loses Again, Obama Admin Can’t Force Family Business to Comply

New Catholic Bishops President Created Pro-Life Blessings for Unborn Children

Broad bar to birth-control mandate

Supreme Court bypasses Okla. ultrasound case

Two-Thirds of Americans, Women Want Painful Abortions on Unborn Babies Banned

Future uncertain for Ohio abortion clinics

Can Republicans Bring Abortion Issues Back From the Fringe?

How to Fight the Fictitious ‘War on Women’ | WSJ

Scare tactics used to inhibit passing abortion law | One News Now

Is the Supreme Court Punting on Controversial Issues? Okla. Coalition for Reproductive Justice v. Cline

Bill to protect unborn children from pain introduced in US Senate | Alliance Defending Freedom

Abortion Groups Target Judge for Saying Abortion Kills a Baby

Abortion Advocates Vocally Frustrated at the UN

Abortion fight returns to the Hill | Politico

SCOTUS Petitions to Watch: Okla. Abortion Ultrasound Case

UK Report: Hundreds of healthy babies aborted after misdiagnoses

MS: Controversy Roils Around Abortion Clinic

ADF: Albuquerque law protecting unborn babies from pain is legally, medically sound | Alliance Defending Freedom

The ACLU Targets Catholic Hospitals in Washington State

Cardinal O’Malley To Congress: Support The “Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act”

Contraceptive Mandate Challenge Transferred From D.C. to Michigan Federal Court

Can Planned Parenthood Be Trusted To Apply A “Health” Exception In Texas? | Casey Mattox

Christie Wins Re-Election in New Jersey After Vetoing Planned Parenthood Funding Five Times

NAACP Renews Lawsuit to Stop Ban on Race-Based Abortions of Black Babies | Life News

CBS drama ‘The Good Wife’ highlights personhood of unborn babies | Kristi Burton Brown at LifeSiteNews

Conservative Party rejects sex selection, euthanasia at Calgary convention

TN abortion debate heats up over ‘Amendment 1′

U.S. Appeals Court Eases the Burden on Texas to Enact Abortion Safety Regulations | Clark D. Forsythe at NRO

Dire warning to abortion clinic workers: ‘Don’t let your job put you in prison’ | Washington Times

Where the D.C. Circuit’s analysis of whether a corporation may assert a RFRA claim went off track

U.S. Supreme Court could soon take up new abortion case | Tuscaloosa News (AP)

Mennonite Cabinet Makers Tell Supreme Court: Don’t Let Obama Force Us to Obey HHS Mandate | LifeNews

Birth-control mandate: Which case to review?

ACLU sides with government on abortion pill mandate, says religions have attempted to justify discrimination

Polling Data Consistently Shows Women are Pro-Life on Abortion

Archbishop Urges ‘Yes’ Vote On Abortion Measure

Campaigns begin push ahead of Tenn. abortion vote

Dear President Obama, This Is Why Judges Matter | Emily Bazelon and Dahlia Lithwick at Slate

Lawsuit: Obamacare navigator location gives out late abortion pills | Daily Caller

ACA Contraception Mandate Spurs Litigation Onslaught | National Law Journal

Planned Parenthood Caught Allowing Illegal Distribution of Abortion Drug | LifeNews

Graham readies 20-week abortion ban

U.S. Supreme Court won’t rule on RU-486 abortions

Supreme Court Won’t Take Case Protecting Women From Dangerous Abortion Drug

D.C. Circuit Ruling Against HHS Contraceptive Mandate | Ed Whalen at NRO

Obama Administration Mandate ‘Trammels’ Religious Liberty | Kathryn Jean Lopez at NRO

A dozen facilities could stop abortions today as appeals court lets pro-life Texas law go forward

Liberty Counsel Files Reply Petition With the High Court on ObamaCare