What Cosmopolitan’s “Inside Look” completely missed about pregnancy centers

Meet the real abortion extremists

Democrats in Oregon of all places just torpedoed a bill to expand abortion

Oregon Democrats kill reproductive health bill because it included abortion provision

Democratic National Committee Chair avoids answering when she believes life begins and whether aborting a seven-pound baby is okay

California pregnancy centers fight law forcing them to give abortion info

California’s anti-pregnancy center ‘bully bill’ passes committee

California ‘Bully Bill’ is the latest attempt to deter life-affirming centers

California committee passes bill to force pregnancy centers to promote abortions

Vermont man sues after being forced to choose between pro-life beliefs, buying insurance

Students fight North Dakota schools for right to start pro-life clubs

Vermont man taking on ObamaCare over abortion mandate

Term incompatible with life is ‘cruel and heartless’

‘I’m so glad we didn’t listen to doctors advising an abortion’

University recruits women and girls for late-term abortion bleeding experiment

Court takes up abortion health care lawsuit

Finally! Rand Paul exposes media’s serious abortion double standards

Kansas becomes first state to ban ‘dismemberment abortion’

Women who had abortions say abortionists lied to them about their babies

Poll: 66% of Americans say unborn babies are people, 52% say life begins at conception

Kansas limits abortion method, opening a new line of attack

In Arizona, Arkansas, women must be told that abortion can be reversed

Court hears Texas Baptist universities’ HHS challenge

Rand Paul turns the typical question on abortion exceptions around

    Life News: The media always pound pro-life Republican candidates like presidential hopeful Rand Paul with questions about exceptions in an attempt to make pro-life candidates appear as if they are unsympathetic about women victimized by rape because they don’ think killing the baby is the appropriate response. Reporters almost never ask pro-abortion Democrats hard-hitting questions about why they support late-term abortions, for example.

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The top 3 myths about pregnancy resource centers

Ohio insists it can censor pro-life campaign ads

Religious freedom, mutual respect can coexist

ADF to Vt. court: Paying for abortions should not be prerequisite for health care

Nevada pro-life parental notification bill may die without a hearing

Kansas becomes first state to enact groundbreaking dismemberment abortion ban

KS Gov. Brownback signs first-in-nation dismemberment abortion ban

Why the ACLU is suing over Catholic groups and abortions for unauthorized immigrants

Ohio bill would ban abortion based on a fetal down syndrome diagnosis

Passover, abortion, and Rabbi Ruth Bader Ginsburg

University of Hawaii recruits 14-year-olds for late-term abortion experiments

    Hawai’i Free Press: “While Hawai’i law permits a private hospital to provide ‘medical care and services’ to a pregnant minor without a parent’s consent, federal regulations on medical experimentation do require parental consent to medical experimentation on an underage patient. There may also be some doubt whether a medical experiment that may offer no medical benefit could truly be considered “medical care” under the deemed consent law, raising a question whether the clinical trial could violate state law as well as federal law if parental consent is not obtained. I do find it curious that the published notice on this trial states that the researchers will conduct ‘[n]o additional follow-up after discharge home.’”

    – Stephen Aden, Senior Counsel/Director, Center for Life Alliances, Alliance Defending Freedom, April 1, 2015

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Christian college asks court: Please don’t let Obama admin force us to obey HHS mandate

Arizona orders doctors to say abortions with drugs may be reversible

Upon closer inspection, survey of Millennials show pro-life attitudes

Governor Doug Ducey signs pro-life legislation that protects Arizona taxpayers

Arizona becomes first state to tell women abortion pill can be reversed

ADF to 3rd Circuit: US Supreme Court decision protects Geneva College from violating its beliefs

Texas Democrats seek to cut funds for abortion alternatives

Many religious freedom law opponents would force participation in abortion

Federal audit: Planned Parenthood of North Texas overbilled taxpayers

Government report shows hundreds of millions in tax dollars going to Planned Parenthood, other abortion advocates

Keeping the baby vs. abortion: Americans muddled morality about the unborn

Fetuses reacting to moms’ smoking

$1.5 Billion of your taxes go to fund abortion

NAACP sues The Radiance Foundation to censor black citizen journalist’s free speech

Bills aim to block D.C. laws opponents say violate religious liberty

Woman who cut baby out of mother’s womb should be charged with murder

Colorado woman accused of cutting baby from womb will not face murder charge

UPDATE: GAO report reveals massive taxpayer funding of Big Abortion

    ADF Litigation Counsel Catherine Glenn Foster: “The government should use the tax dollars of Americans responsibly, but this report confirms overwhelmingly that it has not. It’s bad enough that the government is funneling the hard-earned money of Americans to pay for elective abortions, contrary to what federal law is supposed to allow, but as ADF has reported annually to Congress, Planned Parenthood and other organizations have bilked taxpayers out of millions through waste, abuse, and potential fraud. That’s why Congress has been investigating Planned Parenthood, why some members of Congress have proposed additional legislation to help stop the funding stream, and why ADF will continue its fight in court against Planned Parenthood’s misuse of tax dollars in multiple lawsuits, including Thayer v. Planned Parenthood of the Heartland.”

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Decision time for Dems: Abortion rights or helping the poor?

Wisconsin federal judge finds state abortion law unconstitutional

Senators introduce effort to void D.C. bills that force religious groups to violate beliefs

The dark history of birth control that you haven’t heard

Obama Administration: “Provide abortions or get out”

Judge strikes down Wisconsin law requiring abortionists to have admitting privileges at local hospital

40 Days for Life Prayer Campaign has saved 10,000 babies from abortion

Four questions about the fertility industry’s lack of oversight

From banned to mandated: A history of contraceptives in the United States

The ghosts of World Down Syndrome Day

CPS stops private prosecution of sex-selective abortion docs

Religious liberty threatened in nation’s capital

Gender-specific abortion prosecutions halted

    Law and Religion UK: In 2012, the Daily Telegraph organized an undercover operation into gender-specific (sex-selective) abortion at various abortion clinics in England and in February that year passed evidence concerning Doctors Palaniappan Rajmohan and Prabha Sivaraman to the Crown Prosecution Service and the police. The CPS concluded that in each case there was sufficient evidence of an abortion offence, although this was a finely balanced decision; however, it was not in the public interest to prosecute and the CPS published two statements regarding its decision on 5 September 2013 and 7 October 2013.

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Chile considers bill to ease abortion ban, likely to pass: rights group

Abortion provider: There’s more to abortion than ‘blood and tissue’