Oklahoma Senator backs religious groups fighting for their religious rights

Wrong medicine: a new abortion law introduced for discussion in Chile

Planned Parenthood appeals Bobby Jindal administration’s rejection of abortion services in New Orleans

Ireland: Bill to weaken abortion law defeated

Pharmacists forced to pay legal bill after activists tried to make them sell abortion pills

Exemption from HHS mandate reversed for Christian college, Catholic dioceses

ADF to Colo. appeals court: Stop illegal funding of abortion

Planned Parenthood pushes abortion on pregnant women 94% of the time

Kansas media complains about the cost of saving babies from abortion

N.H. House Committee considers bill to repeal buffer zone law

Planned Parenthood appeals Louisiana’s decision denying abortion biz in New Orleans

Judge reverses Planned Parenthood ruling

‘Don’t kill the sufferer to end the suffering’

Texas lawmaker crafting bill to protect rights of unborn when mother is brain dead

Abortion advocates definitely do not like the word “dismemberment”

Archdiocese joins religious, pro-life groups in asking Congress to disapprove two recently enacted laws in the District of Columbia

New D.C. laws violate religious liberty, leaders say

Baptists, Catholics oppose D.C. laws

ADF attorneys may appeal ruling forcing Christian college to provide access to abortion pills

West Virginia State House passes ban on abortions after 20 weeks

Iowa Supreme Court to hear challenge to Iowa law banning webcam abortions next month

Has a woman aborted her baby because it’s a boy?

Men should have no say on abortion? Then why are 57% of abortion doctors men?

Group provides women free “abortion doulas” to take them to their abortions

Abortion ‘safer than giving birth’, claims BPAS

New D.C. laws violate religious liberty, leaders say

Religious groups say new DC laws violate their constitutional freedoms

High Price for Pro-Life Family: The Stormans family needs your help

Four reasons for hope in the Scottish midwives case

Fewest Americans satisfied with abortion policies since 2001

A “significant drop” in sex-selective abortions in India and Nepal

New Gallup numbers an unmitigated disaster for pro-abortionists

ADF leads battle against Congress to protect pro-lifers

Could two new laws suffocate the Catholic Church in DC?

Religious groups say new D.C. laws violate constitutional freedoms

Missouri’s only abortion clinic failed inspections twice

West Virginia committee passes ban on abortions after 20 weeks

Right to Life denied peek at family planning documents

Conservative, Catholic groups urge members of Congress to overturn D.C. bills

Conservatives unite to protect religious freedom

ADF to Congress: DC must abandon bills coercing organizations against their missions

President Obama, words, deeds, and religion in America

The suffering brothers and sisters of aborted children

Vaccines and abortion? The links are cloudy and complicated

Vaccines and aborted human fetal tissue

    ERLC: The recent debates about whether Christians should vaccinate their children have once again raised questions about the use of vaccines that have been morally tainted by the use of cell cultures derived from aborted fetal tissue in the manufacturing of vaccines. This is such an important issue and we felt it warranted its own article to address some of the questions around the science and morality of the use of fetal tissue in vaccines.

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Ginsburg voices concerns about abortion rights, campaign finance

Friends of court draw battle lines ahead of health care arguments

No, it’s not ‘childish’ to insist on a reporting requirement for late-term abortions

Good news: The next generation is pro-life on abortion

Court hears Nun’s Network’s religious freedom case

Thomas More Society wins defense of pro-life advocate’s free speech rights

That our children may be born

ADF attorneys to testify on wide range of Colo. bills

Pro-life groups call on House leadership to vote on late-term abortion ban

Pro-abortionists scramble to try to neutralize impact of the truth about dismemberment abortions

When does gender equality begin?

Back door sex education

Protecting doctors’ freedom of conscience

Medical quackery marks Planned Parenthood’s flawed “study”

Chile, among the few countries that ban all abortions, moves to allow them in some cases

Joining the other side: My two days as a pro-life activist at the March for Life

    Contributoria: For the last two years of reporting on the activities on abortion opponents, at some point during an interview the subject would inevitably ask me if I had ever attended the March for Life in Washington, DC. Part memorial, part celebration, the march has become an annual rite of passage for those who devote their energy, money and time to ending legal, safe abortion access in the US. What started in 1974 as a protest of the Supreme Court decision acknowledging a right to an abortion that no state could prohibit has evolved in the following four decades. Now it is a multi-day event that combines reunion, grassroots political organisation and a generational torch passing as the original pool of pro-life activists train those born after Roe and who will inherit the mission of bringing abortion to an end.

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Pain-capable abortion ban to be introduced in Ohio

For Indian bishop, to save girls from selective abortions, minds must be educated

With abortion, there are no do-overs

Assisted living centers defeat HHS mandate in court

Twenty seven years ago today, Canada allowed unlimited abortions up to birth for any reason

Court blocks San Antonio Planned Parenthood from opening massive new abortion clinic

China to get tough on illegal sex-selective abortions