Court lets Planned Parenthood put women’s lives at risk with dangerous abortion drug

Two more Planned Parenthood clinics to close in Iowa

Taxpayers ask Minn. Supreme Court to reinstate abortion funding challenge

Why abortion-rights advocates should fear the Supreme Court

    National Journal: The abortion-rights movement is on the verge of a massive gamble. The movement is trying to roll back a wave of state laws that have successfully curtailed access to abortion, and their best hope for doing so—perhaps their only hope for doing so—is likely a ruling from the Supreme Court. Advocates could soon get their wish: A Texas antiabortion law appears headed to the high court as soon as its next session, and a ruling against it could put other states’ abortion restrictions on the shakiest of legal ground.

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Toni Braxton joins ranks of other celebrities in revealing abortion

Texas abortion clinic transports woman to hospital where abortionist holds no hospital privileges

Medical Examiner confirms woman died from botched abortion at Cleveland abortion clinic

Obama judge infers pro-life doctor is a ‘liar’ during Wisconsin abortion trial

Abortion is not safer for women than childbirth

    Life News: Media outlets such as Time Magazine and Reuters have provided extensive coverage to an article recently published as “Original Research” and entitled, “The Comparative Safety of Legal Induced Abortion and Childbirth in the United States,” by Raymond and Grimes in the Feb, 2012 journal Obstetrics & Gynecology. The article concludes by stating: “Legal induced abortion is markedly safer than childbirth. The risk of death associated with childbirth is approximately 14 times higher than that with abortion. Similarly, the overall morbidity associated with childbirth exceeds that with abortion.” Is this the truth? NIFLA doesn’t believe so.

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Judge tells abortionist: Quit trying to break the law and put women’s lives at risk

Two Oklahoma abortion clinics do not meet new law

Catholic Diocese of Greensburg files lawsuit over Obamacare

Eight scary things abortion activists have said

Former abortion facility manager turns to Christ, recants pro-abortion beliefs

More than 130 pro-life candidates elected in Ireland after ‘Vote Pro-Life’ drive

Maternal mortality and abortion advocacy

Abortion doctors restrictions take root in South

WV Senate President to Governor: call special session to address Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act

Why is there no support for pregnant college students who reject abortion?

Abortion activists call volunteer state pro-lifers the “Tennessee Taliban”

Federal trial begins Tuesday on Wisconsin’s abortion law

Relational apologetics: Another pro-choice friend becomes pro-life

Oklahoma Senate OKs new abortion restrictions bill

Mum thankful for baby girl after abortion attempt failed

Biggest abortion liberalization confirmed in new guidance

Abortion activist Sarah Silverman says unborn babies are “Just Goo”

Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri announces it will close its Hays facility

Gallup found a drop in pro-life sentiment, but the long-term gains are undeniable

    National Review Online: Yesterday, Gallup released a survey on attitudes toward abortion that found a slight decrease in pro-life sentiment since their most recent poll in May 2013. Forty-six percent of respondents identified as “pro-life,” while 47 percent identified as “pro-choice.” But the poll did contain some good news for pro-lifers: Gallup found that pro-lifers seem to care more about the issue when voting than pro-choicers.

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Liberal groups show how far they will go to the left

Colombia Senate votes: “There is no right to abortion”

Hobby Lobby, corporate law, and the theory of the firm

Parents tell of love for rare twins they refused to abort

N.H. Senate approves abortion clinic buffer

Pro-life teen assaulted after standing for life, his reaction is priceless

Louisiana passes bill that could close three of its five abortion clinics

No ‘right’ to abortion in Colombia

Human rights at stake in upcoming European Parliament elections

Planned Parenthood of Northern New England allowed to continue to flout state law

The Washington Post is super confused about where babies come from

United Nations pushing abortion on overwhelmingly Christian nation

South Carolina Senate sets up vote on bill to ban abortions after 20 weeks

NAACP: Banning race-based abortions is unconstitutional, or something

Supporters of 2011 Arizona law hope to counter NAACP attempts to eliminate the statute

Dangerous abortion-expansion legislation introduced into New York State Senate despite overwhelming public opposition

Sixty percent of voters say Obamacare debate is not over

20th Abortion clinic closes in Texas after abortionist is denied hospital privileges

Trial over Alabama abortion law begins

NAACP opposes race-based abortion ban

    Life News: “Every innocent life deserves to be protected, and that’s especially true of any babies targeted for death simply because of their sex or race,” said ADF Senior Counsel Casey Mattox. “Nothing about an abortion committed on the basis of sex or race is medically necessary or constitutionally protected. The fact that groups who supposedly exist to protect the interests of minorities and women are attacking this law is scandalous.”

    “Preserving the life of all babies, regardless of their sex or race, should be everyone’s priority,” added ADF Senior Counsel Steven H. Aden. “We hope the 9th Circuit will not allow this needless attack on Arizona’s law to succeed.”

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Politico poll: 80% of voters in competitive states want abortion restricted

New Hampshire may pass a law crushing pro-life free speech unless you speak out

“Unbreak My Heart”: Singer Toni Braxton faces immense guilt over abortion, feared “God’s payback”

She took the abortion pill and thought she killed her baby, then this happened

Feminist: Abortion is about “my fundamental right to life”

    Life News: The Left hasn’t got tired of the “War on Women” theme from the 2012 election cycle, just yet. In a May 15 episode of “AcronymTv” a left-wing internet broadcast part of The Young Turks Network, entitled, “The Catholic War on Women” and featured on The Huffington Post, show host Dennis Trainor Jr. brought on two radical feminists to discuss how to “take back the morality of abortion from the right-wing.”

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My formerly pro-choice friend now self-identifies as pro-life!

Yahoo pulls pro-life ads from ‘abortion clinic’ web searches following complaint

    Christian News Network: But Matt Bowman of the Christian legal organization Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) says that there is nothing misleading about the advertisements.

    “NARAL … reluctantly released the complaint letter it sent to Google. It contains only one example: an ad saying ‘Free Abortion Consultation.’ But pro-life centers do offer free consultation on abortion,” he wrote in an op-ed published by the National Review.

    “NARAL’s entire complaint letter insists that a fully truthful pregnancy-center ad should be censored just because it shows up in searches using the terms ‘abortion clinic,’” Bowman continued. “This would lead to breathtaking censorship of the Internet, because people searching for information on abortion would only get pro-abortion propaganda in the ads.”

    He also alleged that NARAL is being hypocritical as abortion advertisements may likewise appear under pro-life searches.

    “NARAL doesn’t even live by its principles: Searches for ‘abortion alternatives’ and even ‘crisis pregnancy center’ nearly always produce ads for abortionists, yet NARAL would scream bloody murder if abortionists’ ads were censored,” Bowman noted.

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Citilink’s defense hinges on policy

Abortion: 13-year-old can make own decision, judge rules

Arguments set on enforcing abortion funding law

Missouri lawmakers pass 3-day waiting period on abortion; unknown if Gov. will sign into law

Michigan abortionist fined and license restricted, three abortion clinics may close as a result

The media’s abortion problem

Citilink wrong to reject women’s health ad

Dallas abortion clinic stops doing abortions thanks to Texas’ pro-life law

County cuts contract with Stericycle after aborted babies burned for electricity

Media Research Center seeks Obamacare contraception opt-out

Marco Rubio: Science is settled, life begins at conception

Abortion worker spreads cow manure outside clinic to harass pro-life activists

Pro-abort logic: Save babies by killing babies

Democratic Congressman attending ribbon-cutting ceremony for abortion biz next to Disney World

Belgium euthanasia doctor visits Nazi death camp, why? You’ll be as shocked as us

Can activists transform abortion into a positive event?

Former abortion clinic owner: We pushed sex ed on kids to create a market for abortion