How the IRS Counseled the White House on Obamacare

Making the taxpayer an accessory to the abortion trade | Rep. Christopher H. Smith at Washington Times

Judge allows lawsuit against Virginia abortion clinic regulations to go forward

AZ: Mesa teen arrested in discarded baby case

Lawmakers can’t find abortion-free health care exchanges, push transparency bill

St. Louis Planned Parenthood refuses to release 911 records | Live Action News

Mennonite Art Gallery Owners Sue State Civil Rights Commission Over Hosting Same-Sex Marriages

SCOTUS for law students (sponsored by Bloomberg Law): Buffer zones and free speech

Will pharmacists be forced to violate their beliefs? – 9th Circuit hearing

Protester: Abortion clinic buffer zone would trigger lawsuit | Portland Press Herald

ACLU Sues Ohio Over Abortion Regulations in Budget

8 misguided – and dangerous – statements from Planned Parenthood and company

    Kristi Burton Brown at LifeSiteNews: 1) Restricting Abortion Does Not Protect Women . . . 2) Lawmakers Can Play Politics With Children, But Not With Women . . . 3) A Constitutional Government is Dangerously Hostile. . . 4) Abortion is Mainstream . . . 5) I Don’t Want My Children to Have Fewer Rights Than Me . . . 6) Retraining, Retraining, Retraining . . . 7) Abortion is Supported by Information and Counseling . . . 8) Your Unborn Child Must be a Rock . . . Kristi Burton Brown is a pro-life attorney, volunteering for Life Legal Defense Foundation and also as an allied attorney for Alliance Defending Freedom. She enjoys being a stay-at-home mom, and is married to the amazing David Brown.

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NAACP Tries, Fails to Legalize Race, Sex-Selection Abortion in Arizona | Amy Ridenour’s National Center Blog

SCOTUS to Review Regulation of Abortion-Inducing Drugs

Topless Women Stage Pro-abortion Protest In Spain

Pittsburgh Diocese files new lawsuit against health care mandate

Albuquerque City Council Cautioned Against Violating Voter Rights

ERLC religious liberty panel discussion set

Attorney General to be questioned over CPS decision not to prosecute sex selection abortions

Jesuit campus waffles on abortion coverage

Stewart to Sebelius on health care law “Am I a stupid man?” | CNN

U.S. Justice Department wants delay; Christian college wants a decision

Vital Signs: Government approves tax-funded abortions | World Magazine

Rule To Bar Iowa Abortion Pill System Moves Ahead

Australian Doctor Investigated for Refusing to Do Sex-Selective Abortion

Michigan Pro-Lifers Submit 315,000 Signatures to Stop Taxpayer-Funded Abortions

Campaign Launches to Pass 20-Week Abortion Ban in Late-Term Abortion Capital

Duke panel will dissect abortion legislation

Sex-selective abortion allegations unprovable, says top prosecutor

Abortion foes focus on easing Ohio adoptions

Abortion opponents prayer chain in 37 Indiana cities today

US Supreme Court to Hear Public Prayer, Abortion, ‘Obamacare’ Cases as New Term Begins | Christian Post

Thomas More Society celebrates 15 years on the front line of the culture wars | Chicago Tribune

Tenth Circuit Panel Rules in Favor of Colo. Company Against Abortion Pill Mandate | Christian Post

Nebraska High Court: 16 Year Old Too Immature To Consent To Abortion, Despite Fear of Religious Foster Parents’ Reaction

Abortion Vote Exposes Rift at a Catholic University

Mississippi Pro-Life Advocates Defended Against Police Threats and Arrests

In new term, Supreme Court may steer to right on key social issues

UK: Law ‘does not prohibit’ sex-selection abortions, DPP warns

11 Supreme Court Cases That Could Change The U.S. In The Coming Year

Tenth Circuit rules for religious freedom and against Obama’s abortion pill mandate | Live Action News

Federal judge rejects challenge to Arizona law banning abortion based on race, sex | The Bugle

Clinton/Obama Court of Appeals Judges Rule for Company on ObamaCare Abortion Mandate | Front Page Magazine

Judge Tosses Out Lawsuit Challenging Arizona’s Ban on Race, Gender-Based Abortions |

Court: Colorado Business Will Keep its Reprieve from HHS Mandate | Citizen Link

Race, sex abortion lawsuit dismissed; ADF gives thumbs up | One News Now

Abortion funding plagues health care law

RFRA Exemptions from the Contraception Mandate: An Unconstitutional Accommodation of Religion

UK: Debate on use of graphic abortion pictures

China family planners storm home, drag off mom to forced abortion

MI: Abortion opponents submit 315,477 signatures for petition to mandate insurance riders

Challenge To Law Banning Abortions Based On Race Or Sex Of The Child Thrown Out | 91.5 KJZZ

Federal Judge Dismisses Suit Over Race, Sex Based Abortion Ban | Opposing Views

Judge Tosses NAACP Lawsuit Against Arizona Ban on Race-Based Abortions

Judge dismisses race-based abortion law challenge | AZ Daily Star

Hercules Beats Obama Again: Court Says Company Can’t be Forced to Obey HHS Mandate | Life News

Hundreds of Thousands of Pro-Life People Will Join 26th LifeChain to Pray Against Abortion

Obamacare and religious liberty: A corporate conscience? | The Economist

Court throws out NAACP challenge to Ariz. law against sex, race-based abortions | Alliance Defending Freedom

Wisconsin Democrats Trash Bill Allowing Drivers to Buy “Choose Life” License Plates

Roe v. Wade’s ‘Achilles heel’ detailed and future collapse predicted at AUL event

Hercules One Step Closer to Religious Freedom | NRO

10th Circuit upholds order against abortion pill mandate | Alliance Defending Freedom

Abortions increase in Ohio in 2012 by about 3 percent over 2011

“Study: 22,286 Texas women could be denied abortions”

UN Abortion Groups Set Sights on African Women

Obamacare’s Abortion Subsidies Are Well Hidden

Arizona law riding legal roller coaster in courts | One News Now

“Conscience Creep: What’s so wrong with conscience clauses?” | Dahlia Lithwick at Slate